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  1. Hey Mike, apparently this is the answer to the "shortage" we had last year. Overstock so there are no complaints lol. They are planning to ship 4000 of the smarts this year in total. That's either 700 or 300 (can't remember from the meeting) more than 2008.Question, how do you know these vin's are on the boat? Do you know ahead of time or just when they are traveling? I'm waiting on one (and our system says it is waiting for a boat) but I checked your numbers and conveniantly it is in the middle of the others, yet did not make it on.This is just as frustrating for me....
  2. For sure the diesel will not make a return to Canada. At least not before 2012 The MHB is next, and they are pushing hard for a quick release of the fully electric version. If (and only if) the BRABUS version we have does well here, it may be a possibility to get the turbo if it gets certified. Have you driven the new BRABUS yet? With 30 more horsepower that smart is going to fly!!
  3. There is a smart with bluetooth installed through MB on our system for $699 extra option.
  4. Thanks Ian,I agree, but some people have concerns about limited space. Apparently there are very light weight steel trailors (small ones that just fit luggage) to get to the airport and back for example.I would never recommend it, but always try to provide some advice from people who have had some sort of experience with it.And it wouldn't be an issue of denying the warranty, but if there was a claim put in for the engine or transmission, it would probably be questioned and possibly denied because of the possibility towing something caused the damage. Just wondering if anyone knows or has heard of anyone coming across this issue?
  5. Has anyone heard or know from personal experience of any problems related to having the tow hitch?I know it "voids" the warrenty (regarding the engine and transmission), and am wondering if it is really worth the risk. Or if anyone has had experience with problems and if they were covered or not, would like to pass on advice.Thanks.
  6. Hi, does anyone have a 451 cabrio who lives/drives in harsh winter locations (such as Quebec, Northern Canada, etc) ??I have been receiving many questions as to the durability of the soft top in harsh winter conditions, and have so far heard only of praise.Any comments or suggestions?? Praise would be great too :)Thanks!
  7. what dealership is this?It seems like it is for sure the tow companies fault. If they are unwilling to pay, court might be the answer. Unless your dealership can work out something with service and the company. Try getting your sales rep involved, I know I make a big scene to get things done for my customers, that otherwise would be pushed aside from service if they are not at fault.JoAnna Caza is at head office and will probably tell you to contact your dealership's service mangement department or the GM first. She handles Canadian marketing and PR, on a large scale.
  8. I wrote a complaint to Toronto Police Service, and this is the response: "We are in receipt of your email complaint and refer you at this time tocontact Phonebusters the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre to report thisincident. They gather this type of information for intelligence purposesand dissemination where appropriate. If you are contacted in the future by any company or person you are unsureof, do not give out any personal information or details. Always researchany unsolicited company/individual telephone calls first. This will helpto ensure you do not become a victim of Identity theft. or 1-888-495-8501
  9. Thanks Ian,Yes they are around 480 new, just rubbers, and on a second check it looks like she doesn't even have steel rims. So I'm not sure if it's even worth it for her to pay the switch back fee anyway.You said you are amazed at people driving without winter's on in Toronto? I drove one around once just to see the difference, and I hardly noticed, but it wasn't long enough to really get a good feel. Do you think it would be okay for her to go the rest of the season this year with new all-seasons? And get the winter's for next year?
  10. I have a customer who just brought back her lease return and would like to sell her 4 winter tires. This is the 2nd winter she has used them (bought the car last year, said tires were hardly used), very good condition. I have no interest in making a profit, neither does she, just wants them to go to a good home. So please if anyone is interested, make an offer, and I will pass along your information to her. We are in the Toronto area. Or if you know of anyone who is interested, or any other places to sell the tires, any info (as to estimated selling price) would be great. Thank you! Please e-mail me at
  11. It is not exclusive to MB or MBF. I used to have a Jeep lease, and haven't had a car (besides the demo) since. I know of several other people who have other domestic brand cars who are getting the calls, as well as people who don't even own a car.I'm thinking it must be internet based....
  12. funny you posted that... I got the second call on my cell today, and spoke to the supposed Warrenty Services. I asked for their exact location, and the only response I got was "a regional call center". I asked for her name and direct number to call them, and she said she needed my information to transfer me to a "Warrenty Specialist". I demanded locations, numbers and names, and she told me she would take me off "the do not call list". Again, I told her if this is a mass marketing scam, I would be contacting the police, and she hung up.I sent an e-mail to the fraud department. This is so wide-spread now, someone needs to get on this.Here is the official e-mail from MB, along with the attachmnet ad:"We would like to bring to your attention a company or group known as: Warranty Services, Canadian Warranty Services, Canadian Warranty etc. that have been contacting consumers by mail and/or phone offering extended warranties for their car. There is a copy of one of their mailings attached to this email - it's just a coincidence that an E-Class is used in the picture.Their carefully structured questions and quick wits over the phone make people whose 4 year / 80,000 km manufacturer warranty is about to expire think that they have access to their vehicle information. As far as we can tell, there is no connection between the individuals the company contacts and their vehicle warranty. In fact, there are reported cases of people receiving calls that do not even own a vehicle.If you receive a call from them personally, which I'm sure a lot of you have, you'll find that they use high pressure tactics, and if you ask too many questions, like "where are they located?" they say they'll add you to their "do not call list" and hang up immediately.Please assure your customers that Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. is not linked to these companies in any way, nor will we divulge their personal information. If Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. does ever contact customers by mail or phone regarding our Extended Limited Warranty, we will always refer the customer to their local authorized dealer. We will never request credit card information over the phone.Please inform all customer facing personnel accordingly" Extended_Warranty_card.doc Extended_Warranty_card.doc
  13. How did that come about? I wonder if I could try to get a similar thing going here in Toronto. Any ideas??
  14. I've found that many insurance companies in Ontario have never insured smarts, and therefore tend to place them under "high-risk" vehicles, with unusually high quotes. Without calling around, it is becoming impossible to find a general range of cost for insuring the smart. If anyone would like to comment on their insurance cost for an Ontario registered smart, it would be greatly appreciated, as I can pass on the information, instead of estimated guessing.Also, if anyone could provide a contact for an Insurance Company in Ontario that I can refer customers to that would be great.I have found one that I use, the company is called:Hub International -> Nameet is the contact @ 905-582-7011. He uses a database of 15 companies, greater range, though + commission.
  15. wow.. haven't heard of any shake up's over here. Or of anyone named Dave. I was with the new VP of MB Canada yesterday, and he's very interested in smart. He's doing a good job, and has a lot of good plans invested in smart. Apparently last year's sales alone exceeded what they had planned a few years for. This year he was excited to offer 4000 smarts to match demand, and has good plans to make sure availability is ensured throughout the whole year. There was an MB management shuffle a few months back, but we never get to hear any of that!