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  1. One more! Sorry Elaine your 7 got put out by a five and the best men's was a three!Thanks James for organizing the breakfast and parade .We had a blast. I guess I will let Elaine run the hammer from now on lolJohn & Elaine
  2. Maybe tap the drum with a hammer when you have the tire off. This might loosen the shoes and the rustJohn
  3. Hello and happy new year to everybody here. I live in the strathroy ont. areaand just wondering how much snow all you london area smarties got. Here we got a little more than two feet in the last few days . We seem to be under a streamer off the lake . I watched the news last night and this area is getting hit the hardest and i put off buying snows for my new smartie. Lucky meAdelaide j
  4. Hi GuinnessYou might want to do the headlight adjustment mod. If you go to Smart Cars Of America they have an article under mods. My 451 Limited Three lights seemed to be high enough on low beam and get flashed at all the time. It is simple, just need a allen key.John
  5. I would be interested if you sell the snow tires separate, and how do you like the 451 cruiseAdelaideJ
  6. I could order from a dealer at 75 dollars but was hoping to get some at canadian tire to fit. I was wondering if anyone else had any luck with CTCJohn
  7. I just got my new Limited Three today and would like to put mudflaps on the front. Just wondering what is the best place to find some that would fit or anyone put on some from CTC and what would fit the bestTIA John
  8. The subwoofer and the cargo cover are sold I still have the grill for sale and since i seen them on sale at parts forsmarts i will drop my price to 100 dollars. It is a s-mann black grill with the chrome insirt grill
  9. Thanks GlennI will be picking her up this saturdayJohn
  10. I have a set of winter snow tires on steel rims for sale. I have only used for one season. $500 OBOWould like to sell locally . I am located near London Ont.
  11. It is the one that fits under the drivers seat. It is a plug and play.I bought it from BRD in toronto last year for 250 dollars. Comes with all the instructions for hook up