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  1. Hi Fellow Smarties, still trying to track down passengers/left door panel in SCRATCH BLACK.
  2. Hi all I have a 2003 city coupe with scratch black panels but both door panels and hatch panel are plain black. would like to complete the whole set with either the three missing panels or a complete cabrio set.any panels I can find would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
  3. It doesnt affect the functioning of the car,it is interesting to find out what the gTdj letters mean,that is all.the more info I can find out,the more interesting the Smart becomes.Happy motoring
  4. Thanks guys for your help,lets hope someone might know what the strange letters mean???, time will tell ???
  5. Howdey, Smiles here, this is a good one for you lot who like a challenge.I purchased the Diesel cluster from the UK via ebay..The VIN which is displayed in the instrument cluster is TCC01MCO12H058651. as far as I can tell, this was an early CDI city coupe,around 2002. TTC refers to Europe/Switzerland??Cluster part number is similar to the UK dieserl Smarts- mcc 0010125 v001, 110 008 872 012Internal variant code is b74a81c306820000.Cluster was originally programmed for Miles,not Kms. Temp display was f farenheit not c for celcius. This would be interesting to find out what the letters gTdj mean,maybe service reminder?,fuel filter reminder?.hopefully someone might have a service manual somewhere out there that has an answer to the mystery?
  6. Hi from Australia Melbourne,I have a 2003 City Coupe petrol.I purchased a CDI instrument cluster for experimental reasons, and just wondered what the gTdj means or stands for on the instrument cluster.Maybe some sort of warning for fuel filter?,servicing??. can anyone shed some light,Thanks Dave.