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  1. So the car's been parked for about 24 hours now and I'm not seeing anything leaking on the ground. I also checked the fluid level again and it doesn't seem I have moved. I'm going to leave it for another few days to see if I notice any slow leaks. I did notice while I was looking under the car, some black sludge on the bottom of the engine. I remember reading about this in another post but can't seem to locate it. Should I be worried? Could this be oil? I also checked my oil level and that was fine too. Seems to me little smarts don't like to sit for a long cold winter.
  2. Thanks guys. Obviously I'm going to let it sit, and I'll see if I can find the leak. That being said, and idea how much we're looking at if there is a leak? Ballpark is fine.
  3. I didn't even get into how long it took me to get that cap off! Haha. I poured just a little hot water over it to loosen it up, and it came right off. I just have to wait now to get into a garage. I think I'm going to skip MB this time and take it somewhere else. Anywhere should be able to bleed brakes I'm assuming. I'm kicking myself for not checking sooner. Could have saved some time and $$$$$.
  4. Just thought I'd share something I thought was kind of interesting. Maybe you all know this but it was new to me. My hand brake light hasn't been working for the past 8 months. When it started to fail, it would work occasionally, and then it just stayed on all the time. I didn't think much of it as I know there is a sensor under the handbrake that can break (pardon the pun), and it will just cause the light to stay on all the time. No biggie. Last night however, I noticed my brakes were going right to the floor. I made it home fine, as I still had lots of braking, but it wasn't as good as it normally is. I checked the brake fluid level, and it was well below minimum. I went to the store (in my other car of course), and picked up some DOT 4 brake fluid, filled it to the max line, and then, the hand brake light went out. It's unfortunate for me, because if I had caught it earlier, I wouldn't have to have my brakes blead. I also didn't think anything of this light because my brakes have been fine, and just as touchy as they have always been, with barely any travel before the car comes to a stop. Anyway, I'm glad it's nothing more major than that, and that I caught it before it got too serious. If this has already been discussed, I apologize and feel free to remove it.If not, hope I can save some people some trouble.
  5. So I sat in the smart the other day (as I do from time to time to start it etc.). I pushed on the brakes, and guess what? The brake switch was working. I took it for a spin up the road, and the whole time it worked like a charm. This morning, I tried it again, and no go. A few pushes of the brake peddal and it started working again. Any idea what would cause this? It seems to be completely random. Thanks as always!
  6. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but I have to say I am VERY nervous about doing anything outside of the box with regards to my diesel smart. It seems like a slight breeze causes an error or the engine to fail. I wish I was one of the lucky ones, however I have had some MAJOR problems with my smart. It got to the point where it was cheaper for me to buy a used Echo Hatch, then to keep repairing the smart. Right now, it's my summer toy, and I look forward to driving it again (May 1st is my goal date!).That being said, it seems like everyone here has had some great results. I've looked here in St. John's for the redline brand, and the only "dealer" said they no longer carry it. I was wondering if perhaps another diesel additive would be okay to use. NAPA Auto has one that sells for about $15.00 a bottle and it says its good for all types of diesel engines. It's recommended that a full bottle is used, but since our smartie tanks are about half the size of a normal car, I'm thinking it would also make sense to use half. Any thoughts on this? As always, I look forward to hearing from you guys!Cheers
  7. I wasn't a huge fan on the logo in the centre, but the more pictures I've seen, the more I'm liking it. I have to say though, I'm hoping smart goes with the forvision for their next generation styling change. I could go without the crazy roof, and the wild interior, but hey, it's a concept car. All of those things get toned down when it enters production. Fingers crossed!
  8. Hopefully you won't need a new clutch. That bill is still engraved in my memory. $1808 and no car for 4 days. Best part of it all was I got a 2009 smart for the weekend!
  9. 0.3% in Newfoundland and Labrador. That must be me! Haha
  10. I can't speak for you, but about 3 years ago, my clutch began to fail. If I parked on a hill, well, lets just say good luck. I would get the smoke, the engine would rev, but the car would barely move. It was worse when it was cold, and seemed to work better when it warmed up a little. Hopefully yours isnt gone, and it's just a simple adjustment.Good luck!
  11. It seems strange that it would be a moisture problem though, as I didn't drive the car all winter, so there wasn't any snow or slush coming into the car. Mercedes did quite a bit of work for me last April under goodwill, after I had said enough was enough, and contacted their customer service department. I was and still am very appreciative, but I have a feeling I am on my own for anything else. Fortunately though, I know from experience that this is not expensive, and perhaps I'll get them to have a look and see if anything is blocked and preventing the moisture from draining. I did a quick read on Evilution and they said that can also be an issue.
  12. I have an Echo Hatch that I use as my winter car, and that is a fuel sipper, but now that gas here in Newfoundland just reached $1.469, it's easily over $60 to fill the car from empty. Right now, I'm getting roughly 400km a tank which isn't bad, but I get that in the smart with only putting $25 in. I know some of you are getting 600km+, but I have never reached that. I'm sure if I changed my driving habits, I could easily get that, but hey, gotta live a little Plus the hills here in St. John's don't make for the best fuel economy.
  13. Thanks guys! I know I can always depend on these forums for some good advice! Although I'm sure there is some surface rust on my rings, Strawboss, I have a feeling you are 100% correct. I didn't even need to look at the brake lights right away because when I pressed down on the peddle, I didn't hear or feel that familiar "click". I then pressed the peddle, and leaned out the door (we all know how small the car is!) and guess what? Brake lights were a no go. I can't remember how many brake switches I've had replaced, but you know what? At the end of the day, if that's all it is I am a very happy camper. The ABS and (!) always give me more anxiety than a little red and orange light should! Thanks again all!Lane
  14. Just looking back at some old posts of mine and I thought I'd update. I know most of you said that I really needed to replace that fuel cooler, but one year later and the car is still doing great. I drove it last summer from about May - October, and never had any problems. I'm getting it ready for this summer now, and have been starting it on a regular basis, and it purrs like a little diesel kitten. It it something that I do eventually want to get repalced, however I was quoted over $1000, so I just don't see it being an option right now.If I were living anywhere but the east coast, I would be a little more worried, but here in St. John's, we'll be lucky to see a high of 25 degrees. All of last year, I never had any troubles, car ran great, no change in fuel economy, and no change in the overall sound of the engine. Even my fantastic mechanic said that (although he's not liable), he wouldn't rush into a new one, unless I were to sell the car, which I have no plans to do. Thanks everyone for your advice! I look forward to a great summer of driving! Cheers,Lane
  15. Also, just throwing this out there, but would an old battery cause some some strange issues? I've never replaced it myself, and I've had the car since Novemeber 2008 (original bill of sale November 2005 for original owner). It needs to be replaced anyway, but maybe this could be the cause?