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  1. I think you are right now that you mention the Yukon. It has been awhile since I talked to them and I do have a poor memory these days. I'm really glad that they have it completed enough to be on display.
  2. Good find Mike. I have toured with these gentlemen and saw this car at their shop about a year and a half ago. They actually are very active Model T Ford people and built/resored a Model T Speedster for a friend of mine. The brothers really are an interesting couple of guys and their place is full of some really unique things. If ever given the opportunity to visit their place, jump at the chance.The Zust was reportedly found in Alaska with trees growing through it and was brought to Vancouver. The car was traded to to the guys on the Island and there began the restoration. When I saw it they had just received some gears they had made for the trans. The engine was together and they were in contact with somebody in Italy about fabricating some tubes for the radiator. Some of the restoration stories of this car are as interesting as stories of the original race.
  3. Putting all that color on the bills doesn't help us color blind types much and the coins are too close to quarter size so when I can't tell them apart I just let the wife pay.
  4. Not true my friend. They may not be popular but they are readily available. Any bank has them and many govt. agencies give them as change, places like ferries and toll booths. I don't really know why they aren't used more often. It's kind of like the dollar coins, they are around just not popular.
  5. I think each state/region must have their own underwriters and the underwriters seem to rule the game. When I got my first smart, the underwriter refused it. After a talk with my agent, he contacted a "more experienced" underwriter and it was no problem. I guess the less experienced underwriter didn't want to stick his neck out. I guess if your agent wants to push the issue, things can happen but in the end somebody makes a decision and experience, ego and authority all count. I think the problem with the on line outfits is that you can't get past the first layer. An older, experienced and crafty agent can make a difference.I have State Farm by the way but good luck in finding someone to take care of your smartie.
  6. Strange as it may seem, this afternoon I gave a ride in my smart to a guy who is an electrical engineer working on TPM systems. I mentioned this discussion and he said in this country it is against the law to disable the system. They are required by law.I ask about adopting a sensor from another manufacturer or aftermarket unit and he said not at this time, they are all different. He also mentioned another interesting thing in the difficulty of making the system work without reading the system in the car next to you at the stop light. Seems like the law may be pushing the technology a bit.Also may have interesting effects on the snow tire and aftermarket wheel industry. He knew of one guy who bought 20" wheels and of coarse the sensors would not fit so he bought a small trailer wheel and put all four sensors inside the tire an threw it in the back of his SUV to keep the light out.
  7. I may be a little slow but instead of tape, switches, or disablers, could one simply remove the light bulb?
  8. Thank you all I appreciate the thoughts. I have been so tied up today, out of town company, that I didn't get a chance to check the forum until now which is unfortunately no longer my birthday. But that's OK I had a good day. Thank you all again.
  9. I would like to volunteer to continue to work in the U.S. forums. It is taking me awhile to find my way around the new site but I am learning the system. I believe a slow methodical approach to the reagional orgaization would be better than several people tripping over each other.
  10. I have a him, Maxwel and a her, Agent 99.
  11. One of the postal carriers in Sequim just bought a Zenn for her postal route. On normal days she can do her route on a single charge. On heavy load days however, the extra load eats up power and she has to plug in for awhile before she can finish the route.
  12. Perhaps an offer of some monetary incentive might help in your quest.
  13. I think people may be expecting too much from these units. Yes they feed a little more fuel through the injectors. The thing is if you push on the throttle you feed more fuel also. The ECU limits how much fuel you get and the Powerbox fools it to get a little more, not a lot more, just a little.If you notice when under load, say going up a grade, you push the throttle down half way and motor happily along. Now you push down all the way on the throttle and nothing happens. The ECU has limited the amount of fuel to the maximum rating of the engine. This is easily seen on your Scan Gauge as you will see 99% load many times when you have lots of pedal left. Add more pedal and nothing happens. Also try this while watching the fuel consumption and you will see no increase once you reach 99% LOD. The ECU is protecting the engine like Mother Mercedes wants it to.Back to the Powerbox, it fools the ECU to get a little more fuel gaining a little torque throughout the power range. You still can't fool the ECU beyond the maximum limits, you just get a little more power in the middle. Remember again that this as a tiny little engine and the gains will also be small. I think the gain is getting to a higher gear sooner and being able to hold that gear on a steeper grade rather than taking many seconds off the 0-60 time.If you want the big change, go the big bucks and get a remap. If you want a little gain for a smaller hit to the wallet, than look at the Powerbox.
  14. andy I like Isspro. It's a quality instrument that has been around for many years. VDO and Auto Meter are good units also. Expect to pay $200-$300 for a complete set up.