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  1. I do not have my 2005 smart anymore but I only brought to MB Markham for warrenty work (free parts). All the work on mine that I could not do (and it was a lot) was done by Andrew Lee in Newmarket. he is the opposite of the dealership I would say. very reasonable and he knows all the items that go on all 450s at least. 289 803 0088 --- if he is still in business.
  2. regarding severe rattling...I had my 05 replaced free from MB just under the emissions warrenty period. I expected a fight from them and never got it.
  3. the bonus for 5 seats is only $1000, correct?
  4. does the existing smart ED qualify for more than the existing 8500? Looks like you are all saying 'no'. Would it qualify for more if they increased the battery (increased the range)? I would like to see them at 200km advertised range - I think that would do it for me.
  5. I used to have a 450 and loved it - even if cost to keep running ate up all the fuel savings. But most people will not put up with this. For the gas versions, I just do not see the point of driving a tiny car to get just OK fuel economy. Maybe it is just me. The only one that makes sense to me currently is the EV. But will only consider if they are reliable - or maybe would lease it.
  6. I got a quote once from Cherry. ship them your turbo and they overhaul for I believe 500 CDN.
  7. smart is dead now and we ended up buying the nissan note (SV with cvt). I will drive the beater PT until it dies. maybe 2 years then I hope to get a smart ED.
  8. ok car is sold. I will be back on these forums someday hopefully -- when I get an ED...
  9. 800 for the car I think is reasonable. I can include winter steel rims but the tires on them need replacement. alloy wheels on the car. front summer tires were installed on about July 10 this year. rear tires are only about 20% left.
  10. all parts are for sale. looks like he will allow me to park there for some amount of time. of course would rather if someone took the whole car. recent work....front tires, struts, springs and wheel bearings. latches. it was on its second muffler and complete wiper mechanism..
  11. looks like the end of the road from my 05 cdi pure. all black. 192k km. if you want any parts call Andrew. I am going to donate the car to him. hopefully helps some others out. engine is most likely done - I am not going to spend the money to find out exactly what.
  12. ok I am thinking out loud also. my 05 cdi is in the shop again. May call up MB Markham today.
  13. will not be easy to sell your cdi. unless 'giving' it away. at least that is what I am finding...
  14. "6.5 LHK hwy in the Versa Note doesn't seem especially excellent"yes you are right. I read 6.6 for the 2015 on the hwy. I thought is was better than that. even the micra is is not that great. I think for 2015 the method of testing is made more true to life so all vehicles will go up. But 6.6 is not impressive.edit to add this from gov of can site....New Test Methods for Model Year 2015Starting with 2015 model year vehicles, manufacturers will use an improved testing procedure to determine the fuel consumption ratings of new light-duty vehicles. The Government of Canada approved new test methods better approximate typical driving conditions and styles by adjusting city and highway ratings to account for air conditioner usage, cold temperature operation and driving at higher speeds with more rapid acceleration and braking. These new test methods (5-cycle testing) result in higher fuel consumption ratings that are more representative of a vehicle’s on-road fuel consumption compared to the current (2-cycle testing) methodology.It is important to know that this change will take place in 2014. During this transition year, many dealerships will have 2014 model year vehicles alongside 2015 model year vehicles. For 2015 vehicles, the EnerGuide label will look the same but will provide fuel consumption ratings based on the new test methods. It may appear that the 2015 vehicle has worse fuel consumption than the 2014 vehicle because, for the same make and model, the new test methods can produce fuel consumption ratings that are 10 to 20 percent higher than the current ratings. The 2015 vehicle does not, in fact, consume more fuel than the 2014 vehicle under the same driving conditions. The following labels show how the ratings for the same vehicle will change based on the new test methods.