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  1. All of my information indicates a 36 month Free service, do you have a link to your announcement??Thanks for your time,Brad StrachanThree Point MotorsNanaimo, B.C.
  2. Everything I have received so far indaces no milage limit and 3 years. I have initiated a request for more info and will update as it arrives!!
  3. Smart Has just announced a FREE FOR THREE YEARS service program on any new Smart car!!!!! Anybody considering trading in on a new one??? Thanks for your time, Brad StrachanThree Point MotorsNanaimo, B.C.
  4. Wow...... This created a bit of a buzz eh!?!? So.... These are gift boxes produced by Smart, and we have more than 20. That is just the number I have been given to distribute this way from my boss. If Smart is/has mailed these out as well, I have no knowledge of that. I thought we were just distributing them at our level. This is not supposed to offend anyone, or be some sort of gimmick. We have them here and I thought that this was a good way to reach some people that would be interested. I have lots of the PIN # cards as well if anyone needs one. Anyways, If there is anything more about this, I would love to hear it. Thank you for your time. Brad
  5. Hello every one!! Brad from Three Point Motors in Nanaimo here. I would like to invite you all in to see me, I have a 10th anniversary gift from Smart for the first 20 Smart car owners that come in to see me, as well as a card to enter to win 1 of 10 limited edition smart cars!! Thank you for looking into this post, and I hope to see you very soon!!!!
  6. Hello Every one, and thank you for looking into our event. On February 14th between 10-2 Three Point Nanaimo will be hosting a Valentines day event that consists of food and beverages, A free gift with each test drive and a free prize draw. There is a $1000 loyalty bonus to current Smart car owners who purchase a 2009 model (or $500 and a free set of $850 winter tires, your choice.) We look forward to meeting you all. Thank you for your time, Brad Strachan. Please RSVP to And, as I am new to the dealership and the industry, I would love to hear ANY comments from you, about the cars, the dealers or....?