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  1. We live in HInton and usually do our own service (and have an awesome mechanic that does anything else for us) so we don't know the "good" places to go. My hubby is in Edmonton for school right now and I thought he might as well get a B done since it has been forever.I will check out your Pug City link, thanks!
  2. They have been great to us in the past, overnighting parts etc so that's why we stuck with them, they USED to be the cheapest in the city for service :(Who do you suggest in Edmonton?
  3. Took the car in for a B service at the dealer (Weber, Edmonton) and they now want $550 for it!!! Holy crap on a cracker we used to pay between 2 and 300 for B service! No wonder we have been doing our own services! We told them to stuff it and just do the recall work.
  4. We are getting a wee bit of snow here in Hinton, Ab!!!
  5. As much as we hate to leave this wonderful Island we are moving to HInton Alberta in a couple of weeks.Wish I could have made one more rally with our wonderful group.Husband has been getting lots of looks and questions about the car as it is already in Hinton, he has only seen one other in town so far but is buddy who drove him to the Edmonton airport in it is now convinced to buy one! I sent him here to see if any of our members are selling one. Will definitely keep in touch through the forums and will be back to visit when we can. Elaine and Sean are still here, although Sean is working in Ft Mac, Ab. and Mom is busy finishing off the house she built here in Campbell River.Off to get acquainted with the Alberta section Keri, Joe, and Tyler
  6. I have a girlfriend who has a family member that works for BC Ferries, the rumour is that there has been discussion of per foot rates! It may not be in the works anytime soon but it is good to see them at least discussing it now!My friend would also be interested in filming and producing a bit if we were to have a rally with 20' 2x4's on our roofs as we boarded a full long weekend ferry, you know, to make a point
  7. Do we have any other deets besides brunch? Hopefully a northern bit of a tour for us upislanders? I can't commit at the moment, hubby is tentatively working but if he ends up not working I will most definately join!
  8. Looks like a fun day! I could probably be convinced to join in a wine and cheese tour in June!
  9. I have been having issues with opening the back of the cabrio top, the mechanism that holds it open (the part over the tailgate) is not consistently holding it up/open! Anyone else have this problem? I would assume this would still be covered under warranty?
  10. I had the same problem recently. The light would go off if we locked the doors at least. It has misteriously fixed itself now...
  11. Here are Molly's pics...
  12. Of course!! That was the first thing I tried!!! Yup, that was the second thing I tried
  13. I tried to turn it off Cameron but no diff, thanks tho... I have also waited because it used to turn off after a while without locking the doors, now, not so much, have to lock it to shut it off. B service soon, will inquire if it is still happeneing.