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  1. There's a reason for this. http://autos.yahoo.com/articles/autos_cont...ns-and-Lemonade The American made hit the top 5.
  2. 450 window creak due wear and tear, not tear actually, wear should be it The slides track both side dried and smoothen, lost it's fabric feel. The window move up slower than before. Can be solve by putting some lube to both side of the slide. Not grease but silicon base. We use tyre shine here as it's transparent after a wipe off. Hope this tip help
  3. Quite pricey too..
  4. Possible creaking from either the seat beat mounting or the seat itself. Did you did some work that need to remove the seat? Need some screw tightening, I presume.
  5. I like this one
  6. Most simple and fast one start learn how to change headlight bulb :lol:Anyway, most important factor about scangauge is, it tell you how your car feeling at the moment. As for us as human, we can tell and say I'm not feeling well today. But not your car. Scangauge will tell you that and everything, almost.
  7. Safe the American auto industry.
  8. Good to hear you didn't give up. And a great work on your smart.
  9. Ahh, buy American made. Ford, GM. Next year the big brothers can have fat bonus again. If you don't, Uncle Sam had to bail 'em out again!
  10. Nah.. I would say up and down. China up to Canada and down to Malaysia.
  11. Can try Singapore then.
  12. I would love the T but ..... from where I am!
  13. Smell Politic........
  14. A friend's had the same problem, was able to jump start. Had the starter change and all ok.