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  1. Still working on starting something for the 450's anybody interested in the kits for the 451?
  2. Sorry...didn't realize you have a 450I let you know if I can get something going on that.
  3. It is actually a synthetic almost all kits available in a molded style like this are.They look great though. I actually have dealerships around the country selling these for me.Most of the available carbon kits are a hydro graphic dip....they tend to flake peel chip and crack. My kits are a thermalformed veneer that will never do any of that and I am still cheaper than most of the competition. My company is the number 1 ranked accessories provider for Toyota in the U.S. and we make all of theredashes using this same method. Just a little FYI so you know this is a quality and superior looking product.If your interested shoot me an email at and I will make sure you get the customer srvice you deserve.
  4. I like the carbon one the best as well.....did you click to enlarge the pics above? there is a carbon one there
  5. Probably so! So do you like the look of the kits?
  6. Thank you! Its very expensive to make the tools that make the dash kits I am producing so I have to sell about 100 just to break even on the tooling. If the 451 goes well then I will have the money to try something else.
  7. Its a 6 piece kit....covers the main instrument panel two a/c vents 2 door trim pieces and one piece that covers the shift console. As of right now we only make it for the 451. However if we start to get a lot of interest for the 450 we will consider doing that model as well.
  8. Hey guys....Interior trim overlays now available! These parts are an overlay and you do not have to remove any stock parts from your smart....Also if you ever decided to remove them from your car they will not damage existing dash. Highly durable parts made the same way that we have been making Toyotas OEM dashes for years. This product will not chip flake peel or crack like the dipped parts or painted parts that other companies are offering and they are a fraction of the cost of others!BURLWOODCARBON FIBERPASSION YELLOWPASSION BLUEPASSION REDI can send more pics upon request!Matt@SuperiorDash.comCLICK TO ENLARGE PICTURES
  9. Damn that thing looks cool. What do they run new Steve?
  10. The leather looks great!I bet one of my burlwood dash kits would look awesome with a light color leather interior.....what do you think?I have seen my carbon fiber kit and my red kit with dark and black leather interiors and it looks amazing. I think it would make a very cool upgrade package
  11. Now available in Carbon Fiber look Burlwood look Passion Red Passion Blue and Passion
  12. Hey guys here are some pics of the new interiors that were making. email me at
  13. Hey guys I am making some pretty cool interior mods for the smartcar. Thought you might be interested.I'll be posting some pics shortly
  14. Hi guys, I am matt and i am a manufacturer. I thought that joining this club would be a good way to show people some of the cool new stuff that i am making for smart cars as well as get to know some of the community and what they would like to see in future productions.