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  1. Our 451 had the flex pipe rust thru, an 2008 with about 45k km. I was told, no not covered & $1,280 for the muffler plus labour. I guess that's MB humour. A Canadian Tire flex pipe & a TIG welder fixed it for $50. MB please note, I will remember your joke for a long time!
  2. The SM has no rust, it was his sunny, Sunday car. It has had some mods so it's not 'collector original'. Stainless exhaust, hydraulic lines to name a few. It has not been driven for a couple of years and needs a battery (on the SM you have to remove the front tire & inner fender for access) (sound like the easy battery access like in a Smart) Would love to find a genuine, caring lover of such strange cars. Spare engine & other stuff too.
  3. We have one of each, an 06 & an 08.Doc P & Leadwing did a fine job at sizing them up. I drive the 06 daily for the greater smile factor. The 08 is for when the wife & I go on a date or as my winter car (when it hits -10 or colder) . As Leadwing mentioned the 450 has an almost heater. Edmonton, winter??? go for the gas. The 450 is a special fun car that I hope to never be without. But then I have a 451 & 2010 Chev pickup (which neither of us drive much) on standby. As Mike T said, you have to fit the car to your situation.
  4. Went into my garage the other day and 2 Citroens, a DS21 & an SM, my past father's toys. Possibly the love for French cars started there. But I'll stick to my 2 Smarts. Anyone want a Citroen or a few truck loads of parts? Sure would like to find a needy go home for them rather than sending it to the scrap. Maybe the spare Maserati V6 engine sitting there would transplant into a Smart?
  5. Yes Alex, right under the passenger seat.
  6. Thanks Mike!Just a few fins mashed & no leaks but not something to chance.Yup, add that one to the parts list.
  7. Just a thought, remove the battery cables & wire brush the battery posts & inside of the terminals. Lead oxide is an insulator & I have seen this kind of intermittent problem caused by questionable power connections before.Good Luck!
  8. A friends 2006 had the misfortune of being attacked on the belly by a stump when it slid into the ditch. The car suffered only minor damage but the rad or intercooler located under the car, behind the battery box is damaged. Anyone know the function of this component? If its for the AC he's in luck, being a cabriolet, he never bothered to fix the failed unit years ago.If anyone has a right taillight, drivers window or left rear wart light please let me know. The plastic belly pan is slightly damaged & still usable but if you also have one, please contact me. Thanks, 42pilot
  9. Great project! Best of luck & please keep us all up to date. It sounds like a few of us have had the same idea, you jumped first! This like may be of interest http://evalbum.com/3612 It has another link on the page to a German company doing this very thing (I think) but the page is in German.
  10. Hi Gang, Sorry to say that due to some unforeseen circumstances, (sister broke her arm which delayed her trip with my mother for 2 weeks & now that they are gone, we have to stay home, take car of the dogs, man the fort but this is way more information than you wanted) we will be unable to make the trek to Ohio. (And I was so looking forward to it) Please raise a local ale for us & sample at least one of everything on the buffet table. Hope the weather is fine & everyone has a safe trip!Cheers 42pilot & copilot
  11. Thanks to all that came by today! Depite the time of year & the weather, we had a good start to what I hope we can make a regular get together. Five Smart Cars, Six Smart people, & one Smart dog. Thanks for posting the pics Leadwing! I guess you get the prize for distance, 400 km round trip I believe.Karen, Sorry to hear your your back is acting up. I hope a day of rest helped. I hope we can organize future meets & hope you can make it out then. When the good weather returns we'll have to bring out the BBQ. Cheers, 42Pilot
  12. The big storm that never was is behind us & the weather for Sunday looks good. (remember the same weather guys that that gave us that last forecast did this on too)When you arrive at the Kortright Centre, tell the gate staff you are with the Smart group (even if yours is tucked in warm at home & you're in a Ford)Proceed north through the parking lot & continue on the road marked "Deliveries Only". The first right, about 70 meters, will take you to the sustainable house.Coffee will be on! See you around 10:30.42Pilot
  13. The park will be open but if you drive a Smart, like Smart cars, or can spell Smart, your welcome! Just let the person on the gate know your with the smart group.
  14. How does Sunday, February 06 at 10:30 sound? We can meet at the Sustainable House & I will aggange for coffee & cookies!Cacarella - congrats! A new baby takes priority for sure! Leadwing - I hope a Sunday works for you. fordnut71, if your Smart is tucked in for the winter, come anyway, your welcome even in a Ford.Tardis, Lets hope for good weather!Cheers, 42 pilot
  15. We have one of each. Pros for the 450, great fuel milage, better seats, unique quirks. For the 451, better pick up (a little), a real heater. We have been lucky, neither car has spent much time at the dealer, the 450 more so with its AC issues. We do our own basic service but of the 2, the gasser is easier in that respect. For me the 450 is truly unique, I will keep as long as I can. But then I have the 451 for really cold days! (or very hot days)Cheers, 42pilot