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  1. To me, it looks more like the Think City Car........but still, IT'S DIFFERENT!
  2. As the "Co-Host" for the Indy Event, I want to thank each and every smart owner that participated. We had a great turnout, with at least a couple 'smarties' from our friends north of the border. We even had a non-smart owner fly in from Seattle just for this event. Also, I would like to thank smart center Indianapolis, our other Co-Host Walter Grassi...brand manager as well as Linda Pettenaro...owner and of course Mr Russ Hill, V.P. of smart USA who also flew in just to attend our event.This of course was our maiden voyage and we have learned from some of the glitches we encountered. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. Our hopes are that the "Second Annual" meet will be even bigger and better.Thanks again to all!
  3. The "Hummer" will become China's version of the "motorhome". A family of 3 can comfortably live in an H2 or even an H3. They just have to be careful of where they mount the ceiling fans.......
  4. Has anyone heard anything on the availability of a 451 Shop Manual? I would really like one for my 2009, but so far no "Chiltons", no "Bentley", no "Haynes" and no "Clymer". Any suggestions? I would prefer to have one on a CD, but book form is better than nothing.
  5. anyone watch CSI:NY last week? they had an episode where one of the CSI's (Stella) went to Greece and Mac (her boss) went looking for her. in many of the 'street scenes' there were TONS of smarts. all 451's too! my daughter had just gotten back from a vacation there (she's working in Iraq) and she said that ''smart cars are EVERYWHERE!!!"
  6. Wednesday May 20th, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in conjuction with the 500 Festival, is holding "Community Day" at the track. This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Running of the Indianapolis 500.For the FIRST 100 TO RSVP, we will meet at smart center Indianapolis that morning and then drive to IMS. Upon arriving at the track, we will be lead onto the famed 2 1/2 mile oval for a "Lap of the Track". Imagine seeing 100 smarts, all in a row, on the track and having the chance to drive your own smart across the 'yard of brick' at the Start/Finish line!!!Once our lap is completed, we will then proceed to the infield for a picnic/tailgate party, where there will be announcements and doorprizes. Aferwards, there will be tours of the "Hall of Fame Museum", the pit area and an IRL CarHauler.For more info, please contact me
  7. hey everyone! new here too!I'm on a few 'other' forums and thought I would check out Club smart car. NICE!A few things about me.....been a fan of smart cars since I had seen one in the movie 'The DaVinci Code'. Then I heard they were coming to the US and I just had to have one. I reserved in 3/08 and took delivery earlier this year at the end of January. Got 2500 miles on "Lil Panda" already with no problems.Thanks for the time and I'll see all of you around......BP