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  1. I want to put an "out of a job yet keep buying foreign" sticker on my lift gate LOL"Back in the late 90's the Expressway was more of an Autobahn. Windsor Police and speed traps took care of that. I used to go 160-180 KPH on the EC ROW, now I have gotten tickets going 121 and 123 KPH. Just go 115 KPH now..."yeh I remember those days when I had my 1973 Mustang Grande... also after Chatham on the 401 it was an autobahn too
  2. Also how hot was the engine when you checked? I agree a couple mm's isn't that big of a deal
  3. I am happy there are no hills here but you are right that is proper turbo care my brother
  4. Yeah that is the real speed limit on the 401 and the 69 to Sudbury is 90 but everyone does 130 go figure LOLEverytime I take the 69 up traffic is stopped because someone hits a moose and ends up dying (3 times already)
  5. I've felt a slip every once and a while when I downshift to accelerate around a corner but I've always thought that it is electronic adjustment trying to correct what I've done.
  6. I love it too, insurance rates should drop eventually because of it
  7. It is because the service reps wear Canalli Suits the drycleaning costs a fortune, all overhead you know LOL
  8. Correct! For Ontario peoples, you can still smoke in Vancouver airport (they got a smoking room) civilized LOL
  9. Yeah you can generally hear when the cooler fan kicks in, German Smarties said the same thing 30-60 seconds in park then cut it
  10. LOL true I still find myself passing all the morning commuters on EC Row (Windsor's Express way) there are always a few that try and keep up but lose their nerve. Most ppl drive between 80-90 and 100 on Ec Row
  11. Hopefully not the 1960's kind of trips :)Just kidding I usually head out on the weekends too, only live once man. Few months ago I circumnavigated South-western Ontario (lot's of wild looking places in this province)
  12. $18,500With financing (last car was a lease, never lease) so I went 0 down. I figure 27,000 but I've been chalking my principle down every once and a while with double payments... so at the end of the day probably 23000oh ya plus $171 A&B services and 40 bucks today for bulbs
  13. I Love that my Smart can only do 140 with a tail wind!!!!!