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  1. Sorry I didn't realise it had reply, will look now
  2. Hi people not been on here for a while cdi 450 will not start, it stopped cut out while collecting Chinese 2 weeks ago!!!!!! how rude! started after 5 tries but conked out just outside my house 1/2 mile ive had it plugged in said glow plug problem replaced them and even hard wired plugs on to a jump pack as I thought it could be controller relay nothing NOW FOR THE STRANGE PART if I spray a little easy start in inlet it starts and runs on its own fuel I left it running for over an hour I have read a few problems with the fuel pump (in tank) but I have changed fuel filter and checked pump an fuel primes on ignition? crank sensor was changed last year im thinking main fuel pump? how do I check if injectors are getting enough fuel pressure??? thanks for any help Poor Noddy thanks Si
  3. no problem i paid £12.50 +3pp cheers (EBAY THE ROUTE OF ALL EVIL)
  4. obd port and the smart bosch EDG15C-5 is the one that came up on mine, when cursor is over it it does as you say 0.9cdi so not shure but it works with me?have a look at this
  5. i used the bosch EDG15C-5 map and yes i had it for about 6 months before i dared to try it LOL new batterie in laptop and mains supply, if u lose the power while downloading the existing map you are sc---ed, i think that must of been the longest 3min of my life while it was saving the stock map. i now have three copies of std map and have uploaded std map back on to car just to make sure i could, does run much better with remap bit smoky blk but hey i will update in morning what happens with boost controller i no everyone who reads this will say its been done before no point over the standard 17 psi but we can try cant we?
  6. Hi mate, im just experimenting as you do LOL, i had the oil pump tensioner fault leading to no oil pump - oil pump chain blah blah you will no the one, anyway repaired that, and intercooler leek great! i have changed the ecu on my supra mk4 to AEM, and i now have a spare digital apexi profecb boost controler with solonoid so you can gues whats coming in the morning, (sorry about spelling vieno is flowing ) just wanting a little more power going on to a main road as our slip road 30mph to 70mph is not good for little smarty especialy when everyones doing 80+ mph cheers cheers
  7. thanks for that, have you used the kwp 2000+ remaping software before? for the cdi
  8. cdi passion 2000 mappedHi, does anyone no what the standard boost pressure is? also what can the boost be raised to before fuel cut and what are the injectors rated at psi? hi or low impedance?sorry for all the questions
  9. Need to remove bottom crank pully, but how can i lock the crank? i thought that my windy gun would free it off but no chance! even up to 130psi on gun, i am asuming that as the engine runs clockwise as you look at the pully that the bolt will come out anti clockwise? please any help cheers
  10. hi i am sure it is the tensioner that has failed also leading to chain snaping, as there is bits of yellow plastic in the sumpi have already done the intercooler lip leek and trimbut i think i will be as you say safer to take engine out, is there a post on this just basic so i dont completeley dismatle the hole car, as i no you can drop the unit as one lump (engine gearbox sub frame shocks etc)
  11. thanks for the advise, i hope there is no other damage due to lack of oil! but i did stop the engine straight away.
  12. i found this site by unfortunatley, finding my problem on the car is it a simple job to remove the engine complete rear sub frame? any links on this cheers
  13. sorry parts of the tentioner in the sump i can see that the chain is off!!