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  1. Its by Raid, technically the Brabus is the knock off as its the Raid wheel, re-branded. Except the Brabus one is £850 and mine cost £450
  2. Looks familiar
  3. You can't have cos it never existed
  4. TBH i'd rather not take the risk
  5. wheels, smart standard alloys
  6. Two problems there, they don't make 16" Strikelines, and if you stick back wheels on the front your wheel bearings will seriously buggered in a few monthsOh and a third thing, they would stick out way too far from your arches
  7. New wheels and tyres £50 off ebay, now all i need are the fronts
  8. Yeah over the top, u tried getting that other stuff off! Needed a slight trimming over around the edge where the door pocket was just to help the leather strecth around, and stop it being too thick
  9. You just answered your own question mate