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  1. It has power windows, power roof, ahstray (which has never been used smoke free), it has pretty much the basic that comes with it.
  2. 2005 Smart Fortwo Convertible, 90 000km, Black exterior, grey interior, diesel. Asking $13 000 o.b.o. Got to sell fast, need to get something bigger for the family. Contact email :
  3. How much are you asking for both leather seats? Are they black? I am interested in the leather seats. Do you happen to have a cup holder and the clock/RPM tacks? Also, do you happen to have a starter?
  4. I have the same thing happening to me over and over again and the starter was replaced last year but to start it when it don't start I just tap the tip of the starter and it starts. Then it is good for a couple of weeks, sometimes days but I do this every so often... I really don't want to replace the starter it costs about $900. I really don't have the money for that...and I find it hard to believe it could be the starter cause it's new...arggg this frustates me... Anyways, I always keep a jack bar with me so I can do this, but they might come a time that it won't work.
  5. Hi Everyone,I'm Julie but they call me Julz.) I purchased my '05 Smart Cabrio last summer, totally loved it. Love the color black, had flames put on it cause I never seen one like this and decided to do something new. I totally love the car but would of liked the leather interior instead of this cheap ass grey cloth interior which spots just by looking at it. I didn't make any modifications on it yet but hoping when I get done payed off I would change the motor to the!!! Didn't have any problem until this winter, have a hard time starting...even now it would start in the morning but not in the afternoon. Everything comes on but nothing, so what I have to do is tap the tip of the starter and there it's almost like those toys, cranking then off it goes.hehe!!! Sent it to the garage and they told me that the starter cost about $900. holy crap that's alot and they don't even have a rebuilt kit for it. Anyone know what I can do?Julz