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  1. From elsewhere...
  2. If available, I'd like to get those bolts. Let me know what info you need to make a deal. Thanks, Timo
  3. Long time, no see/hear. Happy my cruise control is still functioning no problems since Pross-Vegas install. 👍 Hope all is well in Kelowna. Cheers! Timo
  4. The motive. more from Bloomberg...///Lieb said Mercedes-Benz wants smart back for two main reasons:1. It needs more small-car volume to meet new corporate average fuel economy standards that take effect in the United States in the 2016 model year.2. Daimler AG integrated Smart into the Mercedes-Benz car unit in September. The United States is the only market where smart and Mercedes operate separately.“It has become clear over the last few months that smart is an integral part of our achieving the fuel economy targets of 2016,” Lieb’s fuel economy numbers are already included in Mercedes’ corporate average. But Mercedes executives believe they can increase smart’s sales volume, and thus have a greater impact on the company's CAFE ratings.///
  5. In part from Bloomberg:///Mercedes-Benz could give smart franchises to other Mercedes-Benz dealers, but Lieb said they would not be required to build stand-alone facilities.“In most cases a shop-in-shop has proven to be the most economical,” he said. “If you are selling one or two cars, you need consistency in personnel and expenses. It will not work if you have a stand-alone facility.”Lieb said 300 of Mercedes-Benz' 353 U.S. dealers have upgraded their showrooms to the Autohaus corporate facility program.“This will be a lot easier than it would have been three years ago,” he said. “The facilities are completely different.”///Sounds as if-- like it or not-- MB-USA dealers will be parking a couple smarts in the corner and give it a go!
  6. As a safety issue, I'd think it would be covered. I had a problem with one and my PDX dealer didn't blink and replaced it.Timo
  7. Cominco?
  8. Mike, take my checkbook and call me crazy.I put $2K down three weeks ago at scPDX, refundable of course. Trang (the GM) told me last May that the first release would be short-term lease only to afford smart time to work out bugs. A four-year lease doesn't seem so short-term when general release is just two years down the road and payments are said to be $600/mo., and I haven't seen anything in writing regarding the proposed terms.I have two fears: One, Daimler pulls back after the initial release and the opportunity is one-time that I don't want to miss. -Or-Two, as Steve mentioned, the general release is technologically improved (a given) and is more cost friendly, leaving me with buyer's remorse (lessee's remorse?) in years three and four...Timo(Oh, and I am in line for the Leaf December rollout too, just in case)
  9. They did replace a bunch of those Makralon roofs, and the problem didn't take long to come out in '08. I have the cabrio (of which I've had zero problems), but I felt sorry for all those '08 Passion coupe owners having to send their brand new jewel in to the shop for roof replacement.Timo
  10. I had a problem like that last summer, but not so drastic as cupped treads-- it was a piece of duct tape that had stuck to my tire. Very disconcerting up until discovering the cause... ;^)
  11. Coast Steve and Bil G:I just got home from KC. I bit the bullet and took bigger chunks of miles coming back than going out. Left KC after the brunch Sunday and checking out of the hotel downtown (another story- weather-power outage related). Made it to Kearney NE that night, Evanston WY last night and home tonight.Perhaps next big go-round will be more west-coast friendly.I'm with John (jwight)-- we need to invade the great white north! Hope there is an opportunity this summer for some international goodwill, even if it only involves the PNW. Cheers,Timo
  12. We wish you BC'ers were here too. Ross and I have to do the representing for all the PNW... could have used some help!
  13. Steven, where does he live? Places I'd try: Ron Gaus in St. Louis handles grey-market and is probably a good resource ( Green Car Co in Bellevue WA sells and services G&K. Check with Idahosmart and the Boise ID crowd. Smart Madness in LA is trying to serve the 450 community-- might try there. Check with other US 450 owners in the thread- Original smart fortwo (450) Heck these days, I'd even try the 451 dealers to see if they can connect-- they are getting hungry and I know Portland is going out their way to become a 450 source for maintenance but I don't know that that extends to non-routine mtc. Hope this helps.
  14. Depends on who you know... in the US. Ron Gaus for one.Not that Steven isn't a good go-to guy.Cheers.
  15. An embarrassing back story to go with this, Steven? I mean, if one has to go out of the country for info...
  16. Nine spokes, as related to cleaning, is too many. And I'm not in love with the look, but the 2008 OE offerings were non-existent. I'd love a set of Spikelines for the 451.For me... more spokes = more hate
  17. Help me out, I 'm feeling dense... "face huggers"? What is that? That is wonderful, I'm a big fan but it's a start-- it should continue to the lower valances-- offered in matching MIC/ paint.
  18. Bil,It's Mopar # 5064710AA. It fits multiple models/years, kind of all-purpose I guess.Just replaced mine this week again (latest one was in the wiper sill and neglected after front panel off/on. It flew off somewhere over Snoqualmie Pass. Cheers,Timo
  19. Trust me, I was was pulling for someplace in the central West-- I threw Salt Lake, Denver and Vegas into the hat. I knew the coast was out for a 1st national, but Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Franisco, Lotus Land or San Diego would also please me.I talked with Trang this morning, the GM at scPDX. She thinks we should do a West-centric meet. Kuni has the PDX and DEN sc's, so I think we should pump them up to take this on for next year. I'm sure there are folks out on the wrong coast thinking the same thoughts -- why not have an East-centric meet. In the brainstorming for this meet, one idea was to have a couple locations because of the distances. A lot of people were on board for this, but unless one steps up to help organize, you know it will be located where that committee wants it. But I do understand the reason for picking one central place in KC for the first go-round.Fortunately for me, every other summer is good for long vacations because of work, and this summer is one! So, since this is the 1st national for us smart newbies (today is timobile's 2nd birthday) and I can take the time, I'm doing it! I might not travel this far or farther again,but there will never be another "1st" for me and my smart.If you're going to KC, I hope to see you there!Cheers!TimoPS: When I get my smart ED, that new baby is not making ANY meets (unless it turns into a trailer queen
  20. Hi Bil and Steve,Have you decided on your schedule and booked rooms for the roadtrip? I've yet to decide on hotel near SLC and DEN.I thought it would be cool to stop by the dealerships in those two cities, but the hours needed for travel might not mesh with their business hours. I can go with the flow, so I dont have any must-do's really... well except drive, eat, sleep, repeat. That and the two brewpubs I've mentioned near SLC and DEN. But even that is negotiable for me. I'm interested in your thoughts.Cheers,Timo
  21. Sorry folks, I'm going to have to pass-- for me it's the path of least resistance I'll be prepared for the next time...Cheers,Timo1. smartzuuk (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)2. Mike T and Bruce F (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)3. smartcynth (2008 pure coupe gas)4. smartzuuk spare driven by TBD (2005 pulse coupe cdi)5. bilgladstone (2005 Pulse cdi)6. Henry (06 pulse cabrio cdi)7. Monkii (08' pulse cabrio gas)8. Ted (05 pure cabrio cdi)9. FastEddy (2008 Brabus Xclusive cabrio gas by Flying Tiger)10. mimota (2008 cabrio)11. sidneyfortwo (2005 Pulse Cabrio)12. Catopounce (2006 Pulse Coupe)13. smartvancouver (2008 Passion)14. Guinness (2009 Brabus Cabrio)15. Peter E16. LittleFeather (2006 Pulse Coupe)17. BJ (06 pulse cabrio cdi) 18. 4DM (2009 Brabus Cabrio)19. ganisa (2008 passion cabrio)20. minImANia (2008 Passion Coupe) 21. 22.
  22. It's rather difficult to remember the current crossing requirements after growing up in WA and traveling into BC without a second thought for so many years. I guess my Dad is not any sort of security risk, but that matters not in the current state of affairs.I'm still weighing my options, but bringing my Dad along to Stanley Park isn't in the mix.Timo
  23. In getting to the meet on the 3d, I have a border-crossing problem that involves (of course) time.My roommate, the 84 year-old WWII Purple Heart veteran, wants to go with. Unfortunately, he can't find his passport, nor is there time at this point to get an enhanced DL or passport renewal/replacement.Are there any workarounds here? What would happen if we drove into BC without approved documents? Do they check before you cross into Canada? If not, what's the chance you talk your way back in?-OR- Do I cancel and chalk it up to lesson learned?Thanks,Timo
  24. 1. smartzuuk (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)2. Mike T (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)3. smartcynth (2008 pure coupe gas)4. smartzuuk spare driven by TBD (2005 pulse coupe cdi)5. bilgladstone (2005 Pulse cdi)6. Henry (06 pulse cabrio cdi)7. Monkii (08' pulse cabrio gas)8. Ted (05 pure cabrio cdi)9. FastEddy (2008 Brabus Xclusive cabrio gas by Flying Tiger)10, mimota (2008 cabrio)11.sidneyfortwo (2005 Pulse Cabrio)12. Catopounce (2006 Pulse Coupe)13. jeremygray (2006 Passion Coupe cdi)14. smartvancouver (2008 Passion)15. Guinness (2009 Brabus Cabrio)16. Bruce F (Mike T's 2005 pulse cabrio)17. Peter E18.LittleFeather (2006 Pulse Coupe)19. BJ (06 pulse cabrio cdi) 20. 4DM (2009 Brabus Cabrio)21. ganisa (2008 passion cabrio)22. minImANia (2008 Passion Coupe) 23. smart fortimo (2008 Passion Cabrio)
  25. How about non-Canadian smart owners?And... Saturday the 3rd would make it possible for this south-of-the-border smartie to join in. ;^)