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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions! Tolsen, I am in no way equipped to dissasemble all that as shown! Kudos to you to be willing and able to do such an in-depth job! My solution as always when I have smart car stuff I can't handle is to drive from Muskoka to London and visit Glenn (smart142). Glenn is my all time favourite mechanic, next to my dad. And dad is 95, so his wrenching days are done! I visit Glenn every 2 -3 years, get a bunch of routine stuff done plus whatever issue of the moment I am having looked after, and then the car runs flawlessly for another 2-3 years! Since 2014 was my last visit, and since I already had another issue that (sticky waste-gate/ intermittent over-boost) needed attention to London I went this morning. Glenn removed the bottom cover panels for improved access and sprayed some concoction all over the u-joints and we turned the wheels back and forth for some time while applying some heat to the joints. Worked a charm, steering is butter smooth again!!! Glenn has done this for a number of smarts and it seems to have worked out well for all. Will see how long it lasts, maybe I can remember to update in future. Waste-gate is also fixed, brakes serviced, actuator serviced and tuned, including a mod to extend it's life. Some rustproofing done while the bottom panels were off, a general inspection all round etc etc. Lunch was then had, I think the only thing we missed was going for a beer! Maybe next time ...thanks again Glenn!
  2. Thank you Tolsen! I will be visiting our mechanic soon for some other service. Looks like I should utilize his skill and knowledge for this also!
  3. Steering on our '05 Passion Cabriolet has been feeling a bit stiff of late. A search tells me there are 2 universal joints to be lubed to address this. I looked in the Wiki but I'm not seeing an Instruction for this. Can someone give me a quick synopsis on accessing these joints? Thank you!
  4. I have the same issue for some time now. Left lower body panel screw will not release despite penetrating spray and even cutting a large groove in the head for a flat screwdriver. So I have been spraying from above with graphite spray which seems to resolve the issue for a week or two. Contrary to recommendations on here to use graphite spray instead of WD40, I have had better longer lasting success with WD40 lately!! Into winter now, maybe next summer I can have another go at removing the panel
  5. We had both key fobs for 2005 go through the washer more than once years back thanks to our son. Only negative effect was the batteries would not last long thereafter so we always carried a few spares in the car. That lasted for 6 months or a year maybe, after which battery life returned to normal and I can't remember now last time I had to replace one. So yours should dry out and return to normal function eventually. Hope you have a second fob!
  6. I should update everyone on this because there were several suggestions as to the cause. The condition described became much more frequent but continued to be very random which led me to believe it was electrical rather than clogged egr or sticky waste gate. So I unplugged my egr emulator chip and then plugged it back in...suspecting an intermittent bad pin contact or similar. That was well over a month ago or maybe 2 and we haven't had a single episode of limp mode since!!
  7. was the jumper wire I think. Soon as I removed fuse box cover the windows started working. Maybe the cover was making the jumper wire loose connection. So I repositioned the cover with slightly looser fit and its all good now Thanks all!
  8. we have been having some issues with the windows most of the summer. sometimes they wouldn't go up or down, but then the next time or two we tried them they would be working again! but now past week they would not go down at all. then my wife tried drivers window today and it went down a cm or so and stopped and now wont go up or down again! Glenn did a mod on them whereby with a jumper he set them up so they would open/close without having to turn the car on. probably not relevant because that was done a few years ago. i'm thinking a bad wire or loose connection somewhere...any thoughts?
  9. problem is identical to the one you were having in this thread... Did you find a cause, I didn't see an outcome posted! I am leaning towards poor connection to the solenoid from the emulator or another electric/ computer issue since it is only on cold starts once a day
  10. If it's either of those two I would think sticking waste gate.If it was clogged EGR I don't see how it could run like a top 90% of the time each day plus the previous 4 yrs!
  11. I have a similar "loss of power" issue in our 2005MY engine won't rev above ~3000 rpm despite flooring the accelerator. I have the EGR emulator installed for about 4 yrs now. My EGR valve is still in place and when it sooted up I merely plugged in the emulator and it was all good thereafter. Lately I get the afore mentioned condition first thing in the morning on first startup. I typically drive a couple of blocks to check on my dad (93 yrs old) and when I come out from his house and start it up 2nd time of the day it is all good!!! Occasionally it requires several restarts to clear this condition but not often. And once cleared car is good for the day regardless on number of restarts! Any thoughts as to what is going on here?? I do have a new emulator on order from stickman hoping there is maybe a fault in the old one. Other than that I am stumped because thsi is such a consistent pattern
  12. Yes I can wait, thanks. I'm not sure but I think my current emulator may be failing or have a connection issue. Once in a while I have some driveability issues (won't rev beyond 3200 rpm...throttle response just flat lines above that) and then it goes away and its all good. Let me know when its available, thanks!
  13. If not too late please sign me up for the Plug&Play Emulator
  14. I'm curious...why bother removing the EGR valve? I have been running the emulator for years and never had an issue, EGR is still in place
  15. Yep, have done the trek to London from Muskoka several times myself. Always a pleasure and well worth it. I'm going to have to spend more time with the dryer though, it ws -24 here this am and ignition was frozen again. Might spray in some electric contact cleaner too!