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  1. Here's my super hot desktop. Try to contain your jealousy towards my creative genius.
  2. Hi there and welcome to the forum.I've owned my smart for about 18 months now so there's definitely people here who have more experience with the car than I do but I'll try to relate my experiences.My Grandstyle is my only vehicle and it never given me any serious problems. I bent a rim driving into Winnipeg from Ottawa last winter but that was after taking a gigantic (about 8 inches deep) pothole at a speed much faster than I should have. That's the extend of issues I've had with the car so it's been a decidedly positive experience for me. There's a smart roadside assistance hotline but I'm not really sure on all the details of how it works as I've never had to use it.My smart spent last winter in Winnipeg so I can say with total confidence that is capable of handling any inclement weather you might expect. It handled well on icy and slushy roads alike and never gave me a problem starting up even on days as cold as -45C. It comes with a block heater as standard equipment so that's a definite added convenience.Anything else, just ask :)Jason
  3. I agree. Moving it over
  4. I saw a set on display for sale at the Halifax dealership last time I was there. The price eludes me at the moment but I think $600 was in the neighbourhood.
  5. Well, since no one seems to be jumping at it right away I'd like to offer my name for consideration. This community has given me quite a bit and I'd like to try to return something to the great group of people who have transitioned me from a smart neophyte to a dedicated enthusiast.One caveat, I have to "travel" (read: go on a stinky boat full of seamen) quite a bit for work so my presence may be somewhat interrupted.--Jason
  6. In a similar vein, we made up a short smart rally video for my aircrew course in Winnipeg. If you're interested, you can find it here: It's about 40 seconds in if you don't feel like sitting through everything else
  7. When I was in Winnipeg, I was quite happy with the Buggy Bath just off Portage Ave (over by the base, I can't remember the name of the street). You could normally do a thorough wash of the entire smart for under $5.
  8. It works on my 2006 Grandstyle. It was the first thing I did (I hate DRL)
  9. My concern would that this would be a signal for an underlying issue of being overly safety obsessed. The sort of person that buys anti-bacterial everything and will pay a price premium to fly on an airline with a better safety record. If that doesn't bother you then I'm sure you could always take the train or something. I know it would drive me crazy and eventually break up the relationship anyway.
  10. When I was posted from Ottawa to Halifax, I was reimbursed at a rate of 50 cents per kilometre for the drive out. I probably spent about $75 in fuel but received a nice cheque for $688 today.
  11. I guess the thrust of the article is that they re-created some legends of the game for their impending football release including the infamous OJ Simpson. Anyway, the game also comes with some pre-fab fantasy teams, including one called the assassins. By a stroke of luck, or misfortune, OJ's legendary character has been drafted by this team and the clip shows various pieces of footage of OJ Simpson in action for the "Assassins". What really cinches the entire affair is after scoring a touchdown, there's a giant red-cloaked figure above the scoreboard who does an animatronic stabbing motion in celebration. Very inappropriate but very hilarious.
  12. I've always liked the authentic Tags. They have a timeless class to them
  14. This is my first car. Okay, not that exciting I admit. hehe