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  1. $25 shipped in the USA. Would have to check shipping to Canada.
  2. Listed on Ebay at: Can assist with getting it to Canada.
  3. 80 pictures and a full description in my Ebay listing at: This is a fully equipped Rally Red 2012 Passion coupe that has collision damage at the left front and the left side. It has the Panoramic roof, leather seats, heated seats, paddle shifters, aluminum wheels, tachometer and clock, rain sense wipers, etc. Runs and drives excellent. The steering wheel is on dead center going down the road with no shakes or vibrations at speed, the brakes are firm with no pedal pulsations or pulling to one side when stopping and the A/C blows ice cold. No airbags were blown and all the dash warning lights come on when you first turn the ignition on and then they all go off like they are supposed to. The rest of the body is excellent except the rear bumper has numerous small nicks and scratches. The interior is excellent too. I’m in the Washington DC area. Delivery possible.
  4. Located in the Washington DC area. I have a full description at
  5. Checking the clearance shouldn't take a half hour and will at least tell you what you have. And while taking out the cams is required to change the clearance, a good diy'er shouldn't have a problem.
  6. Did you check the valve adjustment? A tight valve that doesn't fully close would cause that. Might be a simple adjustment. 130psi isn't terribly low like 50 or 75. Should still drive fine for a long time.
  7. It's a cdi and it seems to crank normally but I'll check the alternator. I assumed a locked alternator would prevent the engine from even cranking. I'll try that, even though I must have cranked it 10 times already, and previously it sat over 6 months and started right up 3 months ago.
  8. Key is fine, locks and unlocks the doors. Do hear the fuel pump. Battery checks good with tester. No moisture, car has been in garage over a year. It started fine before, unlikely compression to drop just like that.
  9. I just put in a battery so it wouldn't have any codes stored.
  10. I last started the car 3 months ago and it was fine. The car is stored indoors without a battery. Today I put a good battery in and it would just crank without even a hint of firing. It is 3 dots full of fuel. Any idea where to start diagnosing the problem?
  11. A coil springs life is in large part determined by the number of cycles of compression and rebound it experiences. With no way of telling that on used springs, I couldn’t imagine putting them on any car that I was going to keep. I had one break and I replaced just that one spring and did it myself. Not too complicated a job but certainly worth buying a new spring so I won’t have to do it again in 6 months. Cost was $85 but might have been less if I shopped around.
  12. Flying Tiger shows them for $135. I found this place in England that has aftermarket ATE for about $50: I'll have to see if they ship here.
  13. Other than the dealer? Or anyone have a source in Europe to order from?