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  1. A full set of Silver 450 Cabio panels for sale. $300. Vancouver Island.
  2. Big milestone for us today's!
  3. 1. Mike and Sandy T 2. Muriel & Calvin Anywhere is fine with us
  4. How about Saltair. Haven't been there in a while. sept 11 about 6:30 about?
  5. Hey Randy is Smartless! Comes with age losing your your Smarts? ) Yes would love to! We are free the second week, just guessing we should let all the crazy people return from the long weekend.
  6. I am sure more km to come this year! Especially if we have good weather! Congrats!
  7. Broke my favorite mug this morning!If anyone has one they are not using!
  8. We met Bil several times over the years and he was a big contributor to this forum. We will really miss Bil.Does anyone know if something will be done with the Smart members, maybe a big get together?
  9. Hope to see everyone there...Maybe we can do lunch after, if everyone isn't full of the BBQ or food at TPM.
  10. Well since the weather is so good maybe we should have a Thursday night meet.It would be nice to get caught up Mikes bike ride and I hope Randy is back.Is anyone available....?
  11. Could use a dinner up in Duncan, Cedar, or Nanimo? Thursday?