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  1. I'v been hit with an altenator. two leaks. a roof and more in the last 5months. I can't afford this car anymore. 5000 bucks as is. lol baught it for WAY more last year.
  2. MY ADVICE WOULD BE NOT TO BUY ONE... My smart has been such a sink hole for Mercedes repairs. I'm not happy at all with their service or my car.
  3. What is a SAM?!I can't afford another repair for this car.Anyone want to buy a 2005 Smart Black Cabrio? around 115000km. Good to Average Condition? Toronto.I'm sick of 1000 $ repairs.
  4. sam problem? no my carpets are perfectly dry.
  5. Hi guys,I was heading home the other night from work and as I exited the parking garage my fan seemed to die. I can still hear (and sorta feel) the ac and heating still working but nothing comes out.The strange thing is that the A/C button which normaly only turns on when you engage the fan can be triggerd at any time now. meaning at the lowest setting of fan speed (off) the lights still come on.Any ideas?Oh and my windshield wipers wont go to full speed. They go intermitant and slow speed.. just when I crank it to full they just stop moving.
  6. I have a 2005 cabrio.just be careful kimberly. I always ask to see the repairs done and parts that were replaced and if I can I ask to see the exact problem.. I want to see the leak
  7. The other day my mom, being the kind soul she is, decided to move my car from the driveway into the garage because of the snow. Long story short she opened the roof 100% into the full back posistion (but not locked into place). Well when I eventually got around to checking on my car (which found its way into the garage) I could not lock the roof open or shut! it was stuck between being locked down for 100% convertableness and locked up into no roof mode.Again long story short I take my car to the mercedes dealership in Oakville and they call me back in a few hours and explain that they can't just "fix" the roof due to them not being able to order "parts" to fixed a "broken peice" in the roof. The mechanic explained that they would have to order a new roof for $5,800!That's more than half of what I paid for my car! After losing mind (without yelling) I told the mechanic that I couldn't afford that price and they would have to try another method to fix my problem. A call a few hours later state that they found a used roof in a wrecking yard that could be used in replace of my current roof but they wern't sure if it was even going to work 100% even though it would cost me $1,800 to get that roof (not including paying the mechanic). I of course decline thier offer because I don't have that sort of money to hope for a fix. Hours later the mechanic calls back again and says that the replacement roof has a huge 3'' gash in the roof that will also need to be repaired if I wanted to go with that route. After declining that offer he then suggested that I sell the car to them for appoximately $2000 and just buy a new 2010 smart fortwo! Outraged I told the mechanic I would have to think about it and then call him back.after a few hours of talking with friends and family I was convinced we could take it somewhere else and they could at least look at it. I called the mechanic back and told them that I was no longer interested in thier services and would be dropping by to pick up my vehicle. not 20 min into the drive the mechanic calls me back and states that they have fixed the roof by unceasing a clamp with a calibration tool and lubing it up which leaves it 100% operational. total cost $100.00 for labour!!!So only when I threaten to pick up my car and give them no cash at all my problem is fixed?I expect this sort of bull from Tony the mechanic who owns a shady auto shop in a bad part of town. (no offence tony!)....They also told me that I have an oil leak and a transmission leak.. which i should get fixed right away... I never see ANY fluid on my driveway or in my garage when its parked there... so I'm not sure it even suffers from thoes problems...Has anyone else ever had a problem like this?I recommend never going to oakville mercedes! I guess I'm not thier regular kind of client.. the kind of client that just throws money at thier problems..Thanks for reading! :Palso I'm afraid to even use my roof anymore...
  8. the shake seems like it shakes too much if that makes sense..it changes the vibration in my voice .. REALLY noticable when I apply a very little amount of presure on the peddle in gear 1 from a stand still
  9. thanks you just saved me a trip to the shop
  10. I'v been wondering if the vibrations that happen while in first gear at low RPM are normal for a 2005 cab.if I touch the accelerator ever so slightly the car shudders like crazy!but if I put my foot down I don't notice it. is this normal?
  11. I'm not sure how I was able to hit 140.anyone care to enlighten me?Also another smart car BLEW past me yesterday and Iwas already doing 120.. besides taking my car to a dealership is there a way to see if this thing has been modded?
  12. Just like the topic title and desciption says I'm looking to get new suspension.I would love to be able to eliminate or at least smooth out my ride on some of these poorly maintained roads of the GTA.Thanks in advance guys/gals!
  13. well truth be told its the longest ride I have ever done in any personal vehicle that I have ever drove
  14. 3.8 L/100km yay!anyone have any tips to get more out of this bad boy?
  15. Thank you very much