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  1. thanks for the post, was just looking for this info. cheers, Dale
  2. This past Tuesday evening my 05 cabrio did the same thing. Nada. Wouldn't start and had CAA tow it home (61 km). Get it into driveway, tow truck is driving down my street and jump in car and it fires right up. Started up no issues until Thursday night it died at 1am, 4 km from home when I made a stop at in-laws house to put garbage out. Pushed it into driveway, walked home. Friday morning go to check on it, fired right up again. aargh.......... haven't had time to mess with it. this may be the same problem.
  3. spoke to service people at Mercedes Mid-town and they said just a pressure bleed. Their system does not activate abs pump. my independent Mercedes mechanic has Star equipment and they cant activate abs. just pressure bleed.
  4. check out boating shops near you that do canvas top repairs. plastic boat windows are very similar and they could probably remove the old window and use it as a template and sew in a replacement window the smart car canvass roof can be removed Francesco did a great job with instructions....
  5. Car has gone to a new home, hopefully back on road soon. Thanks everyone for the interest! Thanks everyone for the interest, car on hold for someone. I appreciate the interest in it. Dale Hello, up for sale is a 2006 pulse coupe for parts. The car is running but has the oil pressure light on. oil pump may be toast. Car has decent tires and alloys. A/C, glass roof looking for someone to come get it in it's entirety, $450 If no member is interested soon, it's off to car wreckers.... Car is in Newcastle thanks, Dale [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://
  6. Taken them off the market, cheers.
  7. Unless you are having an issue, wouldn't bother changing them. On my 2 smarts, over 250,000 km on 06 and 130,000 on '05, all the shocks are fine. Have replaced springs on both but thats all for suspension. On '03 awd Honda Element had to replace front mcphersons last year and last fall rear shocks. The right rear shock leaked out and the ride deteriorated immediately. This vehicle has 249,000 km.
  8. I would suggest using this. this is an adhesive that glues vinyl and remains flexible and waterproof. obtain a piece of flexible clear vinyl and glue to existing edge. Also works to repair tears and cuts to convertible tops.
  9. Hey guys, what NGK did you use? Was it the Y-543J? Dale
  10. inexpensive at Mercedes dealer. jmo but I dont look for alternate parts for suspension, brakes etc. which can affect vehicle safety.
  11. diesel fuel will start to gel in cold temps. Fuel companies add anti-gel to the fuel but I still add Diesel Kleen Winter (white jug at Canadian Tire). Definitely helps as it keeps gelling from occurring in the fuel and fuel lines/filter. I add at each fillup. It boosts cetane and adds injector cleaner. white jug for winter, silver jug for other seasons. ctc regularly puts on sale at 25% off. Dale
  12. this is a small 12V impact wrench with a digital read out people... I seriously doubt that it could generate so much torque!! 1/2" manual calibrated. torque wrench is what I use. Canadian Tire puts. them on sale every so often. Impact guns have there place, I have both electric and air powered, but they can do more damage than good sometime. I suspect the impact gun torqued it a lot higher. Even a dry bolt at 90 ft lbs would back out easily with hand tools
  13. I think from my conversations with people that show interest in the cars, the problem is that almost all rely on garages to service their cars.Servicing these cars at dealers makes them nervous due to shop rates and parts prices. Also, most have been raised around gasoline engines and diesel is another world for them.I enjoy working on my cars and when I get to an area which is more than I want to tackle, I turn to people like Glenn in London.I thoroughly enjoy our cars and would look at other diesel smarts if mine bit the dust.The gas smarts dont appeal to me.just my 0.02Dale
  14. see above fuel consumption. my own experience with prius is that it used more fuel than either of my smarts.
  15. this week picked up the Red Tek kit at CTC. Hose should be longer to reach the low pressure side valve. Pulled the front panel off to reach easily. Attached the hose and only a couple of pounds of pressure left in system, explains why compressor not turning for this car. Kit came with 2 cans of refrigerent but only needed less than one can to get to the recommended 30-38 psi level.Nice cold a/c in green car again. Will see how it goes.