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  1. Well that sucks rocks. Oh well.
  2. Tried that already but didn't get a response. The problem is I can't log in and so can't email or PM the administrator directly. There is no response to requests to reset the password; my account may have been hacked.
  3. Does anyone have the email address for the administrator account at SCOA?
  4. Perhaps because there aren't enough smarts on the road to be statically significant in the survey. I'd like to know how one does it such a crash. It would take a lot of engineering to be able to overcome the laws of physics.
  5. Big cars kill: ‘Monster’ vehicles may make Canadians feel safer, but they’re more likely to cause fatal collisions
  6. Spotted these toy cars made by Tolo which bear a resemblance to a smart convertible: Car Car Pastel Colours
  7. It may be illegal to disable the tpms if you're in the U.S.
  8. Well, it's a known 'feature' in any case. Just another quirk of this car.
  9. This is normal if the key is removed too quickly.
  10. ForSixteen: 16 Kiwi Girls Squeeze in a Smart ForTwo, Set New Guinness World Record (Video) I noticed the previous record by the Austrians was with a 450 whereas the new one is with a 451. Is there much difference in the interior volume between the two?
  11. The smart factory in Hambach is in the process of retooling for the next generation smart car. Hambach: Smart en chantier ... (Google Translation)
  12. How Mercedes got big-car Russians to really like the little Smart car How do you persuade Russians who like big, expensive cars - proof of their success - to try out the tiny Smart car? Answer: You give them a test drive when they need it most: when their illegally parked car has been towed or picked up from Moscow's jam-packed streets.Devised by BBDO Moscow, Mercedes Smart Cars launched a campaign entitled 'The Unexpected Test Drive', offering stranded drivers the chance to try out the Smart car when they needed it most. This was how Mercedes put it,"Although most of them are in dire need of a second car, our potential customers showed virtually no interest in our Smarts. "Our objective was to bring the most reluctant consumers to test drive the Smart and change their state of mind from "Smart is not really a car" into being true believers and advocates of the Smart." Solution Our secret weapon: once you take the Smart for a ride, you'll fall in love with it. Core audience's weakest point: their big cars and all the problems they bring along. Context Most illegally parked cars in Moscow are picked-up or towed during the weekend shopping. Once car-less, drivers suffer expensive , hours-long cab rides through Moscow's traffic, in order to get back their cars. Idea At the peak of the driver's desperation, the Smart Teams jump in, offering free rides, a unique opportunity to test drive the versatile Smart in some of the World's worst traffic jams. "Being there for them exactly at the moment when they needed a car the most turned reluctant, condescending consumers into true believers -- a 100% realistic test drive of the very car that could have saved them from all the hassle." Results 40 Smarts saved 623 car-less drivers during three days, in parking lots around eight shopping malls . Over 400 drivers became true believers ("Smart is a real car") -- rate of conversion 70% - advocating Smart on their vkontakte and facebook profiles. Blogs and news portals picked up the story, said Mercedes, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in earned media and incalculable amounts of positive emotions around the tiny cars that saved the day for Moscow car-less drivers. Test drives increased 10 fold in the 2 weeks following the event.
  13. Based on the past experience of other people who did something similar, a complaint can pretty much be guaranteed. However I'll see if there's an outlet nearby that is not in plain sight.
  14. Solar is not an option; the car is in an underground. I suppose a cheaper unit, one that's intended to maintain a battery, would be good enough if it can also charge, even if it takes longer to do so. The battery would not run down completely if I'm maintaining it on a regular schedule.
  15. Should a 1.5A unit be considered a maintainer rather than a charger? Or can such a unit still fully charge a battery but just take longer? According to the Noco Genius product guide on this page the higher rated G3500 is able to charge while lower models can only maintain. Of course it comes with a higher price but would it be a better buy? Also, I noticed most Noco units can recover a sulphated battery while the Deltran units cannot. @TO Ed: Do the Noco eyelet connectors fit snugly on the smart battery terminals? I noticed the Deltran ones are smaller in comparison.