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  1. Well after one week of owning my first Smart I have decided my girlfriend and I are in. Dan and Jen. If you would like to come up to leons on stone church I will glady pre pay aswell. WE ARE VERY EXCITED! Thank you
  2. I think i am going to have to order it from them thanks for the info ill get pics of the new system and of the install as i progress. I am adding door speakers dash speaker and a sub all color cooridnated to my smart lol. it should be a nice install when done.
  3. Does any one know where in ontario i can find the mounting kit for my 05. I am putting in a nice little stereo system but cant seem to get my hands on one. Smartiepants was kind enough to email me back however he is out of the older ones.
  4. I think i am going to get the one from flying tiger. I do have heated seats in mine. I am going to have it up on the hoist tomorrow a t a friends shop so we can check it out.
  6. Thank you Ian, Frankie and Mike.
  7. Yes, i got it used just 2 days ago. And no cord. But like u say i shouldnt need it anyway. Thank you so much for the hellp man.
  8. and im not to far from u i get the same weather lol i am near niagara.
  9. It has 3 prongs looks like the male end if a plug however my car didnt come with any type of special cord to plug it in unless there is a hidden storage spot for it
  10. Im just wondering if anyone can help me out here? Im wondering if i have a block heater and how i would know? what do i look for? I notice i have what i think is the plug for it in the front bumper, but i assume it dosent mean it was ever installed. how important is it to have it?
  11. Looks like a great time! I wish I wasn't working. Congrats!
  12. That is a sweet looking colour!!!! Nice ride
  13. Hey everyone, I hope you are all well. Is there any Smart gatherings or cruises left in Ontario this year?
  14. All I can can say is wow! My previous car was a chrysler 300 and was costing me a 55 dollars to fill it up with regular. I used the good diesel gold at sunoco and was shock when i had a hard time getting in 14 dollars. So far the car has been good. we have put alot of kms on it in a day and a half justg having fun and letting everyone and there mother drive it when the ask to take it for a spin. lol. This is a FUN car.
  15. Alright its green. I am super impressed with the car despite being lied to by the dealer about a few things but thats a new thread lol. thanks guys for the welcome. Im so glad i got a smart.