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  1. Update 13 Oct. These will be located in Milton On on 22 Oct for a week so now is the time to beat the shipping pick if you are in GTA. Brand new take offs from a 2006 Smart. I bought these a few years ago to have on hand and never needed to install. Sold car. All four springs were removed from a new car in Vancouver in 2006 for high performance upgrades. $150 for all plus actual shipping Located in Sault Ste Marie ON PM or call Bill 705 759 2344
  2. Updated 13 Oct. the comp will be in the Milton On area on 22 Oct for a week so here's the chance to pick it up if you are in the GTA Avoid shipping. New price $275 Bought this lightly used compressor from a reliable forum source this summer but sold car before I got to install it. $275 plus actual shipping cost. Located in Sault Ste Marie ON. PM or call Bill 705 750 2344
  3. 05 Deisel Passion Model fully loaded with every option. Great Condition. Very clean car. Custom painted Champane colour to match Truck that it rides on. Black Leather heated seats, Heated powered mirrors, Auto trans with manual operation too, 60 MPG. Powered windows, rear defrost, covered rear storage, 5 spoke Allum wheels, tires about 40% remaining. AC no cool. Needs Compressor. I have the replacment available. I have had this car since 2009, used for hauling on our large truck pulling a camper. Driven while on vacations in locations. Can be seen in Sault Ste Marie Ontario. contact by PM or call 7057592344
  4. You may want to list this car here Especially since it already is reg in the US. The guys on this forum like myself load the Smarts on the back of trucks and haul RVs behind. The folks in the US have a hard time getting a Canadian Smart registered. Quite a few have the G & K cars but they are hard to find now. The Pre 08 Smarts work good on the trucks due to the 98" length. A new Smart in the US and Canada is over the legal width limit to load like we do. Although some have done it. I suggest you get all your facts for the car set and list it there. I bet it won't last long! Bill
  5. I just ran the wire to below the dash and stuck it to the inside of the metal frame by the windshield in the pass side corner. It has worked just fine there for 2 yrs. Hardly visible. Bill
  6. I had one quit working after just one warning (seven flashes of the lights) then nothing. Battery chaned, no fix. Had to get it re-programmed at MB. Car there for 1/2 day to wait for the code to be received from MB and set up with star. $50.Bill
  7. I hear ya! I usually do all my own stuff. This job is not that bad, I just had no time for it when I had to do it. So I guess it bugged me more than normal. haBill
  8. The OEM battery finally died this week in our 2005. Not bad service. Always kept the water level up, but I had a bad alt belt this summer that eventually ripped itself apart. The battery took a hammering and went dead when it wasn't getting good charge. It lasted till the cold weather hit. My bad for leaving the belt squeal so long before I changed it. I researched the forum and went with the Optima red top size/model 34R as suggested. Since we live just across the bridge from Sault Saint Marie Michigan I picked one up over there at Advance Auto Parts for $145 USD. Their reg price is $154, they price matched Napa across the road that had to order it in. Advance had them in stock. Just in case anyone is near the US border, big savings over local. They wanted $220 for same one here at AP store. Wallyworld and Crappy tire here don't carry them. No problems at customs. They don't bother us much with all the local traffic going back and forth. Even if we had to pay the HST, no big deal. The posts are in the right config and just had to make a few changes to make it fit. Add a 6" piece of 1 X 2 under the clamp to take up space, and a longer Neg cable to reach, orig was 2" too short. Posts are set in a bit more on the Optimas. This info was in a few older threads, but thought with winter upon us there may be a few more out there with battery issues. Bill
  9. I took the RH rear wheel off and the inner fender well. Then the plastic cover. Its a little tight and the bolts are a bit of a pain to get onto, and I had to remove the Alt mount bolt completely (or the AC Comp mount bolt) can't remember exactly, to get one of the belts on due to so tight of a fit.If a dealer was nearby, I'd get it done for the 1hr they charge! But closest one to me is 8hrs away.Here is a link to Evolution site for some pics.
  10. When my turbo failed, It had no power. Would rev just fine parked, but no acceleration or power. It barely made it home. Would not go over 60km/hr. The turbo was totally gone. No blades left.So maybe yours if not all gone, but still bad? Just pull the duct off in the inlet and you can see it, and spin it manually.High $$ part! Hope its not that for you!Bill
  11. Thats great! We look forward to seeing you!Bill
  12. We have moved from The Toronto area to Sault Ste Marie and are the new owners of the KOA Campground there. I wanted to invite our Smart travelers to come for a visit if passing through the Soo! In addition to RV sites, we have Kamping Kabins available as well as tent sites. See our web site for more info. We look forward to seeing some Smart campers! Maybe even a Smart Rally could be held here? Cheers, Bill
  13. Thanks folks for the comments! It does draw some attention. See loading pics here,Bill
  14. Got the truck back yesterday and loaded the Smart. They did a fine job on both! Turned out better than expected. There were a ton of repairs on the truck having 750K miles and 9yrs on the road, 7 of that commercial hauling. Bill