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  1. Hey gang, I'm looking for your thoughts.My father is getting on in years, and he stated that he will be giving me his 2003 Porsche Boxster sometime soonish, since he believes it may be time to stop driving.OH no, poor Gent, right? :DOk, so here is the dilemma: I really can't justify insuring 2 cars or storing one car at a time for 6 months. My smart is a very sensible vehicle that I love;BUT!!the Boxster is soooo much fun to drive! And as a gift from my father, it carries a heavy emotional significance for me. I'd have anguish about selling it.Arrrrgh. I think I know what my decision will be (especially since I'm seeking opinions in here)...
  2. So, resurrecting an old topic here, but I thought I'd update. The IQ was a nice car, but back in November I traded her for a 2017 86. Oh man, LOVE this car. I hope you're all well!
  3. SOLD You snoozed and you missed out. Somebody got a crazy deal. Hi everyone! I found a bunch of my old 2005 450 stuff in storage. Stock wheels, a rare car cover, stock front valence/lower bumper, stock shocks and springs. All in very good shape. I live in New Westminster these days. I'd prefer it went to a CSC member, so make me an offer. 778-eight89-9639, or PM
  4. Bil's last post. Oddly fitting, and probably what he'd like to have said in this thread.
  5. Oh damn it. This is terrible news. Bill was always a fun guy, and a big part of CsC.
  6. Glad to read that my old smart's organ donation is going well.
  7. Hi gang! I have sold the old black terror and purchased a new vehicle. I thought I should let y'all know that the "6 x 7" vanity plate is back in the public domain, if any smarties want to pick up the torch. For reference: Cheers, Gent.
  8. Yeah, most people didn't.In the comedy-sci-fi novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy", a super computer was built to provide the answer to life, the universe and everything. After an incredibly long calculation, the answer was pronounced to be "42". Fans have since worked the number 42 into a lot of sci-fi shows as an homage to the novel.Our cars are ForTwos, which I thought was similar to "42". The book went on to try and find out what the question actually was, and at one point, "What is 6 times 7" was seized upon as a possible question. It's all very convoluted and silly.Anyway, the plate was a nod to the book.
  9. That wouldn't fit as well with the whole "answer to life, the universe, and everything" aspect of the plate though.
  10. I still have that old Brabus exhaust Mike, if you want it. It ain't gonna fit on the IQ.
  11. [ Sorry dsevart for the delay. I found the teeth online back in 05'. The site is
  12. Ha! Awesome, just saw this.
  13. It might be worth it to him to re and re the engine, if the car has any sentimental value. $5k would probably be for one in great shape with less klicks on it. It is cheaper to repair than buying a new car; however, that's a tough call.You might want to contact Eddy over at Flying Tiger for some discussion twixt professionals, or to see if he is interested in the parts.
  14. Derp. Actually, I entered a contest to win one of those when I was on the Scion site earlier. Check it out - maybe one of us will win.
  15. Old and rare is always cooler than new and exotic.Well, for cars anyway. Women - not so much.
  16. I'd still get one. A nice, shiny new one; however, I'd sell it before it hit 130,000 km (or after the water pump was replaced) to some sucker like me and get another shiny new one.
  17. Thanks - fixed it. I'll look into it around then thanks Keith. Wasn't aware of another one coming.
  18. Odd. I replied earlier; however, it seems to have gone into the ether.Mike, the Boxster failures are well documented on the car forums out there (some damn good ones as well - just like here). Mine went like clockwork - water pump around 140,000, clutch around 160,000, rear wheel bearings shortly after. Boring typical stuff is also just plain expensive on the car as well. I think the radiator was just for show judging by the amount of oil it took for an oil change. The rearmost spark plugs require removing the rear wheels to inspect/change. Being over a decade old, it had a vacuum leak that was a bugger to chase down...It was still a lovely, lovely, lovely car to drive. I am no longer impressed by people with new sports cars. I am now in awe of people who use OLD sports cars. Those buggers have money!The Veloster reminds me of a portly 80's CRX, lol. I loved that car, but then I do like unusual looking vehicles.In any event, I have to drive things before I make up my mind. Perhaps the CVT in the IQ will not bother me...
  19. Aaaaand the smart won. It killed me to let it go, but the Porsche maintenance was brutal. The stupid thing is I suspect that I fixed everything and now the next owner gets to have 140,000 km of fun.I'm thinking about a new ride in June-ish. Current contenders are the Scion IQ and the Hyundai Veloster. I'm going to have to drive and compare, but the fact that the IQ isn't being released with a manual worries me a bit. I've heard grumbles about the CVT transmission.In the meantime, my wife and I each have a Honda Magna for fun. Little 85 hp 4 cylinder 500 lb motorycles. I bought Laura's from Eddy at Flying Tiger, and I found mine over near Granville Island. They were both the same colour, but I repainted mine to remind me of the ol' Porsche.Of course, good old 6x7 is still getting me to work n back.
  20. I have the stock cruise in mine. The TAN code that is required for the stock unit is an algorithm that has to come from MB. It's specific to your car, and has to be installed within a week or so of it's creation. You'll need someone with the Mercedes STAR system to upload it to your ride.I'm famous, BTW - I'm mentioned on Evilution's page. You can get my autograph later.
  21. I used to walk from Sandy Hill (where I lived) over to Rideau Centre Mall (where I worked). It's not a bad walk, even at -40. Lots n lots of residential over there. You'll get 10 minutes of cardio, stop in the Mall for a coffee, warm up and pop out south of Parliament. Best of all worlds!:DSeriously, drive down around Osgoode and Nelson - look for another smartie in a driveway, and drop them a note.
  22. My first suggestion was going to be a scooter; however, that isn't a year round option in Ottawa! I used to live over on Osgoode in the Sandy Hill area.You might try dropping notes to people in the residential areas to see if someone is willing to rent you the 8 feet of driveway you need at a reasonable price. Hell, maybe they'll let you plug in as well.If you are lucky, maybe a nice smart owner there is in this club.
  23. Detailing 101 - Car washes with brushes can scratch and permanently damage your finish - Touchless car washes often use harsh chemicals to get your car clean - Coin operated self-serve car washes use reclaimed water that can leave a film on your car and leave it looking dull and hazy To keep your car looking it's best, use only a liquid car wash solution specifically made for cars. We've all noticed cars with the clearcoat peeling off after someone used laundry or dishwasher detergent to clean their car! Hose the car down with a steady stream of water to remove as much surface dirt as possible. Don't let it dry - start washing immediately. Start with the roof and work your way down to the hood and rear before moving to the sides. Use lamb's wool mitts that trap dirt within the fibres and keep it away from the paint. Use 2 buckets and 2 mitts: one for the grungiest parts like the wheels and lower rocker panels, and one for the upper part of the car, Don't wash your car in direct sunlight. Water drops that dry and the surface etch the paint. Ideal car washing time is cool and cloudy NOT hot and sunny. Rinse the car again. Dry the car with either a synthetic chamois or a waffle-weave chamois. Don't forget to dry the door jambs, wheels and seams at the gas door, trunk, etc. Want to REALLY go to town on cleaning the car? After washing, remove surface imperfections and contaminants from the paint with a clay bar and lubricating spray. Fold the bar frequently to expose fresh surface. Discard the bar if you drop it on the ground. Use a LIGHT touch and lots of lubricating spray. Go back over any area that shows left over clay residue. Polish the paint with a non-wax polish. I like 3M's clear coat safe polish. Work in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. Use a terry cloth applicator and remove it with a quality microfibre towel (Cannon / Fieldcrest). Use back and forth motions NOT circular motions. Use a light touch! After polishing, apply either a conventional wax (Meguiars/ Griots garage)or polymer (Meguiars NXT) applied with a terry cloth applicator. If you skip this step, you are leaving your car looking great for only a short while. It will oxidize and etch from airborn contaminants. Polymers last longer, protect better against UV, trap less dirt, and suffer less from heat degration. Use back and forth motions for horizontal surfaces, and up and down for vertical surfaces. If you use a polymer sealant, make sure you car is free of wax or silcone by using a silicone removing spray to prepare the surface, or rewash the car with a mild dishwashing detergent (I know I said to never do this, but once is okay as long as you are sealing it immediately after). If you ever need to remove a polymer, use a mild alcohol solution. Use a detailing spray to keep it looking fresh afterwards. Use the spray to remove bird droppings, bug splatters etc by wiping with a microfibre towel. Treat your wheels like the rest of your car. I advise polymer sealing them as well. Windows Be very picky about what you put on your glass windows. Don't put any coating containing oils, wax or silcone on your auto glass. Don't use windex - it leaves residue and will destroy aftermarket tint. Don't use Rain-X on the outside - it will make your wipers chatter. Use Zaino polish on the outside of auto glass. When fully removed, it makes your glass sparkle and helps shed dirt and water. Use a razor blade applied at a 45 degree angle to scrape your windshield down. This minimizes pitting from minor stone chips and impacts. This can make a surprising difference to old windshields. For the inside, use newspaper clean the glass first, along with water if needed. A simple pass of a microfibre towel should be all you need. For the plastic windows, use Novus or Zaino plastic cleaners for heavy cleaning and small scratches, and Plexus for regular cleaning. Interior Unpainted plastic trim: use 303 Aerospace protectant or Autoglym Vinyl and rubber care Vacuum as much as possible. Only use a shampoo (autoglym or 303) after trying the vacuum and your fingers first. Vacuum again after shampooing. NEVER attempt to detail your pedals. For fabric, do a thorough cleaning use an interior cleaner product like the one from Griots. They also have interior wipes to nail spots before they can set. Weather seals: BMW Gummi-Pflege