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  1. It turns out 1100 Euro is price for the standard down market set. Their top set is much dearer nearly 1400 Euro.
  2. An expensive and unnecessary mod. Price 1100 Euro plus freight plus tax. I see S-Mann only sell these as complete kits. Separate rotors and pads are not listed on the S-Mann site. Would indicate you need to renew the lot when pads go thin.
  3. White smoke is steam. Must be from coolant. Crack somewhere or blown head gasket.
  4. You must be particularly smart even cunning like a fox to sort out your clutch. The mechanism is rather complicated and not easily explained. There is some info in from post 19 on below thread on Smartmaniacs:
  5. It will work fine only for wee while. Without functional wear compensation, the fingers will gradually move further out as clutch friction disc wears requiring frequent adjustment of clutch actuator. Clutch will start slipping if you do not adjust.
  6. I am not convinced this is a success. You mention nothing about resetting wear compensating mechanism. Not very Smart in my humble opinion.
  7. Japanese is worse than Greek to me but I managed to find photos of your clutch on your site: It is pretty obvious from left photo that friction plate is not centred.
  8. Perhaps light force on diaphragm fingers will make knocking it back into centre easier.
  9. Another way to centre clutch is to drop it onto a concrete floor. You obviously need a plywood sheet to protect floor surface and fly wheel. Wear good protective gloves and bang fly wheel onto floor such that it hits radially. Take great care not to get your fingers trapped.
  10. That is a clutch for a petrol Smart 450. Clutch assembly has been dropped causing friction plate to move. You must lock the internal cam mechanism when you centre clutch by depressing diaphragm fingers.
  11. Use image hosting to post photos. works pretty well at the moment.
  12. I cannot see any picture.
  13. Do not open out. The clutch assembly is very hard to get back together correctly. i am surprised clutch friction plate is out of centre. Perhaps flywheel is incorrectly fitted by your mechanic. The fly wheel spider (plate that is screwed onto end of crank shaft) has a dowel in it that is supposed to engage a hole in fly wheel. This is to ensure correct timing. It could be difficult to mate transmission to engine if fly wheel is incorrectly fitted but I have seen home mechanics have managed this in the past although their engines have failed to start because timing has been wrong.
  14. Placing the blanking plate on EGR pipe connection on exhaust manifold would in theory mean quicker turbo response. Reason: Less volume of exhaust to bring up to pressure in front of turbo hence pressure should rise faster.. .
  15. Blank off exhaust supply to EGR valve and you can spend your elbow grease elsewhere.