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  1. So the usual bad contact. Thanks for sharing.
  2. How does Scangauge read battery voltage? Does it read voltage directly like a voltmeter or via signal from an ECU?
  3. China fob cases do not last as long as originals. Wife broke one yesterday. Its eye broke off after only a few months in service.
  4. In nearly 20 years of Smart ownership I have never found electronic adjustment of clutch actuator to be essential. Clutch actuator only needs electronic adjustment once and manual adjustment and preloading whenever removed and to compensate for wear and loss of preload.
  5. Both steering UJs are standard 15x39. Used on lots of cars including Cadillac and Hummer.
  6. MB Star and WinStar will code rpm gauge. I do it for a pint of good ale.
  7. Yes easy to test for bad earth strap. Just run jump lead from battery negative pole to engine or transmission as you suggested.
  8. Original Smart earth lead measures 410 mm between centres of the 6 mm lug holes. Note that most aftermarket earth straps have 8 mm or larger lug holes. Replacement earth lead above (the bright one) is one I made from a cheap (£1.50) and longer aftermarket earth strap. I cut it to size and soldered new lugs to it.
  9. Check condition of engine earth strap as known to disintegrate into dust. It goes from chassis at rear left side of engine hatch opening, wraps around inlet air duct and connects to transmission.
  10. Self explanatory view of detents at gear end of shift drum: Photo of my opened out transmission taken in September 2017. Just could not resist peeping inside.
  11. I tried an aftermarket cv joint boot some years ago but it only lasted twelve months. British made Bailcast cv joint boots are particularly poor even worse than Chinese. Therefore better sourcing the boot from Smart which is what i did in the end. Reluctor ring only costs about £2 from J&R on eBay. Slightly dearer shipping cost to Canada but still quite affordable the more you buy in one purchase. I do not think a split reluctor ring will cause tyre wear but could be wrong.
  12. Measure over several tank fillings and the error will even out. For best fuel economy drive at steady speed and not too fast staying below 90 km/h. Ensure tyres are inflated to specified pressures and wheel alignment is right. Confirm brakes are not binding. Worst 450 fuel economy is when driving into head wind with original cycle carrier fitted and carrying two bikes. Then mine was worse than yours.
  13. The Bolt is a Korean designed car by Lucky-Goldstar and Daewoo. (럭키금성/樂喜金星 and 대우)
  14. I have now corrected broken Photobucket image links in post #11.
  15. My special ACME bolts: Photo is from last summer. I thought it was time to check for fatigue cracks in the bolts so ran a dye penetrant test. Developer applied and hoping for no crack indication. Luckily my bolts passed the test. These bolts are home made as not available in shops. Bronze pup pieces brazed onto the bolt heads have female ACME threads and are for my cycle rack.