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  1. Easier on Smarts made before 2003 to replace front springs if using the shorter springs. No need then for spring compressor. Also possible with later spring if one is strong or has an assistant. Of course with lowering springs even a child can do it.
  2. solution

    Will be above passenger's feet if a UK model.
  3. The easier way is simply to clean EGR valve and blank off its exhaust supply. Beware not legal for roads.
  4. Measure between pins 2 & 3. I expect you will read between 0 and 2.7 kOhm. Resistance should vary smoothly when you push on solenoid plunger.
  5. Pin out for this Pierburg EGR valve is as follows:Pin 1 Ground coilPin 2 Wiper signal pot meterPin 3 Ground pot meterPin 4 Volt supply pot meter (5 V)Pin 5 Volt supply coil (Battery voltage)Measurements:Between pins 1 and 5: 8.2 OhmBetween pins 3 and 4: 2.7 kOhmThe position sensor is the pot meter.
  6. Swivel wheel trailers are dangerous because they alter a car's handling. Center of gravity is moved towards the rear and will vary with load. End result is the car will oversteer so you can easily loose your tail on windy roads.
  7. Those readings are normal. Next step would be to remove actuator and check if wiper signal is smooth when moving actuator manually.
  8. Swivel trailers are for unskilled drivers that have difficulties reversing.
  9. Swivel trailers on a rear engine car is dangerous as far too easy to loose the tail on a turn.
  10. Take your Smart to a competent mechanic to get it checked over.
  11. No swivel wheel means these trailers can be moved with ease when disconnected from the car. They will also help stabilise a car in a turn so little chance of loosing grip on rear axle which would cause a Smart hauling a swivel wheel trailer to spin around with potentially fatal outcome.
  12. The only tricky move is removing the bearing dust caps without damaging them. I use an old wide wood working chisel. Wedge out initially with light hammer action all around. Then lever out using various thickness tools to lever against. After 15 years of working on Smart cars, I have not damaged or deformed a single front bearing dust cap.
  13. I have the special clamp but have never needed to use it. I remove top nut by accessing through the small service hatches at top without removing any body panels. Use air impact driver with long extension and flexible joint like seen in photo below. This way changing a front strut takes only a few minutes per side.