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  1. Perhaps try disconnecting starter battery for a few minutes, then reconnect cleanly.
  2. MDC = Misterdotcom.
  3. I would pull plug from accelerator pedal. Inspect, perhaps apply contact cleaner and reconnect.
  4. I’ve only seen parts of Newfoundland. Never elsewhere in Canada. Won’t be going since worried about flying. Just far too risky these days. Suggest you invest in a diagnostics kit similar to what indipendants in the uk have. China kit of course.
  5. Banchory Smart Centre will Code your Rev Counter for a pint of good ale. No TAN code needed for that. I challenge Canadian garages to match my fee.
  6. In what way does the Smart 450 cruise control not comply?
  7. Bluetooth? I have added Bluetooth to my 450’s cassette radio. Just a cheap £2.50 Bluetooth adapter connected to a cassette adapter. Works perfectly.
  8. Total number of members as of today appears to be 6711. Those that are banned are included in total number. Number of banned members is 213 and seems rather high. Wonder if the cold and dark winters is the cause of members misbehaving and getting banned? Perhaps we could work out banning rate per month of the year?
  9. Three bars!
  10. I always use cheap supermarket penetration oil to clean parts when working on diesel pumps. Less than £2 for a 400 ml spray can here. Grease is good for the o-rings in the pump. Eases assembly and less chance of damaging o-rings. Also perfect for ensuring the wee metal seal rings stay in right position when assembling something GRP151's diesel can't do. Of course compressed air is also handy.
  11. Purpose of greasing o-rings is to ease assembly and prevent damage to o-rings. Use normal mineral lithium grease when assembling pump.
  12. The o-ring sometimes locks pump in its bore in cylinder head. Remember to grease this o-ring when refitting pump. Note how I have sealed fuel ports to avoid contamination.
  13. Just turn pump body to break it loose.
  14. I've been handed for rebuild stripped down pumps in cardboard boxes or shopping bags with parts often missing. Have also seen mechanics attempting seal replacement with pump in situ. Have so far never seen that being successful.