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  1. I got an 8 track player in mine.
  2. You can download Wurth WOW and it will cost you nothing.
  3. Here are the best versions of Würth WOW and Delphi.
  4. Würth WOW and Delphi can do exactly the same but Würth WOW has more info such as Autodata and a few blueprints.
  5. Here is key programming procedure when using Delphi with Wurth WOW:
  6. I'll post details later once I get back home. The Delphi can code keys on all Smart 450 with SAM and all Roadsters. Regrettably it can only adjust clutch on petrol 450s and Roadsters, cannot do our Cdi. Can do gear change learning on all petrol 450s, cannot do my 2002 Cdi with ZEE and unsure if it can do later 450 Cdis with SAM. Can also run ABS pump and operate ABS valves on later 450s although this has not worked on some 450s I have worked on including mine. Reads airbag and instrumentation too. Can also read hundreds of other makes of cars and trucks. For cruise control activation you need Star which can be sourced for around £200 from China. TAN free coding setup is explained on Evilution.
  7. Any Smart 450 key of the right type can be coded to the car.
  8. Buy a Delphi DS150E and code your keys yourself. The Delphi can be sourced for as little as £30 if you keep looking. All keys have to be done same time. China key with electronics cost around £20.
  9. Ground cable loops around inlet duct from air box to turbo. Attaches to bell housing. Quite easy to get to.
  10. I offer cruise control TAN activation etc for a pint of good ale.
  11. My mdc cruise control worked first time and still does after 15 years of service.
  12. I guess it is a misterdotcom cruise control. Very quick and easy to install if one is sufficiently Smart and ones head is correctly screwed on.
  13. ATF will make your rubber boot swell leading to ingress of water and dust and the early destruction of your actuator.
  14. Stop dirt and water getting into the mechanism and there will be less need for these procedures. Entry points are between rod and rubber boot and between rubber boot and clutch actuator body. Wetting rubber boot in mineral oil as shown in video will make boot swell and ruin actuator due to accelerated ingress of dirt and water. Clean areas where boot seals and apply silicone grease. Avoid overgreasing internals of actuator as grease may contaminate boot and brush gear on motor.