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  1. Lucky me was Smart enough to stock up when they were cheap.
  2. Regrettably J&R is out of stock hence they can no longer be bought for only £2 each postage included.
  3. Agree 110%. MDC cruise control is ace.
  4. MB Star or Winstar. No other known way.
  5. You will get less power, unbearable noise and very poor filtration which will ruin your engine.
  6. Hanson female air quick coupler screwed onto propane POL with male 1/4” BSPT. Vapour pressure of propane is 850 kilopascal and propane expands 270 times from liquid to vapour hence ideal to power air tools when compressed air is unavailable. Not recommended indoors. Unsuitable for smokers. POL came all the way from China. Cost only £3.50 with air mail.
  7. One can also fill an mt propane tank with compressed air. Much reduced run time results but safe enough for indoors use and for filling tyres.
  8. I used my contraption successfully last week to power a nail gun when reparing a fence. Still allive to tell the tale.
  9. I think high strength steel. No titanium.
  10. The climate is the cause for their early demise. Road salt, temperature fluctuations below and above freezing point, condensation, grit etc. Move to a dry and warm land and your wheel bearings may outlast you. My solution avoids costly relocation and ensures bearing seal is wettet in grease and wiped clean whenever I inject grease or oil. Got a poor seal on one front bearing where over greasing wets brake disk. Still no problem after nine years in service. Replaced both front brake discs a few weeks ago after about nine years in service. Only 0.5 mm under size but brakes were still fine. These discs had been off the car a few times to remove built up rust resembling Saturn’s rings.
  11. There are several threads about unSmart wheel bearings. Here are two: Front bearings Rear bearings Both mods described in above posts were done more than ten years ago and I have not yet changed any of those bearings. No unbearable bearing noise and my Smart has clocked 250,000 km. Proof these mods work.
  12. My grandmother told me a woman if attacked by a bear can bare her bum and bear will become bashful and quietly walk away. Not so many bears any more around here so not much chance to test this method but my mother still carries a whistle that she keeps blowing in to announce to bears she is about. Just wonder if you Canadians have tried baring your bums in the presence of bears and whether this had any effect on the bear.
  13. Grass not green. Why?
  14. The method allegedly only works for women with proper child bearing hips. Not yet proven if method works for cross dressers. Willy may want to try?
  15. I hope to take mine all the way to the Moon. Have so far covered 2/3 of the distance.
  16. Mine has just passed 250,000 km.
  17. A few photos of my DIY auto knob: Nylon 66 button. Momentary switch soldered to home made circuit board. Cable from switch to SE drive is from an old Nokia head phone. view inside knob. The botton pin that makes contact with switch is just visible in right hand side of photo. Botton is sprung outwards with short length of carbon brush spring. Botton bottoms out in knob and cannot overload and damage switch. This is a mod I made ten years ago in 2007 and has stood the test of time.
  18. Electronically the pedals are just the same. Kickdown pedal for the automatic has a 2nd spring which gives driver the feel of kick down. I converted mine to auto myself. It uses the standard pedal and works just fine. Made my own auto button too. Turned it on a lathe out of white nylon 66. A standard bell switch will work equaly good as would any momentary switch but nice to have switch fitted on the gear knob. I'll post a few photos later.
  19. Book contains about 205 pages. Blick ins Buch allows you to read about 38 pages.
  20. Those sufficiently Smart can read these manuals online. Unsure if below link works. If not try this one and click "Blick ins Buch" Zum Glück war ich während meines Deutschunterrichts in der Schule wach und kann daher Deutsch lesen.
  21. SAR dog training?
  22. Not sure if you can code cruise control on the later models. Seems like you need to be networked to MB in Germany to do the simplest thing.
  23. ABS in Delphi only works for older Smart cars like mine.