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  1. Housing is intact so can be reused. A big problem over here is the mounting lugs drop off leaving actuator dangling from its lead and the poor owner asking me why his Smart does not run. Have seen that many times now.
  2. In fully extended position the clutch diaphragm pushes hard on the rod making work easier for clutch actuator motor to drive rod back to retracted position.
  3. Spring inside actuator holds mechanism in its retracted position. It works very much like a toggle.
  4. And the fixing lugs corrode and drop off especially over here due to the constantly wet and salted roads. Water and dirt enters internals through areas where rubber boot seals against actuator rod and body. Clean these areas and keep these seal areas wetted in silicone grease sort out water and dirt entry. Got proof above works. My clutch actuator is from 2007, now 12 years old. Is painted externally to provide some corrosion protection. Has been cleaned and painted a few times.
  5. They seize up on the pivot bearing just like a rear wiper motor.
  6. They are E-Torx bolts and do rust so nothing will fit. That is why I have replaced all my sump bolts. Fitted Allen headed grade A2-70 stainless steel bolts with stainless steel washers to spread the load. A2-70 is similar to 304.
  7. Relevant fault codes have to be addressed before you can teach in gear changes. Kindly post the fault codes including their description.
  8. Green ribbon cable connects to back of speedo. Will need coding to work.
  9. Mine was £15.
  10. A photo of head of my stand showing a modified arm:
  11. Buy a cheap standard stand and modify its arms or make new arms to fit the wee Smart engine.
  12. Tee in a pressure gauge and measure boost pressure. Invest in a Star clone if you intend to keep your Smart car.
  13. The noise will soon become unbearable so change the offending wheel bearing ASAP.
  14. There is a fine thread somewhere on this forum explaining all details worth knowing about freewheeing pulleys to mortals just like us.
  15. Can be bought for £2 here with free shipping.
  16. Pulley in my photo above costs more than £100 from Mercedes. Comes fitted as standard on a 451 Cdi. The cheaper alternative is the INA discussed in the other thread. That is what my alternator has fitted just now. The original aluminium pulley had no more grooves left on it. Your local alternator man is not smart or bright enough to appreciate the benefits of freewheeling pulleys.
  17. My spare and shiny alternator is resting under my sofa. Some of you may remember this is one I bought second hand on ebay. It was a Smart 451 Cdi alternator until I replaced its regulator so it will fit and work on my 450. This alternator cost me a total of around £30 Got it for about £50 and sold its regulator on ebay for just under £50.
  18. Regarding the forecast arctic blasts I am prepared for all eventualities. Got winter tyres ready plus two pairs of snow chains and snow shoes for myself. Of course got enough fuel to keep me warm for several months plus ample supplies of whisky.
  19. I reused the old bearings. Opened them out too, cleaned and regreased. Bearings are still fine 12 years later.
  20. Found some old photos of my current alternator taken when I opened it out in May 2007: Rotor before cleaning and machining. Stator soaking in red diesel, my favourite fuel. Cleaned, machined, freshly varnished and basking in the warm early May 2007 sun.
  21. Axe looking tool is my 400 Watt trusted 1960 soldering iron. You need a good one like that to desolder joints and take apart an alternator. I bought the iron from a widow for less than a Pound many years ago.
  22. My 17 year old alternator with regulator and rectifier plate removed. Above photo was shot 28 Dec 18.
  23. Mine. Now works fine. Only 17 years exposure to road salt.
  24. Collector rings and carbon brushes are easily replaced. Stator can be cleaned and varnished. Main problem will be to split the aluminium housing halves without breaking them. Alternator can be saved if there is a will and a fair amount of luck. Mine is still in operation on spite of being 4 to 5 years older and having been exposed to similar amount of salt.