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  1. I too have struggled with some glow plugs being very stobborn so made a speecial tool that allows me to grip it firmly and pull it out. Made from a flat bar and shaped as shown above. Penetration oil and good elbow grease also required.
  2. The genuine version runs on some android tablet. Go for that if you are loaded. Will cost you around CAD 3000.
  3. The Smart engine control unit works in mysterious ways is all I can say. The only relevant current fault code as far as I can tell was P2408 which, I believe, is the incremental sensor that is built into gear change motor. Disconnecting battery does sometimes sort out problems but not always.
  4. Run your Smart without rear panels. Noises and rattle are then easier to diagnose. Find a suitable test track. Get an assistant to run or cycle behind your Smart and attempt to indentify location of noise.
  5. Nobody asks me about car tyre sizes. I simply fit what I want.
  6. Of course there are physical limits as to what size of tyre one can mount on a rim.
  7. I have my own China tyre machine and source my tyres from or their eBay site which sometimes is cheaper. Balance my tyres at a local garage when they have their lunch break and balancing machines are at idle.
  8. I went for standard Goodride 175/55R15 on rear axle. Surprisingly Goodride and easy on my pocketbook.
  9. Think I paid £180 for my Star and another £50 to the Queen in fees and taxes. I run it on a Dell Latitude D630 Laptop that I acquired second hand for a few Pounds. Got it set up to communicate through serial port and TAN free coding following guide on Evilution. Well worth the investment. Use my Star nearly weekly to assist garages and owners.
  10. Canada makes cars? I thought only snow machines.
  11. I’ve never seen a 450 go through gears like that when stationary. i would read fault codes if any then run gear change adaptation. Unsure if Delphi can do that on a 2001 petrol, certainly not on my 2002 diesel. You may need to consider investing in a clone MB Star. Cheaper than a visit to dealer.
  12. Delphi does commercial vehicles too whilst Würth WoW only does cars but comes with parts of Autodata which is very useful.
  13. Buy Delphi and read codes. Regrettably Delphi cannot carry out electronic clutch adjustment on a 2001 Smart but can read all systems. Delphi can do nearly everything on a petrol Smart 450 from 2003 and on (SAM equipped Smart, not ZEE).
  14. seems to be back and working again.
  15. I always reuse top strut bearings. These are easily opened out. Just clean, grease and assemble. Below a pair of front struts assembled in 2006, now twelve years ago. Brand new dust bellows. Was about £5 for the pair. Springs were Lesjöfors and did not last long.
  16. These Smart cars are the most easily stolen cars ever made.
  17. My broken spring tails snap off just like that. Von Mises and Tresca at work.
  18. Springs fail because they tire out. That is what they call fatigue. Help them to stay in position and they may last a lot longer.
  19. Most of my front springs have broken at the top. I have therefore modified shape of top support cup such that it will better support spring hence less effort for spring top end coil to rest firmly in cup. Flange of cup is normally flat and slightly sloping wrong way causing spring to struggle maintaining its foothold. I beat outer edge of flange with a hammer bending it over a wee bit thus forming a shallow groove for spring to rest in. Have suffered nil broken front spring after above modification.
  20. I thought spring had alredy sprung. Even my beech hedge has leafed out here in balmy Banchory. Very early spring this year.
  21. I've been using an air impact gun to undo top strut nut for years on dozens of Smart cars and not had any problem loosening those nuts yet. Have not broken any wobble joints either so far.
  22. Grass is green here and has remained green all winter.
  23. Evilution has details for testing clutch actuator encoder. testing&mod=861
  24. £15.89 plus postage for release fork. £163.43 for clutch actuator. Was less than £110 when I bought my spare.
  25. I recommend fixing your holed release fork once you get gear changes and clutch operation sorted. The Sachs release fork is very cheap costing less than £20 including release bearing. Of course also quickly repaired by welding which is what I did to mine.