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  1. I’ve told you before. You suck and blow on the largest hose barb to test if check valve seals. Check valve should seal when sucking.
  2. Searching by Smart or Mercedes part number does not guarantee you won’t get a fake Gates or worse thermostat. Same if you search with Wahler part number 3146.90D. It seems fake parts manufacturers like Gates cross reference their substandard parts with the good original parts.
  3. You need some of these: ,....,,......,,....
  4. Clutch actuator dropped off now suspended by its cable?
  5. The Delphi Metri-Pack 280 male terminals are rather expensive. I can source 100 for £13.80 from RS Components. £5 for 10 on eBay. Both include free shipping.
  6. Freshly printed: i would have preferred green but white was all they had. Now need to source suitable terminals.
  7. I’ve been viewing the STL files with stl viewer on iPhone. It appears the terminal slots are wrong. Viewing from female end the slots appear centred. Viewing from other end the slots appear too far to the side. Edit. Checked the same file on an online viewer using PC and it looks fine. Must therefore be a problem with the stl viewer I installed on my iPhone. Have now sent the files to the nearest print shop.
  8. That is how my set up has been since 2002. Has been very reliable. Still wish to try emulator to gain space for oil catch can. Many thanks to Stickman for providing circuit diagram and plug CAD file. Will have the plug printed locally for free by a company where I maintain machinery. Assume I also need male terminal pins. What is the spec for them and where to source?
  9. I also made an adjustable thermostat. I bored out a Wahler and fitted a bronze spindle allowing adjustment of disc height relative to seat. Therefore possible to adjust opening temperature of thermostat.
  10. Can also not rule out EGR pipe and EGR cooler. Could be a leaking joint or crack.
  11. I guess exhaust fumes will be rather black and sooty too. EGR gas is hot and could melt rubber and plastic parts in inlet duct. What I mean by inlet duct is anything from air inlet at side to and including inlet manifold.
  12. Smart Parts Direct has them. The struts can be replaced without removing front panels. Access top mount nut through service flaps each side. Undo nuts with impact gun, swivel joint, extension bar and socket.
  13. Nil repair cost and happy outcome!
  14. Wind deflector P/N Q0005847V004
  15. You can successfully anneal copper fire washers. Heat until red hot and quench in water.
  16. I guess stuck open EGR valve and leak in inlet duct somewhere.
  17. Where does that fit? Over radiator grill? PS. Photo shot around noon today.
  18. About James Bond and Arnisdale connection. There is no worse place on the planet to carry out Smart repairs due to billions of biting midges
  19. I sometimes phone or email dealer to order parts. In 2007 when my high pressure fuel pump sprung a leak whilst in the most remote part of Scotland (Arnisdale where James Bond was conceived), dealer in Aberdeen sent me the repair kit without asking for payment details. Pay when you get back they said.
  20. I tried two remedies on the original Wahler thernostat: 1) Fitted a small o-ring over discharge side of check valve. The purpose was to get the brass head to move nearer to the hole hoping this would make it seal. 2) Epoxy glued check valve to disc. Both remedies worked but were equally tricky to do. My present thermostat has the o-ring fitted.
  21. Buy a good file or a Lishi key cutter. This one I cut this morning: New blank blade and original blade clamped and indexed. Just hold the Lishi key cutter squarely and nibble out. Freshly cut key on the right. Final finish and deburring done on a wire wheel on bench grinder.
  22. Original Gates thermostat has a crude stamped out disc with even cruder check valve. The one I modified has disc turned out of marine bronze with o-ring seal and no check valve.
  23. @ Henry. What is an anti air circulation bulkhead? Where does it fit?