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  1. Changed to summer tyres today.
  2. £82.90 here for a brand new intercooler. Perhaps twice that in Canada?
  3. A new aftermarket oil pan with drain plug is around £18 with EU wide free shipping. New original Smart oil pan from dealer about twice of that.
  4. Fuel filter light on means you should drain water from filter housing. Does not mean you replace filter.
  5. I forgot to mention when lowering deDion tube axle too low, the short drive shaft gets bent beyond its limit and suffers damage. The longer drive shaft does not get bent that much and usually escapes unscathed.
  6. Drive shaft damage occurs when attempting removing drive shafts. What goes wrong is unSmart mechanics disconnect rear shock absorbers causing deDion tube axle to drop too low therefore damaging inboard end of short drive shaft usually by puncturing its boot. Correct procedure is not to disconnect shocks but disconnect each transverse stabilising link instead at their outboard connections to deDion tube axle which then can swing sideways creating sufficient clearance for removal of drive shafts. Needless to say, wise Smart mechanics will of course slacken off drive shaft centre bolts whilst rear end is still on the ground. Not easy once rear end is sitting on axle stands.
  7. Read your handbook.
  8. Inner boot is available from Smart for about £20 each. That is what goes kaput on these drive shaft first. More common though is mechanic damaging the shorter drive shaft by bad work procedures and ignorance.
  9. Whoever stole that crank sensor must have particularly long fingers.
  10. My 450 Cdi is as fast as any car on the roads here. It once did Banchory to Dover in just under10 hours. You'd have a hard time beating that in any fast car due to speed cameras nearly everywhere these days.
  11. Last week I spent hours looking for the keys for my campevan and 50cc scooter. Found them in the end both securly placed in the ignition.on both. Must have been left like that since September last year. Both are parked outside on my drive.
  12. Never happens here. Canada must be full of thieves.
  13. Quarter lights tend to leak on a coupe. Water also leaks in way of wing mirrors. Door seal runs across screw recessed for wing mirror trim. That’s how water gets inside footwells. I use foam ear plugs and good electrotape to cover over these recessed.
  14. Steering wheel at 11 o’clock is not right. Get that sorted but read up on it as too easy to ruin steering clock spring which also contains steering angle sensor.
  15. So the usual bad contact. Thanks for sharing.
  16. How does Scangauge read battery voltage? Does it read voltage directly like a voltmeter or via signal from an ECU?
  17. China fob cases do not last as long as originals. Wife broke one yesterday. Its eye broke off after only a few months in service.
  18. In nearly 20 years of Smart ownership I have never found electronic adjustment of clutch actuator to be essential. Clutch actuator only needs electronic adjustment once and manual adjustment and preloading whenever removed and to compensate for wear and loss of preload.
  19. Both steering UJs are standard 15x39. Used on lots of cars including Cadillac and Hummer.
  20. MB Star and WinStar will code rpm gauge. I do it for a pint of good ale.
  21. Yes easy to test for bad earth strap. Just run jump lead from battery negative pole to engine or transmission as you suggested.
  22. Original Smart earth lead measures 410 mm between centres of the 6 mm lug holes. Note that most aftermarket earth straps have 8 mm or larger lug holes. Replacement earth lead above (the bright one) is one I made from a cheap (£1.50) and longer aftermarket earth strap. I cut it to size and soldered new lugs to it.
  23. Check condition of engine earth strap as known to disintegrate into dust. It goes from chassis at rear left side of engine hatch opening, wraps around inlet air duct and connects to transmission.
  24. Self explanatory view of detents at gear end of shift drum: Photo of my opened out transmission taken in September 2017. Just could not resist peeping inside.
  25. I tried an aftermarket cv joint boot some years ago but it only lasted twelve months. British made Bailcast cv joint boots are particularly poor even worse than Chinese. Therefore better sourcing the boot from Smart which is what i did in the end. Reluctor ring only costs about £2 from J&R on eBay. Slightly dearer shipping cost to Canada but still quite affordable the more you buy in one purchase. I do not think a split reluctor ring will cause tyre wear but could be wrong.