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  1. And my 250T w124 mercedes has steel wheels from 1987 that still are fine.
  2. I have both steel and alloy wheels from 2002. The steels are fine but having trouble with slow puncture with the alloys. Caused by corrosion on rim seal area.
  3. If weight was an issue then why do they outfit these cars with allow wheels when steel wheels are lighter?
  4. Changed driver side interior door handle cable in sleet and snow. Cable had frayed at both ends and door would not latch. Wonder why Smart had to use push bike technology. Why not use fool proof rod linkages like in the olden days?
  5. You need a special release tool to get these terminals out of connector housing.
  6. Access to thermostat and coolant sensor is much better when engine is dropped an inch or more. Be sure not to loose clip. Best to tie a shoe lace or something to it before unclipping.
  7. Many years ago I posted details about terminal release tools and part numbers for repair terminals complete with short wire tail. Regrettably that was on onsmart which no longer exists.
  8. A complete engine harness costs now more than £300. Smart only supply one repair tail (connector with short length of cable) and that is for temperature sensor. Same plug for coolant temperature sensor, inlet air temperature sensor and outside temperature sensor.
  9. 2 wire connector I guess is for transmission speed sensor. For above, for gear change motor and for clutch actuator there are no repair kits available from Smart but there are for other Mercedes models that use same connectors. The problem is how to find these. You will need the services of a very skilled and helpful Mercedes parts person.
  10. A freewheel pulley allows the alternator to continue spinning on its own inertia whilst engine is slowing down in preparation for a gear change. This results in less load on auxiliary drive belt and faster gear changes. Some claim they also improve fuel consumption. Pulley on the left is original pulley from my 2002 Smart 450 Cabrio Cdi and now very much worn. Pulley on the right came from a Renault, unsure which model and year. This pulley is a freewheel pulley made by INA. Original pulley has 5 grooves. This INA pulley has 6 grooves. No real problem, only have to ensure belt is in right grooves and correctly aligned. Diameters measured over top of ridges: Original pulley when new 54.2 mm. This INA freewheel pulley 55.7 mm. I had to machine the new pulley to make it align crank shaft pulley. Removed 1.1 mm where pulley faces alternator. Nowhere in WIS could I find any torque specification for alternator pulleys. Google also no good for same so I checked Renault Dialogys and found specified torque is 8.2 daNm. Freewheel pulley fitted on alternator. Protective cap fitted. Existing belt was in a poor state so I fitted an older used belt in a slightly better condition. Road test: Noticably faster gear changes shifting up. No change shifting down. Why faster gear changes shifting up? The high inertia of a fast spinning alternator with standard pulley will slow down (resist) speed changes of the wee Smart engine. A freewheel pulley allows alternator to continue spinning on its own inertia because decoupled from engine when engine slows down. Engine can therefore reduce its rotational speed faster.
  11. INA 535005910 costs typically less than £22 here with free UK except Highlands and Islands delivery.
  12. Beware the clip that holds coolant temperature sensor in place is easily lost. Mine has a nylon tie wrap attached to it. The eye of some larger tie wraps fit snugly onto the clip. Remember to remove expansion bottle cap when bleeding air out of cooling system.
  13. I usually MIG weld chamfered nuts to snapped off bolts to get them out. Have 100% success rate so far and no damage done. I chamfer out nuts on my metal working lathe but can also be done with any hand drill. Go one size up, i.e. for M6 bolt use M8 nut, for M8 use M10 nut and so on. The heat from welding is normally enough to allow unscrewing snapped off bolts by hand provided you can tolerate the heat. Aim for the stud when welding to get maximum heat into stud. I know no better method for extracting snapped off bolts. I have managed to get out bolts that were snapped off up to one bolt diameter into the metal using this method. As regards free wheeling pulley, you could buy from Smart as the 451 Cdi has it. Not cheap but an option.
  14. Fit freewheeling pulley on alternator. Many benefits: Less belt tension required thereby increasing life of bearings and belt, queter idling engine, faster gear changes up, increased acceleration, improved fuel mileage, nearer to Smart Nirvana as you can anjoy your Smart like Swatch intended.
  15. No happy ending here I suspect.
  16. There are detailed instructions on Evilution explaining how to lower engine. Evilution also has instructions on water pump replacement.
  17. Reason for removing X frame is to get access to right hand side engine mount.
  18. Rear end must be on axle stands when removing X frame.
  19. Remove X frame. Remove rhs wheel arch. Place trolley jack under bell housing then remove rhs engine mount. You can now lower rhs of engine sufficiently to access all water pump bolts. Of course remove water pump pulley as well.
  20. Acetone and ATF is like mixing oil and water. They do not mix. Above jar contains acetone and used ATF in equal measure. After shaking the jar really well it only takes a minute for the two fluids to separate. Used only by fools.
  21. If you bought Sealey I regret to advise Jack Sealey products are real shite so best avoided.
  22. Go for thread insert similar to these: Wurth Time Serts are the best but will cost you an arm and a leg. US Pro are really good tools. Made in the Far East of course as are most things these days.
  23. An insert is much better than helicoil for thread repairs. Remember you must ream the bores before fitting new plugs. Use angle turn instead of torque wrench. Tighten by hand so you feel when they bottom out then apply 30 degrees angle turn.
  24. That, in my humble opinion, is not lurching. More like misfire.
  25. It is not clear to me what you mean by lurching. Does your Smart lurch forward uncommanded?