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  1. I use a 1/4” air rattle gun to get them out. Max torque should not exceed 30 Nm. Heat them if deemed necessary with an oxy acetylene torch until they glow dull red.
  2. The 451 Cdi has a 90 amp alternator same frame size as 450 Cdi but different regulator.
  3. Why fit a larger amp alternator in your petrol Smart? There is no need for it.
  4. They are wired differently. You cannot make a diesel alternator charge when fitted in a Roadster or petrol 450. Different connectors also.
  5. Photos of repaired glow plug: Glow plug pin is 4.5 mm in diameter.
  6. Bought recently two Chinese 5kW cabin air heaters. One has arrived and second one is on its way. These are very well copied such that original Eberspächer parts will fit perfectly. The first heater worked very well for half a day but regrettably now won’t fire up. Its glow plug has failed and supplier has generously given me a £15 discount. Got no plans to fit these two in my Smart 450 but will be perfect for heating campervan and workshop shed. Will initially use one to heat my wee house.
  7. Easy. Visually inspect both connectors. Then try a controller that is good. Yours will be faulty if the good one works. Remove rhs wheel arch to provide access to controller.
  8. Fixed my glow plug. Was bad connection on lower spiral wound terminal. I made special C clamps out of marine bronze with M3 set screws to tighten clamps. Also had to remove excess ceramic material off lower terminal to expose tungsten wire to ensure good enough electrical connections. Now enjoying good heat from this China heater and playing with its remote control. I
  9. Star requires skills to make it work. I run Star as a virtual xp machine on a Dell D630 running Windows 7. Connect my Dell to Star multiplexer through its serial port something very few can do unless they are sufficiently Smart like me. Think I posted the procedure somewhere on this forum.
  10. Note that you need a Windows laptop preferably Windows 7 to run Delphi or Wurth WoW. Runs perfectly on XP too.
  11. You need to load engine to provide turbo boost and sufficient increase in inlet air temperature for intercooler fan to turn on.
  12. Moving from Aliens back to alternators. This one is wired in star through diode rectifier plate. Each of the three 3 phase windings have paired connections to diode plate.
  13. Problem started yesterday. Wife reported a strange light had appeared in the instrumentation panel which I concluded was the battery charge light. Alternator is as old as the car a 2002 Smart Cabrio Cdi now having clocked 249,000 km. I suspect worn out carbon brushes and willl soon find out but unlikely before the coming weekend when I intend to lower rear subframe to remove alternator. Will of course carry out certain diagnostics checks first.
  14. Easier dropping subframe, remove rhs plastic wheel arch, then access alternator from right side. Rear alternator terminals can be accessed from the top if you have gorilla arms. I did that once whilst standing on layers of bricks. Concluded it is much easier form wheel arch. Just need to get on top a couple of times or more to visually see what is on inboard side of alternator. Note there is now very good access to starter terminals. Not greasing up starter solenoid terminals now that there is good access would be very unSmart in my humble opinion.
  15. The Aliens Office still exists although there has been a much needed name change. Official name is now “Overseas Visitor Registration Office”. Wonder if they have kept their “Aliens only” signboard at the entrance door?
  16. For first three years staying here in Scotland, my wife and I had to report to the Aliens Office in Aberdeen once per year. I recall the Aliens Office had a large signboard saying “Aliens only”.
  17. Just back after a test drive down to the pub. With electric heater on, headlights on and fan on full blast, charge voltage dropped after ten minutes down to 13.6 Volt. I assume that is normal but will keep an eye on charge voltage for a wee while. Nice to have a running Smart car again. Have been without any motor for thirty days. Have been riding my electric bike to go to work and used my free bus pass for longer travels. Very generous of the Scottish government to provide free bus travel to an alien like me.
  18. An OBD reader only reads engine.
  19. Suggest you post on theroadsternet as the Smart Roadster was not sold in Canada where this forum is based.
  20. Read codes unless you wish to continue blindfolded.
  21. Bosch regulator part number is F 00M 144 137. Cheapest original Bosch regulator I could source was £28 inclusive of free EU wide shipping. Shot a few photos of the rear fuse and relay box. Note these were fitted on Smart 450 models made before 2003.
  22. This morning I assembled my repaired existing alternator with a brand new genuine Bosch regulator. Fitted alternator in vehicle and started engine. Was happy to see alternator was charging. Voltage 14.2 V Repair cost existing alternator £28. Cost Smart 451 alternator modified to work in 450 Cdi: £23. (Bought a nearly brand new 451 Cdi 54Hp alternator for £55. Sold its regulator for £60. Bought new regulator for £28).
  23. A photo I shot some years ago in preparation for the Olympic Games. An original Smart pressed steel splash guard is flanked by my home made ones made from soup plates. Note stainless steel ring in their centres. The rings are required because these plastic soup plates would otherwise fail when tightening front bearing centre bolts.