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  1. I only fit CuNiFe brake pipe. Same strength as steel pipe but does not rust. Use only brass pipe fittings. Those on the Smart are M10x1mm DIN male. Photo shows front pipes both old and new. The blue pipe bender is the best available for forming these pipes. CuNiFe pipes can be polished so they appear like gold. Will impress your mistress and whoever is carrying out the car safety test.
  2. Rust makes these alternators seize. Build up of surface rust on stator and rotor. Wetting in oil prevents rust forming but the oil won't stay long on a fast spinning rotor. I took my alternator apart, sanded down stator and lightly shaved rotor on my lathe for increased clearance. Varnished all in polyurethane varnish. Has been problem free since 2006. Never leave these alternator standing for more than a couple of weeks. Three weeks is often enough for alternator to seize.
  3. How do you intend to get the automated manual transmission, ESP, instrumentation and SAM unit to work with your Suzuki engine?
  4. As regards using diagnostics to read boost pressure, I believe only MB Star and WinStar can read live data boost pressure on older 450 Cdi Smart cars. The easiest option is therefore reading boost pressure with a pressure gauge. You can T into either hose from inlet manifold to inlet manifold pressure sensor or hose from turbo compressor to waste gate actuator. You need a long enough hose so you can read gauge safely from driver’s seat or bring an assistant.
  5. I think you can inspect condition of intercooler from below the car looking up. Its scoop may have to come off. I’ll check on mine in the morning.
  6. Fran’s Italian Cdi might be just as old as mine. Smarts built before 2003 are not eobd compliant so scangauge can’t read live data from engine control unit. Easiest way to read turbo boost pressure is of course by using live data in diagnostics. Without such a gadget one can always read pressure with a pressure gauge.
  7. Scan gauge does not work with older Smart Cdi’s such as mine.
  8. Chafed wires to transmission actuators or sensor. Remedy: Visually inspect wiring harness. Measure and test wiring using 12 volt battery and minium 21 watt test lamp. Google for pinout diagram. Clutch actuator on the blink. Remove, clean and lube but do not overlube as grease might contaminate motor brush gear. Corroded gear change drum angle sensor. Has o-ring seal against transmission. Water corrodes aluminium allowing water ingress into sensor. Remove sensor. Inspect, clean and grease seal area. Test sensor with multimeter. Chafed wiring is very common. Repair by soldering in splice cable. Use hydrochloric acid solution (brick cleaner is what I use. Contains about 10% HCl) to make black oxidised copper turn bright like gold so solder will wet. Heat shrink sleeve containing glue is best for sealing splices.
  9. Getting cold and autumnal here. Only just 10C now. Had to dress in winter gear for the first time since April.
  10. 1.2 boost pressure is maximum pressure turbo will make. Anything higher leads to limp home mode with reduced power. Don’t tough cylinder head without first measuring cylinder compression.
  11. Nissens 96499 is normally the cheapest intercooler. Made in Denmark and very good quality. Maximum boost pressure is 1.2 bar. Drive flat out up long hill to test.
  12. All 450 diesels I have worked on had holed intercoolers. The petrol 450 vibrates less but they also develop holed intercoolers as they age. Engine oil from crank case breather pipe leaks out of the holed intercooler and your boost pressure will be less than normal so reduced engine power. A new aftermarket intercooler costs about £90 in Europe. Misterauto is usually cheapest supplier. Smart changed the design of intercooler support cradle around 2005. No need to buy new support cradle. Simply cut off about 5 mm of the plastic that cuts into lower part of intercooler. You can check inlet boost pressure through diagnostics or simply by connecting a pressure gauge.
  13. Maintaining reasonable speed with less power results in higher fuel consumption. Is engine now lacking in power compared to how it was before?
  14. You mean my tow bar? Look here. Scroll down to post#11:
  15. It is possible we are loosing some heat from heater matrix circuit to the radiator via expansion tank. In the absence of a suitable cooling system diagram I have added a collection of some self-explanatory images showing the routing of coolant through the system: There is a small valve with a blue plastic ball at top of elbow (that connects to radiator) inside the expansion tank. Any coolant flowing through this valve is loosing valuable heat to radiator. You can see this valve by removing filler cap and sucking out some coolant. I think it is worth while investigating this potential heat leak further. Check it out folks!
  16. You need to explain a bit more. Not clear what you mean.
  17. You may wonder why thousands of petrol Smart 450 owners have bought expensive poor filtration K&N etc sports filters when they could have fitted the higher capacity filter used in the diesel 450 for a fraction of the cost.
  18. Copied from a post I made on another forum about a year ago: I suppose it may be a bit late since there are not that many 450 Smarts and Roadsters around these days.If you want a cheap high capacity good filtration air filter for your petrol 450 or Roadster, then go for the air filter specified for the diesel 450.Why you may wonder?They sure look alike but are in fact different.Height, bore and outer diameter are all same. Part numbers are different.Petrol 450 air filter part numbers:Smart 000 9997 V 001Bosch 1 457 433 739Mann C1036/1Diesel 450 air filter part numbers:Smart 000 4591 V 001BOSCH 1 457 433 044Mann C1041The real difference is in filtration area. The diesel air filter has 12.7% larger filtration area. How do I know?I just spent the last few hours counting pleats on various makes of Smart 450 paper air filters such as Mann, Smart's own, Bosch and Blue Print. Petrol 450 air filters have 71 pleats. Diesel 450 air filters have 80 pleats. More pleats means larger filtration area.Price: The diesel 450 paper air filter is cheap. I only paid £6 today for a Bosch air filter. Bought from the nearest to me garage in Banchory.
  19. Fit the diesel’s air filter. Looks same as air filter for the petrol engine but diesel air filter has larger surface area hence less restriction. Both use same oil filter.
  20. My clutch is very smooth. Of course correctly adjusted and both sockets in fork adequately lubed. Clutch actuator preloaded as per Sachs work shop instruction and bite point set in diagnostics. I replaced clutch friction disc two years ago. Friction material on the original disc was getting thin.
  21. Of course not carried inside the wee Smart but on a trailer: There is no better towing car than the Smart 450 Cdi.
  22. To prolong life of your lower universal joint I suggest fully wetting its seals in grease or chain bar oil. The grease will keep seals wetted slowing down ingress of dirt and water into the bearing cups. Once the UJ starts getting stiff, one or more of its seals are worn allowing water free access. Photo shows my lower UJ being removed. All needles were seized in the cup. No sign of grease, only dirt and rust. Of course there is not much grease there to start with. A real pity we cannot source UJs in this size (39x15mm) with grease nipple fitted.
  23. These come without lower spring seat so you just reuse the old.
  24. I always fit Sachs 30015 as same shock as the Bilstein B4 above and made by Bilstein for Sachs. Only about £21 each in the UK.