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  1. And a normally closed pressure switch according to post number 1.
  2. Something obviously lost in translation. Only a single cable connected hence can only be a pressure switch.
  3. Forgot to mention the 18 mm hole is drilled at an angle such that tool fits between spring windings. Also this ingenious tool does not require any pipe wrench or other tool.
  4. I made my strut clamp out of hardwood. Has served me well for nearly two decades. Can be lead lined if deemed necessary to improve friction but pine resin is fine as long as top strut nut is not rusted solid.
  5. I have lots of them. 450 and 451 reluctor rings are identical. Fee is £5 for the pair plus Royal Mail cheapest delivery at lowest available cost to Canada and usually taking less than ten days but may take longer due to Covid and some overseas companies profiteering on our misery.
  6. I am getting really fed up by this idiotic thread. It should be promptly deleted as has no relevance to Smart cars.
  7. I believe the modified intercooler support cradle appeared in 2006. Regrettably they did not beef up lower part of the sides to compensate for no longer any support provided by lower horizontal part.
  8. Yes Smart did change design of intercooler support cradle. They removed 6 mm from lower horizontal part of cradle, the part of cradle that cuts into intercooler.
  9. Cheapest intercooler I can source just now in the UK costs about £90. Regrettably no free postage to Canada.
  10. I recommend standard Smart Roadster rear springs for the 450 diesel. These are made from slightly thicker round bar hence stronger and if properly shimmed will give you a comfortable ride. Use suitable rubber rings made out of conveyor belt or similar to adjust ride height and effective spring travel before hitting the buffer stops. For those that like counting coils I have added below a photo of KYB RC6390.
  11. Try fitting 451 rear springs on yours and let us know what mods are required to make them fit.
  12. Fitting or confirming an EGR blanking plate is correctly fitted will at least rule out EGR as being the culprit.
  13. I see no evidence that op has blanking plate fitted.
  14. I suspect EGR valve is the cause. Recommend you clean EGR valve plus fit blanking plate.
  15. There is no PCV valve in crank case breather system on the 450 diesel Smart.
  16. 1 1/2" drop on the back means you'll be riding on the stops hence a rather uncomfortable ride.
  17. Some including myself find it advantageous to remove left wheel arch liner. You then have access to unbolt inlet duct from outboard side of air box. Also cut both nylon tie wraps that hold wiring looms to inboard side of air box. Make sure hand brake lever is in lowest position when lowering engine. Drop very gently and keep checking cables and hoses making sure none become tight and suffer damage.
  18. Made and fitted new rear bump stops for my 2002 Smart Cabrio Cdi: Existing urethane rubber had disintegrated on left side (top pancake shaped piece), come loose on right side (the piece cut in two halves) and was trapped inside spring. I shaped new urethane rubber of similar Shore A hardness with an angle grinder fitted with coarse sanding disc. Bonded finished rubber urethane pieces to pressed steel bases with Sikaflex 221.
  19. I fitted yesterday a 1999 Smart 450 petrol 0.6 muffler on my 2002 Smart Cabrio Cdi. No cat in this muffler. Also no hole for Lambda sensor since no cat. To make this muffler fit, all I had to do was cut inlet pipe, shorten it a wee bit and reweld pipe in place. Obviously tack welded whilst on the car, then removed to complete weld. Engine seems more powerful with this catless muffler. Sound is just the same as the original muffler. Reason for replacing muffler was cat had rattled loose.
  20. The problem is you cannot get long nose pliers access to the inboard end unless subframe is lowered.
  21. There are a few tips on how to replace these cables in below thread on Smartz forum.
  22. I just received a 75 mm diameter inlet bore cyclone bought on AliExpress. Arrived in just three weeks and only £2.04 VAT payable to the Queen. Item was tracked all the way so I knew exactly its whereabouts. Was stuck in UK twice as long as China.
  23. Voltage is far too high I think for most noid lights.
  24. It is the modern times. All cars regardless of make these days are just hopeless to work on.