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  1. This is a not for profit service to Clubsmartcar members only. £2.10 per ABS ring. Regrettably postage prices have rocketed after Royal Mail was privatised. Postage and packaging fees non tracked air mail: Two rings £5. Four rings £7. Six rings £9. Inner diameter 68.70 mm. Width 10.6 mm. Outer diameter 81.0 mm. Number of teeth 42. I only have ten rings. Payment by PayPal gift or similar nil cost transfer. You can contact me by using the forum message service.
  2. Forgot to state these are J&R rings. The best you can buy.
  3. I noticed my driver side front bearing had a wee bit of rumble. Mandatory vehicle annual inspection (MOT) is due soon so had to engineer a fix. Dug out my old front bearings and dismantled both, cleaned all parts and carried out a thorough inspection. Inner inboard race rings were worn due to ingress of water. Outer inboard race rings were still fine. All outboard race rings looked like new. The plan: Make one good bearing out of the two knackered bearings. There are two inner race rings in the front bearing, an inboard ring and an outboard ring. These are identical so all I needed do was this: [*]Decide which of the two outer bearing units to use. [*]Scrap the inboard inner race ring. Use the two good outboard inner race rings complete with balls and ball retaining rings in the rebuilt bearing. [*]Additionally, modify the bearing for oil lubrication as opposed to grease. Internals of the bearing have been cleaned and are ready for reassembly: This is how the outer bearing unit looks like inside when internals are removed: Bearing has been assembled. It is important to add grease between the two lips on the elastomer seal on inboard side. The grease prevents the environmental lip running dry. Note that I have not fitted the steel dust seal. This is not required as the bearing is modified for oil lubrication: Bearing caps are modified with assistance of the Queen. The coins are silver brazed to the caps. Caps are later centre bored and tapped M4. These are "modern" two pence coins made out of steel with very thin external copper plating: Bearing has been fitted on driver side of Smart. Note the machine screw in centre of bearing cap. The hole where the screw sits is used for filling oil into the bearing. I used EP90 GL5 gear oil. Filled to bottom of filler hole: The rebuilt bearing spins without any noise or rumble. Oil can be added with ease at any time. My initial plan was to fit a grease nipple in the bearing cap but the grease nipple interfered with the centre cap in the wheel and there was a risk that the high pressure of the grease gun would push the elastomer seal off the bearing. Gear oil is a much better lubricant and having a filler hole and level makes servicing a lot easier. Only time will tell whether this oil lube modification was worthwhile. I did the other side as well when I was at it.
  4. Still on these modded front bearings and also on the modded rear bearings which were modified about same time. The Smart has now done 254,000 mainly problem free km since new.
  5. One good out of two bad and drilling hole through Queen’s head:
  6. J&R has them back in stock. Slightly dearer than before but still available for below £2 each when buying from their main site.
  7. I find lots of cheap spin on adapters only about £20.50 with shipping.
  8. Filter housing is around £22 from dealer. I’ve owned and serviced Smart cars now for twenty years and have never seen a seized filter housing nor have I broken one myself. I have come to the conclusion that those that state theirs are seized or have broken theirs must be particularly inept and clumsy.
  9. Required torque is 12 daNm. If new bearings failed only after 100km I suspect either far too low torque or bearing dust caps are holed. Not uncommon when dealers replace bearings.
  10. I have just gone electric. 250/ 1000 watt pushbike. Max mileage so far along undulating forest tracks is 45 km. That is without pedalling. Total cost was £320. Battery the most expensive part. China made electric wheel kit arrived without any rim tape. Wonder where these Chinese sales people get their brains from. Must be as inept and stupid as Trump et al.
  11. Intercooler fan turns on at around 65C and off around 45C. There is a thread about it somewhere here.
  12. Hanson female air quick coupler screwed onto propane POL with male 1/4” BSPT. Vapour pressure of propane is 850 kilopascal and propane expands 270 times from liquid to vapour hence ideal to power air tools when compressed air is unavailable. Not recommended indoors. Unsuitable for smokers. POL came all the way from China. Cost only £3.50 with air mail.
  13. You obviously are unable to read and understand. All is explained in first post second paragraph.
  14. Yes, but compressed air is not unless you have a running compressor.
  15. In 2007 twelve years ago I blew my original turbo when attempting overtaking a car on a steep hill (up B974 Cairn o’Mount road just passed Spital bridge and ruin). Replacement turbo came from Florida and would take at least three weeks to arrive. I therefore rigged my Smart for turboless operation. I recall it became totally lame struggling getting up to 40 mph but kept me mobile.
  16. Wastegate appears to be in same position as mine.
  17. Must be a rather dimensionally well made copy since your original turbo outlet parts fits.
  18. Amount of boost is engine speed and load related.
  19. Wiring fault in my humble opinion.
  20. 20 year old design and before LEDs were bright enough.
  21. If your Smart had spoked wheels you could just tie to them.
  22. Lucky me was Smart enough to stock up when they were cheap.
  23. Regrettably J&R is out of stock hence they can no longer be bought for only £2 each postage included.
  24. Agree 110%. MDC cruise control is ace.