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  1. - Near new winter tire package from Mercedes-Benz, only 1000 kms on set, used from Feb-Mar '17- Continental ContiWinterContact TS800, 155/60 R15 front tires with TPMS sensors on Mercedes steel rims- Continental ContiWinterContact TS800, 175/55 R15 rear tires with TPMS sensors on Mercedes steel rims- 4 hub cabs- tires installed on rims and balanced by Mercedes-Benz NanaimoInvoice total was $1,368.51Sold my 2009 Smart and buyer didn't want as they put vehicle into storageFirm price of $800 and can meet in Nanaimo
  2. PRICE DROP - $7000 FIRM Photos on original ad on July 23, 2012 Extras Features: OEM Cruise Control Sirius Satellite Radio Aux-in for IPOD ScanGaugeII Trip Computer/Gauge/Scanner Oil Pan with Magnetic Drain Plug Full-size spare tire with jack Extra set of 4 Continental TS760 winter tires on steel rims (used only for 1 season). Rated: 4.6 L/100 KM (61 MPG) City Rated: 3.8 L/100 KM (74 MPG) Hwy Range on my Chilliwack to Abbotsford commute was 57 – 79 MPG, depending on season and weather. Overall average was 68 MPG (4.1 L/100 KM). Average fills were $26 and it only cost me $100/month for this commute! This has been a very reliable vehicle for me with no issues. I bought it from the original owner in April 2011 with 25000 kms. The original owner stated that it was serviced by MB while they owned it. The battery was replaced in Sep 2010. Since then, I replaced the oil pan and have done my own oil and filter changes (4x). There is a small dent in the lower RH pillar from the original owner caused by someone walking a piece of lumber into it. Runs excellent in the snow, pleasure to drive with the very best fuel economy. No accidents, garage parked every night. Reason for selling is that my long commutes are now done. Contact Rod at 604-858-3185 or Email
  3. Email sent to Jan, but in case anyone else needs the info, George Zika from Calgary sells them through
  4. I had this problem on two different CDI's and modified Scangauge cables did the trick. I was also getting ESP/ABS lights coming on when hitting bumps. I haven't had a single occurrence with the modified cables since.;#entry246735Not to say that you don't have a problem with the reluctor rings...
  5. Hey Mike, you can add my "new" 2005 Passion Cabriolet (Silver) to the list. VIN 186452. I bought this gem from a fellow from Ferndale, WA as he couldn't import it into the US. It was originally bought from MB-Surrey, BC. Only 25,000 km's on the car! It doesn't have the tach or clock, but I have a trip to Fast Eddy to get these plus cruise:)
  6. I got my hands on the ESP wiring diagram a couple of years ago and yes, pin 27 is not connected to anything. The following link adds an ESP Off switch: I assume that the blue/yellow signal wire that they refer to is the yellow/blue (YEBU) going to pin 36 of the ESP Control Module which goes to the ESP Brake Fluid Indicator Switch. They basically splice into this wire and parallel this wire to ground through the ESP OFF switch. I deduce that this would mimic a loss of ESP brake fluid and would disable the ESP system. See attached pdf of the wiring diagram. Rod ESP_Wiring_Diagram_450.pdf
  7. SOLD via Kijiji FOR SALE: 2006 Passion CDI, Blue (grey interior) I have decided to parts ways with my Smart. I love this car, but I need a backup car for my family of four. I bought my Passion in Aug '09 with only 21,000 km's. I have gently driven this car on a nice commute from Campbell River to Comox until Apr '10 and from Chilliwack to Langley until now. Now has 54,000 kms. This car has been garage parked since I have owned it. The warranty has run out and I have done my own oil and filter changes. Modifications: Oil pan with magnetic plug Wired (aux-in cable) for Sirius Satellite Radio, includes Sat Receiver Wired for a MP3 Player with a toggle switch to select MP3 or Sat Radio Includes ScanGaugeII Includes full sized spare tire stored behind the driver's seat and jack Includes 4 Conti 760 WinterContact snow tires on steel rims purchased from Fast Eddy last winter I can deliver anywhere in the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island. This car has been very reliable and has never let me down. No accidents. There is one scuff on the LH front fairing and headlamp (from previous owner), but otherwise in excellent condition. $7900 Please PM me or email
  8. Here's an extra tidbit of info that I got from Husky last fall:All companies also must add additives to their diesel to meet the required Canadian specifications on such properties as cetane, lubricity, detergency etc. Any diesel that is purchased at any retail station, regardless of the company, contains additives. Husky's premium diesel additive package (which is already in the diesel at the pump) goes over and above the Canadian specifications. Husky strives to have the best diesel on the market and, as such, we provide extra lubricity to extend fuel system component life , a cetane of between 42 and 45 (the specification is 40), extra detergency, corrosion protection, fuel economy improvement, reduced emissions, improved fuel thermal and storage stability. To restate it - all of these improvements go beyond the specifications to make our diesel a premium product. In regards to the seasonality of diesel fuel, the cold weather specification changes monthly. Blends are changed accordingly to meet the specification. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me directly. ______________________________________________ Lisa Ward Fuel & Quality Compliance Specialist Husky Energy Phone: (403) 298-7330 Mobile: (403) 554-4040 Fax: (403) 298-6166
  9. Having a SAT Radio and MP3 Player with one audio 3.5 mm plug to the car stereo is both cumbersome and distracting (when trying to unplug and plug in while driving). I did find an Audio Switch from ( , but thought that this would be easy to build myself. I had an old CD player detachable faceplate plastic holder that I used for my box. The box can be hinged open to store my MP3 player as well I bought the necessary parts from The Source:DPDT Switch, PN 275-0636, $5.993 Conductor 3.5 mm Mini Jack, PN 274-0246, $5.99 (mounted on rear of box that I plug stereo into)I had an old 3.5 mm stereo cable that I cut to go from the switch to each source. I used a short length of wiring from the mini jack to the centre contacts of the switch inside the box.Now I can simply flick the switch from one source to the other!
  10. Here you go.Wiring_Diagram_of_B37_Accelerator_Pedal_Sensor.pdf
  11. I received my modified cable last Friday. So far, working great! Nice to have the ScanGauge connected again
  12. I have no qualms about using this source. If MB had a service manual available, I would prefer to buy directly from them. I cannot afford to go to MB for every diagnosis or repair, so I get what's available at the time. So we do what we can and I am very grateful for this website, Evilution and FQ101.
  13. Smart Car Workshop Manual There is a Smart Car Workshop Manual available for sale from It's not free, it's £19.99 which is about $35 CDN. There's also quite a process to get this installed. The installation instructions comprise of 34 steps and I found step 26 confusing. I can provide more detail on this step if you want to PM me. You will find that it is worth the effort. This on-line manual includes service instructions and wiring diagrams. I’ve attached a few screen shots and a wiring diagram to give everyone an idea of what it looks like. This is a service manual, so it is very comprehensive; however, the photo’s included are pretty low res. Highly recommended! Rod Screen_Shots.pdf Check_ESP__Electronic_Stability_Program__rpm_sensor.pdf ESP_Wiring_Diagram__Model_450_after_5.1.05.pdf
  14. I drove into work today on sheets of ice from Campbell River to almost half way to Courtenay. They didn't forecast the freezing temperatures overnight. People make fun of our driving on the West Coast, but honestly, a bit of salt on the roads in these conditions would have helped! I was doing 60 km/hr and I got my first taste of the ESP kicking in whenever the rear of the car started to fishtail. Another fellow from my work driving my same route rolled his Explorer. He's OK, but the Explorer will probably be written off.I didn't have my Winter Conti's on yet, so I guess I better get them on right now...
  15. We lived in Chilliwack for about 1 year in 2005. Nice place to live. Stay away from the river for obvious reasons. We lived up in Promontory Heights which is about 10 minutes from Highway 1. We had beautiful views of the Fraser Valley. My wife liked Chilliwack, but she didn't like the farm smells! Population is 76,000. Lots of shopping, but they didn't have a Home Depot. We had to go to the Abbotsford Home Depot which is only about 20 minutes away. I remember that we always used to go to the local farms (Wisbey’s Farm Market) for veg’s and we could buy a large zucchini or cabbage for $1! There are farms with corn mazes and u-pick apples. Great for kids! Kamloops, about 2.5 hours Abbotsford, 20 minutes. Langley, 200 Street, about 45 minutes Vancouver about 1.5 hours All depending on traffic. Lower Mainland traffic is horrible, one of the reasons why we moved to the Island! I used to drive to the Langley airport for my work and it took me about 55 minutes. Some days in the winter the roads were scary with blowing snow between Chilliwack and Abbotsford. If you live and work in Chilliwack, then not to worry. The summer was nice and warm, very hot at times. Would I move back? Yes, but only if I didn’t have to commute the long distances. Good luck with your decision!