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  1. There are 136 edition highstyles for Canada and all of them are coupes. The allotment were built in October and November of 2009 as 2010 models.
  2. 2010 smart greystyle for CanadaSame specs as in previous post except:6-spoke rims replaced with BRABUS Monoblock VII painted black.only one engine option, the 70hp version sans mhd.Bluetooth available as a dealer installed option.ONLY 50 UNITS35 coupe 15 cabrioPRICE:coupe - $21,750cabrio - $24,750AVAILABLE MAY 2010I'm sure this car will have more takers than the edition 10!
  3. [quote I wonder if it's coincidence that the top six colors are the ones available for the smart. Maybe this has something to do with the discontinuation of yellow which is 9th on the list. Yellow is back for 2010 with a limited run of the Pure with the Passion interior (black design fabric) and A/C for only $810 more than the base Pure that starts at $14,990. There are only 150 of these limited edition yellow Pures for the Canadian market. A Great Value!
  4. The smart Canada website now has a link to the smart winter expedition on Facebook. Check it out
  5. Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver - 1375 Marine Drive in North Vancouver. Tell everyone in the smart club! Everyone is welcome
  6. The 7 smarts and 3 support vehicles will be arriving in Vancouver tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 6th. The terminus of the trip to Inuvik, N.W.T. which started in Kelowna, B.C.
  7. If you haven't already, you can check out the smart winter expedition on facebook at:
  8. No problem, good luck!
  9. This info is not published on the smart Canada website.
  10. There is a $2,350 reduction off MSRP and $600 in payment waivers equalling $2,950 in savings.
  11. All Canadian spec smart fortwo's come standard with Grundig radios. Depending on trim level, there are two versions, smart radio 9 - two speakers and single cd and radio 10 with four speakers, subwoofer, 6 CD changer, and MP3 hook-up. Grundig is a German company that also manufacturers shortwave radios.We will have the pure, passion, and BRABUS variants along with limited edition highstyle (based on a passion) and limited edition light yellow (based on a pure). 2010 Prices are identical to 2009 smarts.
  12. The edition pure light yellow comes with the black passion trim interior and A/C. The black fabric is more durable than the grey fabric on regular pures and you get A/C for no charge (normally $850). It will probably be a slight price hike from the regular pure trim but knowing that, it seems like a good deal to me.
  13. 251906 - edit10n No. 7/10, VancouverThe LAST 2009 smart COUPE available in Vancouver - at West Broadway Mercedes-Benz store.2010 smart fortwo's have yet to be released. No pricing available at this time.
  14. The 2009 edition limited three is now sold out in the Vancouver region. The last cabrio was sold in September and the last coupe was sold a few days ago.
  15. I like the green instantly makes the car different and quite noticeable, something that MB wants - people to look at the car.