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  1. Set of winter rims with tires, used for 2 seasons, some very minor rust on rims $250. Located in Aurora, ON.
  2. From 450, original block heater cord. $10. Located in Aurora, ON SOLD
  3. I have ContiWinters on this one...not sure what was on the diesel. TC?
  4. Hi there I recently picked up a 2011 from the dealership and was looking forward to the first snowy drive as it was equipped with brand new snow tires. I previously owned a 2005 diesel and with snow tires mounted found it to be very capable in the snow, enjoyable even. I'm finding the 451 to be very sketchy in the snow...loses traction easily, even with gentle gas input....and going up any small hill is scary with vehicles behind me. The traction control light seems to be on more often than not in stop and go city driving, I have avoided highway driving as I don't feel confident in this car. I have tried checking and adjusting air pressure in the tires. I this really just the difference between the diesel and gas engines or could it be something else? Any help appreciated, as I otherwise love this car, especially starting it in the cold compared to the diesel! Thank you
  5. Originally: It was the only car that would fit in the driveway in front of the big enclosed trailer...meaning not have to shift multiple cars around in the morning when leaving/coming home from work....also the realization that 90% of my driving was just me and my purse on the front seat. and of course then I loved driving it, cheap, easy to park etc. which is what led me to buy a 2nd.
  6. $3000, located in Aurora ON This Smart has been well maintained, kept very clean. It has served me so well as a daily driver over the years and I have mixed feelings about parting with it, but I'm treating myself to a new one :-) The B service was just completed (Oil, filter, air filter etc.) and it was noted that the front brake pads will need replacing soon and the front right coil is broken. Summer tires were new last year. Rear cargo cover. Block heater installed at the dealership with cord.
  7. Thanks all...think I'm gonna go the blow torch and hammer route!...I'd had the tires removed from the rim so that I could powdercoat them at work anyway.
  8. Thanks...tried that first, they took one look at it and said they don'T repair steel rims...called a few other shops and found the same thing.Have a hard time coughing up $125 for a replacement from the dealership!
  9. Preferably for pickup in OntarioJust took my winter rims out of storage and discovered a major dent in one, after enduring 2 moves Called the scrapyards but no luck so far...any leads would be appreciated!Anna
  10. do most people use summer tires then?...I picked up my 05 in the winter (with snows mounted)
  11. Did some preliminary searching on a couple of websites to get an idea of price...showed no tires available in the size?!I'd like to buy in person or from a Canadian website if possible...looking for affordable all-seasons
  12. Do you know how long the car has been at the dealership?...that can make a diffrence.I knew my 05 had been sitting there for a while. Negotiated a great price, got them to throw in a set of used snow tires and wheels, and a block heater, installed. (The 06 and up came with it stock, and I let them know I was looking at an 06 pirvate sale)I came out happy Probably the cheapest car they'd ever sold there!Oh, and my car wasn't ready to be picked up on the arranged date....they knew I needed it for a work they gave me a demo Mercedes until it was ready! The salesperson is the next-door neighbour of my boss, so I'm sure that helped.Garden Motorcar Burlington.
  13. Kimberly...quite the dilemma. I'm lucky my husband LOVES my Smart and I was fully prepared for him to hate it (he's a big truck kinda guy) He drives it any time I'm not using it, but I used to have a beetle which he loathed and I ended up selling it.***One thing to think about.....even though the Smart is safe. (I beleive it is as safe as most vehicles out there) be prepared for alot of comments from people....strangers even, about carrying a baby in this car. I ride a motorcycle in the summer,and drive a Smart the rest of the time, and I get REALLY sick of the "that things dangerous, blah-blah-blah" ignorant, misinformed comments from.....throw a baby into the picture and people will feel it's their duty to share their views with you.