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  1. Want some tapes to go with it? .... I have quite a few (some still unwrapped)
  2. to the club
  3. to the club! Enjoy your stay. By "purchasing a new one with the turbo diesel." I presume you are meaning a new-to-you since diesels in North America were only imported to Canada and that was only 2005 and 2006 models. I get the same reactions when filling at service stations.
  4. Wayside has my vote
  5. to the club.
  6. UPDATE!! ........ While out and about a few days ago, after nearly a week of trouble-free motoring, it happened again! Making my way to Uncle Glenn's shop (normally a 20 minute drive from where I was), it did the "stall, cough, choke, wheeze, bang!" thing again. This time, it took almost an hour to navigate my way through traffic with my very sick smartie. The problem seems to have been a faulty actuator. It was replaced with a new one and so far (fingers crossed) it is working as it should. The issue seems to be gone (Oh happy day) Many thanks to Uncle Glenn and his persistence in searching and diagnosing the problem and solving it.
  7. Mike, I'm sure others with chime in with more useful solutions to your issue. In the meantime, a 450 CDI is diesel ..... only brought into Canada in the 2005 and 2006 versions. Are you sure your car is a 2007? .. I see you are in Ontario. Roughly where? Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor, Boonies or ... ? (This can help if there is someone in your area who could do a hands-on assist)
  8. To all who made it out, congratulations. I was planning on it, but personal issues prevented it. I hope all had a good time anyway.
  9. Just talked to Glenn. Yes, Bernies is still on. 6:00pm
  10. to the club
  11. Looking forward to seeing you again ..... and the others that join you.
  12. The original codes are with Glenn. I have not had a chance to get it back to him yet. (I do not own a scangauge) Gears were not grinding ........... I guess a better description would be a normal standard tranny and having the foot slip off the clutch pedal ... just suddenly engaging. Sometimes it stalls, sometimes it just leaps forward. The smart requires about 3,000 RPM to engage while this problem exists. Normally, it engages just slightly above the idle. I will look into the chafing possibilities when I can get it up on a hoist. Thanks Mike .. gives me something else to check
  13. I'll set the stage. The car recently had an adjustment done to the actuator by a knowledgeable smart guru after the following incident occurred. The symptoms were as follows: Driving normally on a Friday afternoon and staying with the flow of traffic. Check engine light and orange light with exclamation mark ( ! ) in a triangle came on. When stopped at an intersection and ready to go forward, accelerator was pressed and the revs climbed to about 3,000 RPM before suddenly engaging and either stalling or 'jack-rabbit' starting. Kinda like taking a normal standard tranny and revving it before jamming it into gear WITHOUT the clutch! I was worried about possible damage to the drive train at this point. Managed to nurse it home and parked it until it could be inspected. When the guru had time to look at it, I carefully drove it to him. The actuator was serviced and codes cleared. Drove home without incident. That was yesterday. Today, it happened again, only this time, without the Check Engine Light .. just the exclamation mark ( ! ) in a triangle. Driving at the posted speed limit (80kph), I approached my village where the speed limit is 50kph. Foot off the accelerator anticipating the lower speeds. Revs at this point were about 2,800 RPM. Gentle pressure on the accelerator to match the downshift Shifted down one gear and BANG! CLUNK! ..... Oh Crap, here we go again. Any constructive input is welcome as to what it might be and how to fix it.
  14. Had an adjustment done to the actuator in the Cabrio yesterday. It's now working as it should. Many thanks to Uncle Glenn for that. Now it's time to get out the garden hose and wash the bugs and road tar off it in preparation for the Cruz'in event at the Plunkett Estate on Thursday, August 3rd.