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  1. Best wishes and warm thoughts. Hope to see you out and about when the current ice age breaks. 🚗👍🙂

  2. Welcome to the club. Yours is identical to mine except mine is LHD
  3. I've had ZERO problems with any Windows versions that I have had .. as far back as Windows 95
  4. Nice looking ride. I like the red on silver combo..If you 'drive it like you stole it', obviously, It will not achieve the kind of mileage that Willys is talking about, but enjoy the ride, no matter how you drive it. to the club.
  5. Unlike Mike T and Smart142 (Glenn) I haven't been in it quite as long, but after acquiring my first smart (an '05 coupe) in 2007, I liked it so much that a year later, I got an '06 Cabrio. The '05 is my winter-beater and the '06 is my summer transport. Each is a daily driver during their own seasons. My "big" car is a 4-door '89 Honda Civic for those rare times that I need to tow a trailer.
  6. Looks like you folks had a really good time. Wonderful photos ! !
  7. I'm not sure if he still services them, but Doctor H on Kipling Ave. (416-233-4671) even went to the expense of buying a smart so that they could learn more about them for service work. He used to have a time slot on a radio station with a half hour show about cars in general. It can't hurt to give him a call.
  8. Bypass the connector. The connector is there in case someone wants or needs to remove the seat. If you have no plans to do this, then bypass is the answer and be sure the connections are soldered and insulated well.
  9. While taking in the nice weather in my '06 Cabrio, I came across this, just north of highway 3 on #4 in SW Ontario. Some interesting people and cars.
  10. Can you hear the fuel pump running?? That problem has been experienced by a few members.
  11. If only one bulb is flashing, the other one may simply be burned out.
  12. Enjoy the weekend folks.
  13. A public toilet seat has fewer ups and downs than the weather this year.
  14. I agree completely! This is why (when using metric measurements) I use the kilometers per liter. (Metric version of MPG the way I use it.) Much easier to figure the distance available to travel with the amount of fuel supplied.