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  1. to the club Ron.
  2. You might try Service Options to find something less expensive and better service in your area. The muffler is going to be expensive, no matter where you go, but other servicing can be found without relying on MB and without the unreasonably long wait times. Good luck :).
  3. At the end of the June meet at Dino's, several people suggested another repeat visit was in order. For Tuesday, July 4th, it will be at The Boat House Restaurant at 13 Front Street in Port Rowan. The link includes a map to the Boat House. The food is second to none and prices are very reasonable. This link is for the menu. There is also an ice cream parlour in town for those who might still have room after dinner. To quote Bill when we first went to the Boat House, "Lots of different routes to get to Port Rowan. Pick a nice one and enjoy the ride." Hopefully, the location will bring out some of CsC members from the Central Ontario region as well. Start time will be approximately 18:30 hrs (6:30pm) giving folks time to get there. Sign up: 1 - Ron & Dot 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 -
  4. Although it was a tad cool for 'top-down' cruising, the evening at Dino's was, once again, an enjoyable experience for everyone who attended. Ten signed in and 12 attended. No one went home hungry and even some of the biggest eaters had to take doggie bags home. Dino's was up to their normal standards of great food at reasonable prices. I don't know if they are planning anything special just yet, but Dino's will be celebrating 40 years in business on September 1st of this year. If anyone is interested, I keep you all posted. It was suggested that our next meet be another repeat visit. This time, it will be at The Boat House Restaurant at 13 Front Street in Port Rowan. That link also contains a map on exactly where it is.
  5. Tomorrow's the day
  6. to the club BeSmart. Feel free to ask for help at any time. We have some very "smart" people here who could probably assist. Remember to describe in as much detail as you can, any problems that you need help with.
  7. Sign in 1. Ron & Dot 2. Larry & Gail 3. Janet & Don 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  8. The choices suggested at the last meet were voted on and it was decided to hold the June 6th meet at Dino's Family Restaurant in Woodstock. They specialize in Canadian, Italian and Greek food. We, as a club, have been here before and even the "fussy" eaters loved it. Service was great, as was the food. Looking forward to seeing you all out. Dino's is located at 510 Dundas St. in Woodstock. Starting time is the usual 6:00pm to 6:30 pm Sign in 1. Ron & Dot 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  9. Directly west of Dartmouth and north of Peggy's Cove
  10. to the club!
  11. 12 people signed up ..... 12 people showed up ...... 12 people didn't leave hungry. The weather wasn't co-operating for those of us who have Cabrios, but at least it didn't rain too hard. Three locations were suggested near the end of our dinner at Louie's. Two of the three were repeats and both were well received the first time around. One was The Dock and the other was Dino's Family Restaurant in Woodstock. The third one is also in Woodstock and is an Indian food establishment called Tandorri Knight . I have no opinion on this one since I have never been there. I will be checking with Ethical Beef (James) on the road conditions near Bayfield since our last visit to the area required motocross suspension due to road construction.
  12. Hi Kathy, to the club. Another member was recently in the same situation (gas or diesel). I have added a few pluses and minuses of both (below) and a few notations about the electric as well. This might help. The pluses of a diesel. - better fuel mileage and the fuel is "usually" cheaper than gas. - one more gear to chose from. - Lower revving engine. The negatives of a diesel - the 2006 is now 11 years old. It "could" start giving you trouble (or not) - A/C is often problematic. - Most people in city driving experience poor heating in the winter. - It is generally believed that the shifting is smoother on a newer, gas model (personally, it has never bothered me) - you have to be a contortionist to change the headlight bulbs. - some have claimed hard starting in very cold weather, but since you are in Toronto, that shouldn't be a problem. The pluses of the gas models - Theoretically, better starting in very cold weather. - better heat in the winter - a more reliable A/C - more horse power - slightly better ride and shifting (so I am told.. I have never experienced a gas model smart) - a more "normal" PRNDL shifter that is less confusing to newbies. - there is a type of "hood" (or bonnet) which allows easier access to headlight bulbs, W/W and brake fluids The negatives of the gas model - It requires premium fuel (more $$) - higher revving engine - lower fuel mileage than the diesel - no temperature gauge The pluses of an electric - no need to EVER stop at a gas station again - silent running - no "herky-jerky shifting - fantastic acceleration - can be charged by either a level 2 charger (220 volts) or by standard household current (110 volts) The negatives of the electric - Range anxiety (will I get there and back or not without recharging?) Others may chime in with suggestions, but this is a start.
  13. to the club. Sounds like a nice trip to start off your relationship with the 450. Watch out for the deer and moose.
  14. Sign in 1. Ron & Dot 2. ToFu 3. Larry & Gail 4. Bob & Candi 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  15. When you say he "starts it regularly" ... How often is "regularly"? Letting any gas powered car sit for long periods is not good due to the problems caused by the methanol in the gas. It can leave deposits in the injectors. Very few gas stations carry methanol-free gas, but they are around and if the car is to be left sitting, it could be a good idea to fill up with methanol-free gas a few times before parking it long term. While the battery is out, it might be a good idea to make sure it is fully charged. As for your current problem, my above suggestions are merely a couple of several that might be the cause. Others will chime in, I'm sure, to add their thoughts ..... Good luck.