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  1. I had my '05 coupe done by a dealership under a recall. It worked well for about 6 months and hasn't worked since. When I want it cooler, I roll the windows down or drive the '06 cabrio. (BTW, the '06 has not had the a/c done and it still works just fine ... go figure)
  2. My cabrio is a daily driver in the spring, summer and fall. The coupe is my winter wheels
  3. I agree. Every car brand has it's short-comings and even with the potential faults listed above, I intend to keep my smarts until one or both are written off in an accident or becomes way too expensive (due to required repairs) to keep. Considering some of the abuse my blue/black '05 Pulse has had to endure, it has been fairly reliable. Far more reliable than my last Ford which left me so frustrated, that I took it back to the $tealership and threatened to burn it on the spot unless my full purchase price was returned. (This action would have brought the media and a lot of negative publicity to that dealership)
  4. Dead SAMs
  5. Welcome to the club. Enjoy your stay
  6. Welcome to the club!
  7. Buen día Cesardela, .. Bienvenido al club. Por favor disfruta tu tiempo aquí. Ron
  8. Sign up 1. Liz & Glenn 2. Bill 3. Larry & Gail 4. Ron & Dot 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  9. The best food so far this year! Good choice Bill. I'm sure no one left hungry. 10 signed up and 12 showed up. It was cold, but dry which made for an enjoyable ride to and from the meet. There was no discussion (that I heard) before we had to leave, about a location for next months meet.
  10. Welcome to the club. I have no experience with performance exhausts on cars, but both my smarts have been remapped and there is a noticeable difference in torque and overall performance. Highly recommended To determine what model your smart is, simply look at the little triangular plastic cover where your radio antennae attaches. It should say Pure, Pulse or Passion.
  11. One of our newest members is 19 years old. As for the rest of us, you're as old as you feel.
  12. Hi and welcome to the club.
  13. And later that evening ...............
  14. Claimed 600 h.p. Hill climbing ForFour