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  1. "To finish first, first you must finish"
  2. Are you in Melville, Ontario or Melville near New York City, USA ,,,, If Ontario, there are several good diesel distributors in Belleville, Napanee or even Shannonville. I have refueled in all three Ontario locations and have never had fuel issues.
  3. Welcome to the club.
  4. @ caldense ..... Please try to keep your comments civil. This site exists for the people who enjoy their smarts. The OP mentioned that "all comments appreciated", so it is open season on comments that are meant to help him. He may or may not chose to use the advice given to him by Tolsen and LooseLugNuts, but that is his choice. Suggestions by both long time members are good suggestions and someone with even a minimum of talent should be able to perform either solution. IF he choses to ignore the suggestions is entirely up to GRP151. Insulting members in good standing is not an acceptable action.
  5. A nice clean looking smart. to the club.
  6. Just to clarify, I believe Sandie was asking about towing a smart behind a motorhome ......... not towing a motor home with it.