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  1. Morning all,

    Just joined. I live near Perpignan, France and have a 2015 ED for two.I have done about 14000kms in the two years I have had the car and love it for its convenience and economy.  Perfect for two pensioners who only go shopping or locally. Get 140kms range in summer and 100kms in winter.  The handbook is in French and I have downloaded an English one but in some respects it is different. I am at the mercy of MB Perpignan as I speak very little French and they have a habit of speaking very quickly to the foreigner so as to totally confuse him! It works and I pay up, albeit reluctantly. To their credit, had a display saying 'battery fault' and they fixed it for free. Which they should, I pay 65 euro's a month for the battery rental.  If there are any other owners in my area (who speak English) would love to hear from them.


    1. Leadwing


      Hi Phil and :welcome: to the club site.


      If you could copy and paste your message (above) into the "Introduce Yourself" Thread, you would stand a better chance of getting responses from others in your area.  To do this, go to the top of the page and click on "Forums".


      A new page will open.  Go down to "Introduce Yourself" (3rd topic down) and click on the thread title.


      Another new page will open.  look to the right side of the page to the green rectangle marked "Start new Topic".  Click on that.


      The rest is very simple.  (You can ignore the "Tag" box)


      Enjoy your stay at Club smart Car.


      There is a thread that deals exclusively with electric drive smarts, (back to forums and scroll down) so if you have questions, that would be the place to ask them.


      Ron :bike: