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  1. “Recognise joy when it arrives in the plain brown wrappings of everyday life.” ~ Judith Viorst
  2. “The truth we tell each other is always weighted by what we need.” ~ Linden MacIntyre
  3. As mentioned (above), 4500 PM is way too high unless you have your foot buried into the throttle. In the auto shift mode, it shouldn't be higher than 3500 under normal driving conditions. If you have a remap (Smart142 can do this for you while you wait), the shifts under normal driving conditions should be around 3000. Getting used to driving in the standard mode will give you more control over how the whole car performs. Both of mine have the remap and both shift between 2500 and 3000 depending on how far down I have pressed the "go" pedal.
  4. If I had to tow a trailer, I have my "big" car ('89 Honda Civic) or my ancient motorcycle ('75 Honda Gold Wing)
  5. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) Liz & Glenn 3) Dot & Ron 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  6. “If you want to live on the edge of life, be flexible.” ~ Kim Novak
  7. Ask, and Ye shall receive.
  8. Plus one, Glenn. Amongst the gaggle of smarts were two that are former Car2Go vehicles. Both looking VERY nice. I managed to grab a Couple of photos of the Roadster.
  9. Welcome to the club! Enjoy your stay
  10. Met Tedder and his significant other this morning as they were chugging through on their way to Indiana. Mr. Phat-fingers (AKA me) took a photo for posterity and managed to chop off part of Ted's head. Oh well. What a pleasant couple. Safe trip Tedder and thanks!
  11. My convertible is Silverwing and the coupe is Bruised (because It is black and blue)
  12. My car is not a fair-weather vehicle, so, regardless of the weather, I use it. In the past two weeks we have had some pretty severe down-pours. I only used my wipers once and that was during an extremely heavy rainfall. No rain-X involved, but I do have some that I apply to the wife's car. My smart doesn't seem to need it.
  13. The units at the exit 199 (hwy 401 in Ontario) are now in service.
  14. Not open yet (July 10/19) but due to be opened very soon at the junction of highway 401 and Dorchester Rd. Two stations with each having a 50 or 200KW option.
  15. Only 240kms. on it ??? I find that hard to believe.
  16. My daughter lives in Woodstock. Let me know what time and I can meet you there OR at the truck stop at Dorchester Road ( exit # 199 ). Truck stop at Dorchester Road is closer to me, so if it makes no difference to you, that is the preferred spot PM'ed my phone number which can receive texts as well as calls.
  17. How much to ship to Belmont, Ontario? (near London) Let me know. if it's not ridiculously high, I'll take it! .... Obviously, I am a hat person. (Keeps my baldness from becoming sunburned)
  18. “Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.” ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  19. Took my daughter's 120 lb. puppy (Bull Mastiff cross) to the doggie park near St/ Thomas. She loves the convertible.
  20. Ah, Maple Ridge. Home to the late and VERY great INDY car racer, Greg Moore. Voted the most pleasant and talented racer to grace the North American tracks in decades. Met him a few times and he even took my vintage competition motorcycle for a ride. (see photo) Meanwhile, back to the topic ...... to the club. Enjoy your stay.
  21. UPDATE: If, and ONLY IF the weather goes south and the event is cancelled due to rain, it was suggested that arrangements be made for an alternate meeting place. Although we, as a club visited this location only a few months ago, it is less than 10 minutes from Plunketts and the service, food and prices were within reason. The location is the Hillside Restaurant, 26 Kilworth Park Drive, Komoka. I have confirmed that they only require about 10 minutes notice to make things ready for our group, should the need arise. I hope this meets with the approval of the group.
  22. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) Ron & Dot 3) John F 4) Wild! 5) Willys 6) Nigel 7) MarcusAurelius 8) Liz & Glenn. 9) Janet 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15)
  23. “Common sense – Don’t leave home without it!” ~ Unknown
  24. I can't speak for the 451's and 453's, but the 450's have all exterior lights come on as DRL's at full power. The high beams won't work except for "flash-to-pass" while in DRL mode. Nor will the interior lights. This is something ALL cars should have. Front and rear lights on as DRLs since MOST people forget to turn the regular running lights on when it gets dark ..... A real hazard when on multi-lane highways.