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  1. I hate politicians ..... I want to be KING
  2. Makes sense since there is a market for the 451's throughout North America ...... Much larger pool to fish from.
  3. Reach for the moon...even if you miss, you'll still be amongst the stars. ~ Leadwing
  4. Car2Go has already started. My sister bought one with about 15,000kms on it for around $6,000 about 3 months ago. Mind you, it was a 451, not a 453.
  5. @ smartaarse .... I laid out a few different routes that included several different points of interest and a fair bit of scenery, but at the time, no one seemed to be interested. You are welcome to my laid out sheets for the four different runs if you would like to use them as a basis for you to start a separate thread for a weekend run. The routes had been checked out to make sure hat they were smart-friendly (no dirt roads), but that was four years ago. Let me know what you think by PM.
  6. It was suggested by another member that we revisit the New Sarum Diner. It seems to be another one of those "we must do this one again" places. Start time is approximately 6:00pm ...... Not carved in stone. Sign up 1 - Ron & Dot 2 - Don & Jan 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 -
  7. If you are just making a statement, yes. At the bottom of the page, just click on the "Reply to this topic" bar and start typing. If you are quoting someone, Click on the "quote" button at the bottom of the piece that you want to quote.
  8. Thanksgiving: It should be a way of life, not just a once a year holiday ~ Leadwing
  9. I came across this at a medical centre in London today. It may be common, but I have never seen this particular combination. Red Tridion with what appears to be Bay Grey panels. Actually, I kinda like it.
  10. VERY NICE!! Thinking outside the box is often a good thing
  11. Single bar?? .... Usually, there are three bars and it could mean one of many different things. Clutch actuator or reluctor rings are common culprits in causing these lines or bars.
  12. Here is a video on the set up of a MAPP torch. The temperatures in a map torch can get up to 5300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  13. Currently, the car is complete and does run. Will sell as a complete unit for $1100 Looking to part it out or sell it as a complete unit ..... New OEM Water Pump installed on the car and used for about 10 minutes to check for leaks. (please contact for price) 1½ year old OEM intercooler 275 2 year old OEM alternator 200 Cream (Ivory) Cabrio panels (No cracks) 600 Pure seats (no rips or tears) 200 Cabrio top (No holes or rips) 600 Mirrors each 75 Headlights each 125 Tail lights(no scratches or breaks) each 125 Black Grill 75 Many other bits as well ..... Please contact me to see if what you want is still available.
  14. In the past couple of days, we have experienced summer-like temperatures in southern Ontario. Yesterday started out as a beautiful, top-down, sunny day but rapidly turned into a thunder and lightning light show with high winds and heavy rainfall. Temps here were in the high 20s C ( Low 80s F ) Alberta had almost a metre (39 inches) in some areas according to a friend and former smart owner from that area. Personally, I am hoping for several more days of warmer temps so I can enjoy the convertible a bit longer.
  15. It was bound to happen sooner or later. This is the first meet that I signed up for that I couldn't make. On a good day in great weather, it is an hour and a half drive for me and we all know what the weather was like tonight. To complicate matters, I laid down for an afternoon siesta and slept right through the alarm. When I finally did get up, it was way too late to head out. I hope everyone had a good time................... See you all at the next one.
  16. Plus one on the possibility of a seized alternator. Especially if your car is parked in a very humid area. I would give Nigel's suggestion a try before anything else. On a side note, my '06 Passion has the original battery in it and it still works fine.
  17. You shouldn't need to be pulling 4,500 RPM on a regular basis for proper operation. It should pull relatively strong (for a small 3 cylinder diesel) from about 2,500 to 3,500 if all is working as it should. There should be no need to visit the 4,000 RPM+ range for any reason. Try following some of the suggestions above and keep us updated please.
  18. At this site, everyone is interested in smart cars. It is also one of the most active smart car sites around. Hang in there. There will most likely be a few more replies before the night is done. As Tolsen mentioned, unless the original oil has been contaminated somehow, there should be no need to change it. BTW, 255,000 kms. = approximately 158,500 miles.
  19. Most e-bikes that I know of, free-wheel when travelling downhill, so depending on the hill, anything within reason is possible. I live in an area where the hills aren't long enough or steep enough to get up to 100, but I have managed to make it to about 85. Not too shabby for a relatively flat area like southern Ontario. As for the 32, that can be maintained with zero effort until the battery poops out. Some of us are not physically young enough or strong enough to ride a pedal bicycle for long periods of time or distance at or even close to 35!
  20. I have used the original formula from ArmorAll with good success on matte black items on the smart that fade into a greyish colour. Fuel caps and air intake covers are in constant need of help in this area...Armorall is a quick and easy solution. Doesn't hurt to try it. It works for me. The attached photos are "before" and "after" application shots.
  21. Florida is typically a high humidity environment, so I would be (as suggested by Sydney) checking to make sure that the alternator is turning freely. It sometimes takes as little as being idle for a month or less for the alternator to seize due to rust ..... particularly in higher humidity areas.
  22. I used to love Libby's, but somewhere along the way, they changed the recipe and now they taste awful. Haven't found a good tasting substitute yet but I will check to see if Branstons and Lidi's are available here and give them a try.
  23. If your garage people have questions about certain services or repairs where they aren't sure about the answers, it might be wise to point them in the direction of this site as well. I mention this because one of our members took his car to a local garage and asked for an oil change. The garage people were used to working on N. American cars that typically take between 4 and 6 quarts of oil. They put in a minimum of 5 quarts. After the member mentioned this to one of our club members, it was discovered that when we finally drained the oil from his car it contained nearly a quart too much despite losing almost a quart because the overfilled oil blew past the seals and onto the road and the back of his car. Following THIS VIDEO will help a lot. The person who made this video mentions "cute little" this or that several times, but the video itself is quite helpful and mentions that the quantity of oil is about 3½ U.S. quarts. I'm not saying that your garage personnel are incompetent, but making sure that they understand that this is not your typical cookie cutter car is important. Just a thought Edit: I translated litres to quarts because Rebecca is from the USA and is most likely dealing in the American liquid volume system.
  24. Welcome to the club and site. I am not a techie (mechanic) so I will let more knowledgeable people answer your questions.