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  1. RobCDI ..... I'm not a professional, but one of the employees at a tint shop told me that he used a heat gun to coax the old tint off. You can use this as a suggestion that you might try, but I can't guarantee results.
  2. If you are unsure about distances the car can travel, I would suggest carrying a 3 gallon ( 13.5 L ) container with diesel fuel. DON'T let it run out! I would add more fuel when you get down to no less than 2L indicated on the dash. No point in taking chances with a fuel pump that relies on the cooling properties of the fuel to keep it cool.
  3. Willys .. The windows were tinted on mine professionally 8 years ago, and to this day, there are no bubbles. It might be worth the $$$ to have a pro do it just to ease your mind. As for backing into dark areas, as BCsmart mentioned, there is always the option of rolling the windows down.
  4. BCsmart .. Thanks ...... It wasn't my first choice, but I have grown to like it and yes, the colour is all original. The car is an '05 Pulse. Black tridion and blue panels (this is why it is named "bruised" .. 'cause it's black and blue The tint is what is normally referred to as "limo tint" and it is on all the windows except the front one.
  5. BC ...... The attachment on the right end of the photo in my last post, plugs into the inlet shown in the photo below. It also supplies power to the female plug under the carpeting on the passenger side. The female plug is under the carpeting on the passenger side near the battery and is there to supply 110V power to an in-car heater or battery warmer. It also supplies power to a block or oil pan heater for the engine. The plug on the left end of the cord in post #128 is, obviously, for a standard extension cord to be plugged into. The cord might be found in local auto recyclers. The original cord is about 1 metre long.
  6. This is what mine looks like with all windows done.
  7. Successful repair. The smart that had the angle iron repair is my winter transportation ( salt and other messy stuff ) and the fix was permanent! It does not leak and probably never will. The repair to the original leaking seam had a grinder taken to it and smoothed it down a bit so the angle iron would fit snugly ( contact at both edges ) against the surface of the muffler and then welded its entire length including the ends.
  8. My muffler suffered the same fate a few years ago ( split along the bottom seam ) ..... Glenn "just happened to have" a spare that had been repaired with a piece of ½" 90º angle iron, cut to the proper length and welded in place.. It was a permanent fix and still gives no problems.
  9. Willys, the heater cord seen here can be left on place for the winter months and the "typical" male end of it can be zip-tied to the front so it doesn't dangle. Easily removed for the summer. I generally store mine in the netted pouch in the passenger side (rear) pocket when summer rolls around.
  10. The light staying on is NOT normal. Something is open or ajar. Is the light over the rear window on as well? Perhaps the rear hatch is not latched down. My Passion came with a clock and tach . I'm surprised yours didn't. The radio has a seek feature ... when you encounter a weak station, it will search for another one with a stronger signal. If you want to remain on the originally selected station, read the operator's manual for instructions on how to turn that feature off.
  11. Was it near the end of the month? .. The end-of-the-month quota is not a myth. (a former neighbour was a Toronto cop and he confirmed it) If I get pulled over, by the time the cop gets to my door, the window is down .. they can then see inside all they want.
  12. The price I was quoted was for all the glass except the front window.
  13. Daytime visibility through the limo tint (from the inside) is just fine. A little caution at night and it works well too. Seeing other cars at night is certainly no problem. I have had no issues in 8 years of driving at night with them. I even back into my dark garage at night using the mirrors and looking through the rolled up windows (you need to SEE my garage to appreciate this). It's a two car garage with 3 cars, an e-bike and work benches on both sides, a compressor, snowblower and boxes of "stuff" down the middle.
  14. I got limo tint on all windows on my blue smart except for the front. The cost was about $250 eight years ago, so the price you were quoted sounds fair. The current cost to have all windows on a smart tinted is $259 + tax. It shouldn't take 4 hours to do the job properly. I was in and out in about two hours. They do like to keep the car for about 4 hours to allow the tint to properly dry, but they let me take it after 2 hours as long as I was just driving it home and wouldn't be using the defroster during that time. This was done at Tint King on Wellington Road in London. And before anyone jumps on me about the legalities of limo tint on the side windows, yes, they DID notify me that it wasn't quite legal, but they would do it as long as I acknowledge that fact in writing. Because the visors don't cover the side windows and I wear glasses, sun shining in from the side is a huge distraction and the limo tint does a fine job of filtering out the sun's rays. It's also handy when driving at night when you have some nitwit behind you with those stupidly bright lights shining in your side mirrors. Another plus is that what is IN my car is mine and no one else's business. (Someone has to try pretty hard to see in). If they can't see it, they usually don't get too interested in it.
  15. The yellow would certainly the most visible of the three choices .... On another note, I recognise that third photo (with butterflies) ....... It was Britsmart's Marty car
  16. Be very careful when running the fuel low! It could potentially damage the fuel pump due to overheating.
  17. You should add a small bottle jack or scissors jack to that list of tools ...... just in case!
  18. 70, 80 and beyond
  19. @ Willys ..... Those links only took you to one event (one year) and there are several more to find if you look in those forums around the same date, but different years. If you have the time, feel free to browse those forums for more coverage in different years.
  20. Nothing as deep as Albert Einstein, but here goes ....... "If not for the last minute, nothing would ever get done" - R.N.S.
  21. In Ontario, we used to have an event called a Mystery Run, albeit, not as ambitious as the one you are aiming for. They were fun! (see this link for a sample of the Mystery Run ) ( See this link for a sample of an annual event that we attend as the Featured Car club at the Plunkett Estate )
  22. Sign up: 1. Liz & Glenn 2. Ron & Dot 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  23. I was the "one exception" for food, but to their credit, when my burnt offering was pointed out to the server, she took it back and returned with a properly prepared dish. Indeed, it was wonderful to see that interest in our get-togethers continues to flourish.
  24. Thanks for the link Darren. Very interesting reading. Here's a couple of photos from that site. Photo #2 is pretty much identical to the one I have found.
  25. Spotted this one in a dealers parking lot. Very low mileage for the year. Please note: I am NOT the vendor!! The colour is a dark brown and appears to be in great shape ........ if interested, PM me for details on where to find it. Silver tridion, gas model. IMHO opinion, the price is a tad high, but then, I'm not in the market for one.