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  1. Mike I bought a new 2015 Smart Pure last September, 2015. Serial number WMEEJ3BA0FK820801. Silver body, silver tridion, Pure Package, Run-Out Package from Tri-Star Mercedes-Benz in Saint John, NB. Thanks, Gordie.
  2. Sorry Mike I do not, say the smart in the Auto Trader.
  3. 2006 Grandstyle #153 for sale in Fredericton, N.B.
  4. Yesterday I found out something very interesting, before I mentioned my 2009 Passion rode very rough at -20 degrees C. Well yesterday it was 8 degrees C above and I drove on the same rough road and you would not know it was the same car. No more bottoming out and the smart actually rode half decient. This tells me it is the cold temperatures that causes the smart to ride so bad in the winter.
  5. Yes, my 2009 Passion does the very same. At -20 below zero on a real rough road the front bottoms out like the shocks are not working, sounds awful.
  6. I have a 2009 smart passion with 19,000 km on it. I have driven it year round and it has only been back to the garage once for a blown parking bulb. It is so much fun to drive, I love it.
  7. Mike I already gave you the vin for this Highstyle in Saint John.
  8. Welcome to the club, I bet you are the lucky owner of the Highstyle in the showroom at Tri Star Mercedes in Saint John. I am from Norton, N.B. and own a 2009 Passion Coupe, I am having a ball driving it. I drove mine last winter with Contential winter tires and had no trouble on the snow and ice. I do not know how many litres per kilometer I am getting but in miles per gallon I am getting 50 in the winter and 60 miles per gallon in the summer.
  9. Mike, I find the engine noise in my 2009 Passion Coupe to be very low at cruising speed, it just purrs along.
  10. 451 Highstyle in showroom at Tri-Star Mercedes-Benz in Saint John, New Brunswick. Vin 347909.
  11. Just thought I would let you all know how the Passion is performing. It has brought fun back into driving a car again. No trouble with the car at all. As far as winter driving goes it has great traction on ice and snow, the traction control works great. As far as mileage goes in the middle of winter I got 50 miles to the imperial gallion, there are not to many cars out there that will do that in winter. As far as power goes here in New Brunswick we have a lot of steep hills and most of the small cars I have owned in the past would downshift to a lower gear going up them, but not the smart, hit the bottom of the hill at 100 or 110km and it will go over the top still in 5th gear. Using the paddle shifters the smart is real peppy. I love merging onto a main highway using 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear letting the revs climb, the exhaust sounds great. Good heater and heated seats, love the sun roof. I am throughly enjoying the experience.
  12. Hello everyone in Atlantic Canada. I just thought I would let everyone know there is a new red 2009 Smart Passion on the roads here in NB. So far I love the car, peppy, shifts better than I thought it would, And is real fun to drive.
  13. Hi all, I have been lurking for the past month and would like to thank you all for the valuable information about the smart. I bit the bullet last Tuesday and bought a 2009 red Passion coupe.I have only 500km on it yet but here is a mini review of it. Cannot believe how peppy it is, the paddles make shifting a breeze . In automatic mode, with the use of the accelator pedal it shifts nice too. Only thing I do not like is the ride on rough roads. Does everyone use recommended tire pressure on their Smarts.