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      [IMPORTANT] Club smart Car Website Migration - July 2024   07/07/2024

      Hello everyone, we will be looking to migrate the Club smart Car website to a new web host and update the software so that it is on the latest version and has security features such as HTTPS:// which is now the industry standard. A lot of web browsers are marking the website as Not Secure due to this.   In the coming days, you may notice this website go offline in its current form. You will be redirected to a new website URL which will be in use to direct you to the new version of the website. We are hoping to obtain the ownership of clubsmartcar.ca and clubsmartcar.com so you can continue using these links in the near future.   The new forum will look slightly different aesthetically, but will contain all the forum posts from the many years this community has existed! This was the most important to the group looking to keep the community going. Your usernames and passwords will also remain the same.   Unfortunately, the Wiki portions (including the VIN database) will not be able to be migrated in its current form, but the list is preserved and we will look to have the information available again in time. The chatbox will also be removed.   This step is important for the continuity of this community. We are very grateful to those who have graciously run the website in the past, however, currently we have no guarantees of the website continuing on, so we are taking these steps while we can, to keep Club smart Car going into the future.   If you have any questions, please comment in this thread. Otherwise, please stay tuned for the new website URL!   Thank you, -Awesys


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  1. Hi Shakey,I dropped the car off in the morning, the car was washed and ready to go by mid afternoon, all under warranty. Chuck
  2. I had the exact issue in August 2009 with my 2008 Passion. The dealer replaced the clutch plate assembly, and so far no re-occurrences.Chuck
  3. If Club smart Car does not have their own entry in the parade and you would still like to participate, I'm sure I could squeeze in an additional Smart or two with my own 2 Smarts. Requirements to blend into my group: Festivity decorated Smart Car, driven by a Clown. (I will help with a red nose a hat if needed). Set up is at: 10:30 AM, King and Mary Streets, NoTL, Saturday Dec. 12th, 2009 Regards,Chuck (Chuckles-the-Clown)