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  1. So I paid my 10 pounds and became a member of Evilution 2 days ago and it was a good purchase. I resolved all my issues with crappy, shakey, sometimes non-existent shifting. Here are some pictures and a video showing what worked for me. If you compare this video to my first one you can see the difference. The video explains what I did from beginning to end. Some of my terms are a little off...so be kind. Picture....seems I can only upload one.
  2. Yup I would have to second that. Neil and Allie have been very helpful and much more reasonable to deal with than either of the two MB dealerships here in Edmonton. On top of that they are proud owners of their own SMART now as well.
  3. I had exactly that once. But the next time I tried to shift with the three bars it wouldn't allow me to.Managed to insert my video's on my original post if those of you who are in the know wouldn't mind having a look. (5 posts up^)
  4. Starting to see some of the same issues with my 2006 cabrio. Can't get it in gear sometimes and will sometimes fail to shift when I'm actually driving. Had to coast to a stop and restart my car probably 14 times coming back from Whitecourt the other day just to get my ability to shift and drive back again. Popped underneath to take a video that I'm going to try and upload to show what its doing. Oops can't do it from my Windows phone so will try the home pc later tonight. Aaaaaaaaaaargh 2 mb...I'll get er yet. Gotta figure out a way to downsize the video...first timers.... By Golly I think I got it (thanks Flossy :0). Videos should lead to YouTube. Checked all my wiring harnesses going to the clutch actuator (I'm assuming that's the part the boot is attached too?) and I can't seem to find any wear, but I will have a go at pulling the cover off the actuator to have a better look.
  5. thanks for all the info. have pulled up the mats on both sides and found a lot of moisture under both. will pull apart the battery compartment as well to see what i find.
  6. Don't want to hijack this thread but i believe my current issues are applicable. We've had a ton of rain here in Alberta [as you probably have witnessed on the news] and I was headed to Staples to pick up some printer cartridges a couple of days ago in the pouring rain when I had a chance encounter with a puddle that i thought was only maybe a couple of feet deep. Anyways by the time i was halfway through it I realized the water was closing in on the level of my windshield. Even though I kept my foot on the gas the Smartie just about came to a complete halt and i barely crept out the other side.Problem is ever since them all of my pod lights have stayed on. 1.door ajar light 2. seatbelt light 3. water separator light. Car still drives ok but whenever im stopped at a light the car pops me into Neutral and i am forced to shift back into first to go.obviously a SAM/EGR issue..... .....maybewill start pulling things apart regardless but any advice would be welcome.lesson learned...Next time dont assume...better to go around than through.
  7. finally found a good time to take mine in and get them replaced. Have to say that i really have not noticed any difference in how they work......reminds me of the old commercial.....'CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE'.anyways had to leave it at David Morris for a little longer so they could put the dash back together properly from the last service appt i had there. Second time ive got it back with something either not put back together of i find screws/parts in the sidepocket of the Smartie that i dont have a clue where they came from.Dont know what MB could have done differently but marketing the Smarts out of the same dealerships as the full-size mb's was in my opinion...a mistake.
  8. 193,000 and climbing. Mostly highway and half of that using a fuel conditioner
  9. After watching your Video yesterday, I scooted right out and gave those rings a good blast with a penetrating spray. Great Video.
  10. Had exactly the same experience with Weber. Left my car all day to get some work done only to come back at 4pm to find nothing had been done.3 Choices here in Edmonton1.Get overcharged by David Morris2. Get overcharged by Weber and not get any work done.3. Take it to an independent like Pug City Euroworks.Only problem with Pug as much as I like Neil is that he hasn't had the "official" Mercedes training. He's done quite a bit of work for me and I have been satisfied with all of it to date. However the last time I took it to him, his code-reader spit out a code on my Smartie that he had never seen before. He did some diagnosis but was unable to determine what it was. To his credit he never charged me but I was forced to take it to DM where they got the same code but obviously either had more information or had seen it before and had it fixed that same day to the tune of $1000. 1G to replace a section of wire in a wiring harness. :(First thing Im going to do is take that diagnosis to Neal at PugCity so that next time I dont have to go to MB.Back on topic, I will be taking the car back to David Morris this next week to get my door handles replaced even though Ive never had any issues with my current ones. Will let you know how that goes and I will keep the ones they remove so if anybody wants them just pay the postage and their yours.
  11. Well there is nothing that a thousand dollars cant fix..(well maybe there are somethings). Finally took the Smartie to David Morris in Edmonton. Their scanner gave them the same code as Neil at PugCity was getting. They must have seen something like this before because they did some troubleshooting and found a wire in the rear wiring harness that runs along the rear bumper to the fuel pump that was either showing no conductivity or higher than normal conductivity. Anyways it was a defective wire that had a kink in it. They called me partway through the repair to say they had to take the rear bumper off to get to the wire. They quoted me at about $540 total for the repair....I kinda though ah well thats not so bad....is it? I showed up the next day to pick up the car and was presented with a bill for $934 and some cents. ..... Im not gonna say anymore! I paid it, left the dealership and then phoned the service manager to express my serious annoyance. He agreed it was not a good way to conduct business and that is the last I've heard from them. Gotta go get my door-handles replaced under warranty later this month...looking forwards to that.
  12. Nope never had a remap...... maybe its just an issue with the rail limiter as Mike suggested or a sensor connected to the fuel pump?
  13. [He must have somebody he consults regularly in Germany because he said he was going to have a chit-chat with them. Said He'd never seen this problem before.
  14. [ Just had my Smartie in to Pugs in Edmonton to check out a 'lack of power' at the top end of the shift. Car starts and runs normally but when anything more than normal acceleration is required [ie anything 2800 rpm or over] the car will not give you anything extra no matter how hard you press on the accelerator. Neil threw it on the scanner there because I did have a 'check engine' light. He though it would be the egr valve but the scanner indicated that the trouble was with the high pressure end of the fuel pump... something to the effect that the pressure was to high. Read all the posts on the fuel filter/water seperator and wondering if this is maybe whats causing me grief. Unless Mercedes replaced it under warranty that filter has never been replaced and Im coming up on 175000 k now.
  15. Sorta comforting to know were not the only ones...