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  1. I'm selling my mint condition JL Audio Stealthbox for the Smart fortwo. Model number SB-SMRT-4-2/8W3v3. Product info: The unit is in Mint Condition, professionally installed on my 2010 Smart in late 2011 but car was HARDLY driven (since I hardly reside in Vancouver due to work). Professionally uninstalled before returning the car from lease before Xmas (dec 2012). All necessary Hardware Included. Asking CAD375OBO. I paid USD475 + Shipping + Tax. Serious Buyers please, and PM me if you have any questions =) Located in Vancouver BC and if product is going out of GVRD area, ask me for shipping.
  2. Gratz on your new Smart. I remember it took me a lot of time to convince the people around me that the Smart is a SMART choice (even to myself)... but you will soon learn to love your car, specially when you pay so little to fill up your tank. The smart is a fun car to drive, and it helps save money (if something is too big for your trunk to hold, don't buy it =D)
  3. Bump, friend decide to sell to smart users and not on ebay. PM if interested. Price is CAD450 obo, but be reasonable with offers,
  4. Wow, suprised that no one is interested... was thinking that you guys can get first dibs... I may just put it on ebay for my friend then, thanks for all the interest.
  5. According to the website, it says its 08+... its designed to install under/behind the glovebox area. I am sure it will work on a 06 as well, but might not be as "stealthy"?
  6. In case you guys are wondering... these works fine with the stock stereo system, all you need is just an amp to power up the bass. Professional installatiion recommended. If interested, send me a PM and make an offer. Friend would like to sell the unit asap. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, Selling the item for a close friend. He purchased a JL Audio Stealthbox last month for his 08 Smart but decided to trade in his car. The stealthbox is brand new in box, never install, still wrapped in original packaging. Asking price is CAD450... I'll throw in the delivery if you are in the Richmond / Vancouver BC area... Prefer to deal locally but can provide shipping (not incl.). I figured that picture beats a thousand words so here's the link. Smartmadness sells it for USD474.99 + Shipping. Here's the link: Any questions, or if you need photos, PM me. Thanks for reading.
  8. Got these CF Mirror covers from smartmadness but colour didnt go too well with my SMART. BRAND NEW CONDITION - Never been install. Selling for CAD100 SHIPPED. You saved the shipping and get to keep your existing cover as backup (no need to trade back for instore credit). I live in Richmond BC so delivery is possible if you are in the local vincinity. Here's a link to the actual product:
  9. So, does the purple heart count? Its something not everyone have~!!
  10. After a succssful HID Group Buy on, my uncle has asked me to seek interest regarding these Emergency LED Beacons. These Beacons are basically 4 in 1 tools. It comes with a 12 RED LEDs Multidirectional Flashing Beacon , 1 X LED Flash Light, Glass Shattering Hammer, and a Seatbeat Cutter. Base is magnetic so it can be mount onto the top of your car for better visibility. Beacon is build with heavyduty plastic for improved durability and its also waterproof. GROUP BUY PRICE IS USD30 (If we have 20+ People) Comes with 1 Year NO LEMON COVERAGE POLICY. I've did a quick search on eBay and competitive products are selling for roughly 15USD + Shipping. So why is my uncle's products selling for more? After examining an ebay sample, I got the answer and the extra cost is well worth it. Here's my feedback... Ebay LED Beacons: - LEDs are 50% less bright compare to the one's my Uncle - Beacon built with Mediocre Plastic - thus casing breaks when use with shattering hammer - NO WARRANTY - 7 Day Return Policy STARTS on Auction Win Date - Return period is over before you receive product Here are some photos to show you the actual product. If Interest, please sign up. If we get enough interest, these items will be shipped by the end of Feb. Cost more than the EBay competitive products, but when your life depends on this tool, that extra USD15 may save your life =\ Sign up: ======= 1) Guinness X 2 2) Benggolf X 2 3)
  11. 1. smartzuuk (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)2. Mike T (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)3. smartcynth (2008 pure coupe gas)4. smartzuuk spare driven by TBD (2005 pulse coupe cdi)5. bilgladstone (2005 Pulse cdi)6. Henry (06 pulse cabrio cdi)7. Monkii (08' pulse cabrio gas)8. Ted (05 pure cabrio cdi)9. FastEddy (2008 Brabus Xclusive cabrio gas by Flying Tiger)10, mimota (2008 cabrio)11.sidneyfortwo (2005 Pulse Cabrio) 12. Catopounce (2006 Pulse Coupe)13. jeremygray (2006 Passion Coupe cdi)14. smartvancouver (2008 Passion)15. Guinness (2009 Brabus Cabrio)
  12. LOL, its HORN~~~ OMG I cant believe I typed that~ >.<
  13. MUST FINISH MOD BY THEN~~~~ But my car is sooo stocky =\
  14. And this show that you guys are refering to is..... @@?