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  1. Officially no longer a smart car owner as of tonight, bye bye SMRT GRL (Oct 20, 2004 - Mar 8, 2015)
  2. So I think I need to upsize my car which unfortunately means I have to let go of SMRT GRL. I've tried to take the best care of her since Oct 2004 when I bought it by only taking her in for service and repairs at MB dealers.I would like to find her a good home since she has been really good to me thoughout the years Please message me at for additional information if interested. Thank you,Ramona
  3. Thank you for the responses. If anybody knows someone interested in buying mine please direct them to me.
  4. It is with great sadness that I have to give up my baby :-( I am looking for input as to what price I should ask/what price would people be willing to pay. Here are the details:- 2005 pure coupe- red/black exterior, gray interior- A/C- manual only w/ tach- just under 94,000kms- bought it approx Oct 2004 and have had it dealer maintained the whole time- no modifications done- would include the winter tires which come with their own rims - used for 2 wintersI'm looking to sell if possible in the next 3 weeks. Anything else please ask. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  5. Sign up list:1. Liz & Glenn2. Ron & Dot3. Melissa4. Alberta & Cliff & Jane5. Bill6. Sandra7. rrowswell8. Carol & Don9. Ken (KKSMART05)10. Sharon & Doug 11. Ramona (SMRT GRL)
  6. Sign up list:01. Liz and Glenn.02. Carol & Don03. Bill (smartnhappy)04. John ( Elaine has another engagment)05. Rob06. Alberta & Cliff (will post later what we'll bring)07. Pat and Paula (Silver Blue)08. Dave & Lu and the Tank09. William ( I will bring some desserts )10. Terry & Phyllis (smarting) 11. Ramona (I'll bring dessert)Glenn were you the one that tagged me today with the BBQ info?
  7. You guys really saw a car with the plates SMRT GRL? As far as I'm aware license plates aren't allowed in duplication and I have the SMRT GRL plate and I haven't been outside the southern ontario region with my car in a couple of years. Plus my baby's red w/ black and it's 2005 pure.
  8. Hello boys and girls,Haven't been on here in forever. So I'm almost done my degree and in a year I'll be done my CGA designation. I'm also going to be starting a new job on June 8 Only problem is that I will be working in the Talbot and Queens area and parking averages $100/month. Since the smart only occupies 1/2 space I'm curious to know if anybody knows if there are any parking garages that cater to smaller cars or even motorcycles or that would allow 2 smarts to share a spot. If anybody lives within a 2-3 block radius and wouldn't mind letting me park in their driveway from approximately 7:30 - 5:00 Monday through Friday that would work too, contact me and we'll negotiate a price.Thanks,Ramona
  9. Hello there boys and girls,I know I haven't showed any signs of life for a long time but rest assured I'm perfectly ok just extremely busy. I would have loved to come out to Glenn's over the weekend but couldn't get away.I'm in the last 200 meter dash of my CGA designation program & I'm continuing to work part-time while commuting to Kitchener for courses 4 days a week. Luckily this will only last until February (if everything goes according to schedule) and then I'll have free time so I can start coming out to events again. Hoping to write my last professional exam December 2009 after which no more school :DHope everyone's well & hope to see you all soon.Ramona
  10. This is my 4th winter w/ my smart & I have never put winter tires on it & have managed through all weather conditions. I find as long as I adjust my driving style I'm fine...that and I have a little snow shovel and some ice melter in the back in case I do get stuck (but in those conditions everybody's getting stuck regardless of car or tires)
  11. 1. steve and jackie. 2. smartboy and Skip 3. mixed 4. Silverblue (Pat and Paula) 5. Duck (Iain) 6. Fastcar007 (Mario) 7. Diesel Dave & Pam 8. SpaDogs Andy, Julie, Cookie & Tuxie9 9. darren & laurie & Taisie (tentative) 10. smart142 (Glenn&Alex,probably) 11. drdrew 12. Sonja&Alex (from London) 13. Grayce (Carrie and Mark) 14. paR (Barb & Dave)15. SMRT GRL
  12. would come but the 30th is my mom's month...
  13. 1. Cheese4 (Melissa) 2. Smartnhappy (Bill) 3. DR MAP (Cliff and Alberta) 4. SMRT GRL