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  1. $1200. This car requires a new PCM unit I am selling as an "as is" car will start ,has brand new alternator installed last week that cost $800 . Car is in fair overall condition is just too expensive for me to repair. Tires have .32 tread on them all round , after market heated seats.Glass is good ,windows work. Body good Located in Duncan , BC on Vancouver Island Please email with questions thanks
  2. Hi I’m looking for fuel pump for 2006 smart for two diesel . Three point can’t find one thanks Mhairi
  3. Thanks very much for the advice and instruction . I wish I was braver about fixing it myself ….
  4. The smart cat dealer in victoria says Have an intermittent electrical faultl in the pump…
  5. My car has 162970 on it
  6. Thanks Mike see you there !!
  7. Sounds good to me too! Will try and keep day clear! =^..^=
  8. Sorry I missed the Beacon Hill drive in, I'm away in Glasgow with Dad.., lots of Smarts over here!Cheers, Smartalec
  9. Just an FYI was in Three Point on Tuesday and heard the party might be the 20th.....cheers Mhairi
  10. Sorry we cant make Friday night , but hope to be at garage sale! Hope to see everyone there.......Mhairi and Rob
  11. Thanks for the Models Mike! I enjoyed dinner too and the company , both times! LOL Perhaps we could go to the CVI next week , they have a menu with salads and pastas as well as the usual pub/lounge fare ........or?
  12. Hi Deb, Check out the menu at it is pretty extensive .Hope you make it....Mhairi
  13. Siam is at 512 Fort street down at the harbour end of Fort.
  14. How about Siam restaurant? Really good Thia food mild or spicy ,...
  15. I am doing my civic duty in court on the 6th but if I get finished early enough Tuscany village Applebee's sounds good! And I agree with Mike about the parking...Mhairi
  16. We had a good time too! Sorry you couldn't make it Deb, hope things get better.....
  17. 630 will be fine! Looking forward to their tasty pub grub......Mhairi & Rob
  18. Count us in we are off work this week so the Crow sounds great...what time?
  19. What about Smokin Bones ? I have heard it is very good! (langford)They serve cajun and smoked barbecue ( the unspicy stuff) and use local ingredients.Its in a small strip mall and is very casual.I am happy to go where ever as long as I can get off work early enough to make it..Mhairi
  20. I love Thai ,but I don't eat the hot stuff just the mild....