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  1. That is a great ad!!
  2. I bought these off of Tirerack when I was in the States due to the very reasonable cost. However, my existing winter tires have a lot of treat left on them and I am not putting many winter kms on my Smart. So, instead of having them sit in my garage for the next 5 years, I am trying to sell them.2 145-65 R152 175/56 R15$250 obo.
  3. I went through the Coq last summer in my 06 cdi. Yeah, it was a little slow on some of the big hills, but nothing too bad at all. It was an awesome trip through the mountains, to be honest (but I do love traveling in my Smart).The one thing I can tell you is that you definitely cannot run the A/C going through those hills.
  4. I hope the Focus serves you well!I currently have the opposite problem in that every time I drive by a car lot with a used cdi on it I want to buy it (especially the cream coloured hard tops with black tridion).
  5. Thanks for sharing your unfortunate adventure with us Mike. It is good to hear that you are okay, and that the smart will live to drive some more kms!
  6. May I suggest bringing along a little Bob Dylan? Essential - in my mind - to any road trip. To FinallyGotOne: I am not sure if I am more impressed by the fact that you can sleep in your smart, or that $100 is a quarter of your mortgage payment!
  7. Yeah, definitely a lot of damage. I do feel like the driver is lucky to be alive in this accident, and I am sure glad there was no passenger in the vehicle.
  8. I do not have anything to add of assistance, but I just wanted to say congratulations. I bought a "new" 06 cdi earlier this year, and it has been absolutely wonderful thus far!! These little cars will work their way into your heart.
  9. I sat in one in a Toyota dealer when I was in Italy last year. At the time I was seriously falling in love with the Fiat 500, so I was not overly impressed with it. But, I do like the look of it.
  10. I am in downtown Toronto right now, and one of the things I love when I am here is seeing all of the smarts on my daily walk to the UofT (don't know if that sounds kind of pathetic). They are definitely a rarer sight on my hour drive to work outside of Edmonton - might see one every two weeks.
  11. While I certainly agree that our summers are not nice enough for a long enough time, I absolutely loved having the cabrio for the time that it was nice. The days are long in northern Alberta, and putting the top down on some of those evenings and driving around listening to Bob Dylan....pretty much priceless.It is a trade off, because on those days when the top is up I would certainly appreciate the glass roof. Yeah, the logical choice is probably the hard top, but the "you only live once argument" has me recommending the cabrio. Keep in mind I was fortunate enough to have gorgeous weather for my trips through the Crowsnest and Going-to-the-Sun highway in Glacier National Park. Loved every minute with the top down!!There is a solution though: 451 Coupe for the winter, 450 Cabrio for the summer. (What I would do if my budget allowed it!).
  12. Hmmmm....seems a little suspicious that it is everyone's "son" who is putting these keys through the wash.
  13. Agreed. This really is a wonderful community, and I appreciate the time and effort that it takes to contribute to, and maintain, this place.
  14. And, if you get the pump and do the oil changes yourself, then there is no need to worry about someone cross-threading your oil plug.
  15. Very interesting thread. For partly selfish reasons, I hope you end up going for the Smart cdi. From what I have read, I think you would be a great ambassador for the car when people ask why you purchase it. I find that a lot of people just dismiss this little car right away, saying "I just do not understand it." But then after talking about it for a bit, they are much more receptive to the idea of a car that gets people from point A to B in an economical, fun, efficient manner.Plus, if you get that Smart, you have a great excuse to peruse this forum - the perfect procrastination tool!