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  1. It would be for summer fun, no need for a block heater. Ahh strikelines. I remember the EGR fun, were the 06 that much better?
  2. Stock wheels, my daughters golf has similar wheels and they are not fun to clean.Has paddles though.
  3. This is listed for 7995.
  4. What should a 05 passion cabrio with 35000kms go for these days. I've been out of the loop for a bit and may be looking to own again.
  5. No Mike the rabbit lives again in 2009 Wabbit Duck too bad about your turbo troubles. It is still within the 20,000 km warranty isn't it?
  6. I think that you might want to check those pig no-no connections and then spend some of your hardly earned cash on a nice new shiny silver box.ps: you're right, no need to mention names.
  7. maybe
  8. Yah they have, by not notifying you.
  9. Got a call today about purchasing one, not THE call about winning one. Would be nice to have some Brabus power in it for that kind of money. I could of had a V-8
  10. The short fuel line connections vibrated loose on ours and left fuel pooled below yet the leak was not visible to see even with engine running.
  11. 10th anniversary smart or 2010 camaro R/S for about the same money, hmmm......... oh yah forgot about the no more toys thing.
  12. So is winning a good thing or a bad thing??????
  13. Just reading through this and I believe it would be worth a phone call to the service manager at Oakville. Explain your situation to him/her and see if they would like the work, mention that Iain highly recommends their work and ask about a loaner while the work is being performed. Worse case is they turn you off/down and you are still where you are now, best case you send your car to Oakville, get treated like their customers and have a vehicle to drive while you wait. It's only a phone call.