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  1. I still have my 450 steering wheel with air bag as was listed on this site (see below).  I do not know how much shipping would be, I think it has to ship ground due to the air bag. Let me know if you want it and I can check on shipping cost to Ontario.




  2. 450 smart steering wheel with air bag. This does not have the paddle shift. I no longer need this steering wheel as I replaced the stock wheel with one that did have paddle shift. But now I sold my smart car so no longer need these spare parts. $100 US OBO plus shipping
  3. Set of 4 smart Roadster Strikeline 15" rims with tires - these are the wider rims and tires that were stock on the smart 450 Pulse and smart 452 Roadster models. Rear tires are worn and need replaced but front tires have a lot of tread left as pictured. I used these for my summer tires, and had Blizzak's on the smaller stock rims for winter. Offset is not correct for 451 models (2008 and newer) Bridgestone B340 Tire sizes: front 175/55R15, rear 195/50R15 You can see a picture of them mounted on my 450 at For shipping calculations, the tires dimensions are 22" diameter, 7" wide for the fronts and 8" wide for the rear. Weight is 29 pounds front and 33 pounds rear (each). $300 US plus shipping. Located in Boise, Idaho
  4. I have a full set of Starlight Blue panels for a 450 coupe available as pictured, they are located in Boise, Idaho. They are in great condition. Will not fit the 450 convertible. $400 US plus shipping costs.
  5. I have a set of the wider Pulse and Roadster wheels with tires. Includes the Brabus fender extensions. The rear tires need replaced, but plenty of miles left on the fronts. Located in Boise, Idaho, so unsure what it would cost to ship them across the border. Contact me if interested. Tom
  6. The Leaf commercial above is great!Tom
  7. smarTpi, if you need a windshield wiper stalk for the coupe, I have one available, as I installed the factory cruise control stalk and no longer need the original. PM me if interested.Tom
  8. We had a rainy day for the cruise, even a little bit of snow over the mountain pass, but it was not sticking to the road. Four smart cars did the loop: my 2003, a 2005 and two 2008 smart cars. We saw a lot of high water runoff in the rivers and had to watch closely for rocks on the road.Looking forward to this annual event again next year!Tom
  9. On Sunday May 15, 2011, we will meet at the Home Depot at 1:00pm in Eagle (State Street and Highway 55) and drive up to Banks, across to Lowman, and back down to Boise, stopping along the way for sight seeing, then stop for dinner at either Trudy's Kitchen in Idaho City or the Kodiak Grill near Lucky Peak at about 6:00pm.
  10. I test drove an electric smart a few weeks ago, and was not impressed. It lacked power for acceleration and bogged down uphill, and the transmission is stuck in 2nd gear, causing it to whine quite a bit a full speed (62 mph). Its pricing is way too high when compared to the other options out there.Tom
  11. So how long until someone goes for 20 girls in a smart car??The video footage unfortunately does not show all the 19 girls crammed in there.Tom
  12. We also had a smart key go through the washing machine, but ours was killed by the process. All attempts to dry it out and make it function again failed. Ended up getting a replacement so that we have two keys again.Tom
  13. I am interested in the arm rest for the 450. Can you send me a picture?
  14. I like the plate, good web site too. The smart car is a good choice for a company car for you.Tom
  15. The next smart car club of Idaho event will be a smart car cruise of about 140 miles on Sunday, May 16, 2010. Last spring we did this cruise in the reverse direction of what we will this year. We will meet near the McDonald's at Federal Way and Gowen Road (Highway 21 exit on I-84) at 2:00pm and leave the parking lot at 2:30 to drive to Idaho City. We will then drive to Lowman, through Garden Valley, to Banks and down to Horseshoe Bend, then return to Boise. We plan to make several stops along the way, wherever we want to stop for pictures, white-water and wildlife viewing, etc. We will stop for dinner in either Garden Valley or Horseshoe Bend (TBD) at about 5:30pm. A map for the route can be found below: Directions for smart car cruise If you want to join us for this event, please E-mail or PM me. If you are unable to make the cruise but would still like to meet the group at the for dinner, let me know that as well. I would like a head count for dinner so that we can make reservations ahead for our group. I hope to see a bunch of smarties there! So far I have five pre-registered for the event. Tom