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  1. So basically you're making your Smart to look like something that Citroën built, right? I've thought about full moon capsules and fender skirts for the rear wheels, too. I wonder how the (front) brakes would cool after that, though.
  2. Those are the only two I know of... Been planning to buy one for myself, actually.
  3. Anyone? Please?
  4. Hello all,Last week my EGR started to give me grief. No CEL but limp mode after starting & driving a bit. Limp mode was not continuous, I could get it off by stopping and starting the engine a couple of times. Went in yesterday to get the codes read and it was EGR as I had suspected. Car has 159000km on the clock.Please forgive me for not reading all the past 30 pages, but is there someone selling the egr bypass circuit / willing to build one for me?I'm planning to take off the top hose and try to clean the valve with carb cleaner to see if it helps any. I haven't asked if the EGR has already been replaced, the dealer would know as the car hass full service history until 140000km or so.
  5. Wouldn't it be rather easy to add a small micro switch wired in parallel with the softouch button to the gear lever so when it's moved sideways from neutral to in gear, it would "press" the button?It could be just a piece of L-shaped metal screwed to the plastic housing and a microswitch glued/taped to the lever itself and some small gauge wire. Not pretty but would do the trick.
  6. New tyres, finally.Continental Premium Contact 175/55R15 in front, 195/50R15 at the back.My oh my how much better it is to drive after the old-old-old almost treadless *once studded* winter tires I had (155/55 f 185/55 r).
  7. I ordered new parts today, only 5€ apiece and they said both sides are the same. I also ordered the wiper arm nozzle and stuffses for 25€. Next week the nose will come off and those will go in, along with new springs all around
  8. So... There I was, happy after installing my new S-Mann side scoop and I decided to check out why my wipers are making noise and why the passenger side won't stay on the glass on highway speeds.Look what I found :(As you can see from the first outside pictures the arm pivot points do seem to be slightly off-center.Upon closer investigation the true horror appears Drivers side is quite worn but still manageable, but the passenger side has eaten itself almost all the way through the plastic and is well on its way to the locking nut I guess that the previous owner hasn't really bothered to grease anything at all!Any ideas how hard it is to dismantle the wiper system and should I replace the whole linkage while I'm at it? I wonder if it would be a good idea to make a bronze bushing and replace the plastic one with that. A bronze part would wear out slower and would also retain grease better than a plastic part will ever do.
  9. This might be old news but I only found this today:
  10. Sure they might have that information, but it isn't a problem. For a custom map you can save your original version number so the only way to know that something is changed is to download from ECU and compare with stock map with the same version number.Also, there's nothing keeping you from flashing your original map back when you go to the dealer for (warranty) repairs or some other work.
  11. What year is your Smart?I find it strange that mine and tolsens ECUs have the exact same Bosch number but the map itself isn't interchangeable. My experience with Bosch this far has been that even minor differences in build or spec get a new Bosch number and that's that...
  12. Well.. after the longest 10 minutes of my life I have to say that my try ended up failed. It seems that the old style CDI (older than 04) which is also incompatible with X-Gauge is not compatible with the 451 ECU map either After flashing the car I got the dreaded three bars on the gear display and nothing else... after flashing again with original map all is good again.So... even though the bosch number of the ECU is the same there are some differences that are not visible to the "casual observer". Good news is that even if you load a map that doesn't work it's recoverable without going to the dealer. Yes you need a laptop or a cable that's long enough to reach your car from your computer...
  13. While there might be some differences in the map in different regions due to fuel grades etc all the late stock maps should work equally well in all engines. Of the remapped files, no idea. As tolsen said, the 451 map works in a 450 so that might be the "best" stock map to be had. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow and see what my experiences are. In general if you haven't made any modifications to the actual hardware all maps that work well in one car should work equally well in any other car.
  14. No, it isn't. I got mine off Ebay for less than 40€ and they're constantly for sale as new so you shouldn't have a problem sourcing one for yourself no matter where you live. I ordered mine from a seller in Hong Kong and it arrived in a week.The program is pretty simple and has no frills, about the only thing that you can do wrong is to upload a map that isn't suitable for your ECU.Edit: is the seller I got mine from, all the prices are about the same give or take a few bucks... Note that I'm in no way affiliated with that seller, I only bought from that shop *once*.
  15. I sent you an email... take a look