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  1. [i sold it to DieselDave 2 years ago... It had 342,000km on it then. He still bombs around in it.. I would love to get another one..sigh..Debbie
  2. [i had RCTS in Calgary troubleshoot my problem. They ended up hot wiring the starter to the sam. They ran a separate wire from starter to sam, and it worked.Debbie
  3. I use MetroTech Labs in Calgary. Most likely cheaper and faster...usually 48 hour turn-around...Debbie
  4. Oil

    Not a good idea. These engines need good clean synthetic oil. Most use 5w40 Mobil 1 or equivalent. Do not use generic Dino oil. YMMV Debbie
  5. Oil

    I sold the car to Designer Dave back in October. It had 342,000 on it then. I was running Amsoil 5w40 cj4 diesel rated oil. Same stuff my 2008 ram cummins takes. 10,000 km oci and oil samples every change. Running WVO two tank system as well. No problems. I think Dave still drives it occasionally.Debbie
  6. Oil

    When I had my first A and B service done, it was 0w30 Mobil 1. Then at the second A service it changed to 0w40. I asked why and the response was due to our harsher climate it would protect better all the time. Because I had the webasto, I ran 5w40 year round. Debbie
  7. Oil

    I used 5w40 in mine all year long. This summer why not try Mobil 1 5w50? See if it helps blowby. 0w30 in my opinion is too thin for these engines. Especially with the sump being so small. Debbie
  8. Thanks for the edit, Alex.My iPhone really butchered his post...Have a great weekend all.
  9. Awesome to hear Dave!I used it everyday for 4 years straight. Loved it. It cost me $2800 installed including the remote. It owed me nothing...You can also run it when you are driving to keep the heat up...Glad the fuel filter solved the problem. Who know what settled out after sitting for so long. Debbie
  10. The remap was done by RCTS. It's not the problem. It was also run on 100% diesel for 10,000km (1 month) before the car was retired out of service. It was parked with a full tank and fuel treatment as well. It was started once a month for 16 months when parked as well. I'm leaning toward the fuel filter as well. You could purge the lines and start fresh as it may be old fuel....The veg system had it's own pump and filter. Separate systems so no cross contamination could occur. Hope that helps...Debbie
  11. Figures. I'm gonna email my rep and see what he can find for us...Debbie
  12. How long has it been discontinued? Been awhile since I had to order one... No equivalent replacement in the Amsoil line-up?Debbie
  13. I switched to Amsoil 5W40 Euro formula after my failure. Don't regret it. Oil analysis shows very little wear. Running my alternative fuels, I tested every oil change. Usually 7 to 8 thousand km intervals. Last couple of changes has been Amsoil 5W40 CJ4 rated oil. Same stuff I use in my 2008 Cummins 6.7liter. The results are even better. The smaller sump is a problem too. Debbie
  14. I will volunteer mine. Its not in service right now, so wouldn't be missed. Now, who wants to do the work?Debbie