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  1. A great post mate. Did it with confidence after I saw your video. Shifting is far more smoother now... Thanks a ton.
  2. Thank you for the quick response. Any chance of actuator not working when fitted in the car? Please let me know how much rpm should the engine be at, to make the wastegate actuator work?
  3. Latest update: I took it to a MB approved Smart specialist. They said the arm was stuck/seized completely. They recommended me to replace the whole turbo for £900 since a failed actuator means more bits in the turbo may have failed too. Wast not convinced, so came back home, removed the wastegate actuator, lubed it with plenty of oil and presto! it started working. The arm action is good but still too tight. Completely agree. Best to work it on a vice. With the actuator fitted on the car I could not move it at all (so couldn't the so-called specialists) and thought it was fubarred.Thanks for the tips guys. Pretty happy that I dont have to shell out for a new turbo now.Since actuator was stuck so far, when I fit it back can I test the actuator by just raising in neutral ? Also would I feel any difference in drive/engine feel since the actuator would be working?
  4. Yes, I am in the UK. MB have quoted £50 + vat for just checking the turbo wastegate. Parts and replacement labour if any, is on top of that. Good friends with the local garage guys... But not sure if they are competent enough to carry out the work. Please give me some pointers on what I should ask them to do?
  5. After marking the position of the nuts on the arm, I loosened them. The poppet valve (right end on my picture) moves freely. Even comes back into position. But it seems to be stuck on the other end. So the arm does not register any movement either way. Shall try once more this weekend.Saw an excellent youtube video on how to lubricate the clutch actuator! That and the parking brake adjustment are the plans for this weekend.
  6. No luck so far. Will have to book the car in for a service...
  7. Poppet lever of the wastegate moves but does not snap back as mentioned in other threads/posts. But the other end seems stuck. Have lubricated it again. Not sure if it would work. If it does not work out, then thinking of a A level service to sort things out.
  8. Thanks a lot mate! I used an oil based lubricant. But would it be safe to use WD40 on the popper lever? IF that doesnt work shall use diesel fuel treatment and see what happens...
  9. Car: Smart for Two, CDI 2001, LHD. I read about servicing the wastegate on the evilution site. (How to service the wastegate) I removed the rear panel and then right above the bumper was this: This has been confirmed as the turbo wastegate on another forum. The trouble is it does not move at all. Looks like it is completely seized/welded... Tried moving the long rod by hand but no luck. Lubricated all ends. Left it for around 45 minutes. Still no luck. The question is, if it is working properly would I be able to move the rod by hand? Could anyone please give me tips/suggestions on how to sort this one out? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks a ton Alex. Almost 100% correct. About 5-8 seconds after the engine starts. Engine sound does change a bit. Did not notice lights brightening. Shall try to replace the belt! Assume, the oil leak is a separate issue. Now that calls for a separate thread...
  11. Any DIY guides for checking the faults you have mentioned? In the meanwhile I have also found the problme could be because of a Sticky wastegate or Clutch actuator. Planning to dedicate this saturday for this issue.
  12. I have a smart CDI City Coupe 2001. Purchased about a week or so ago.When I start the car in the mornings or after it has sat for more than 4-5 hours, there is a high pitched squeal. It is like whistle and it can be heard atleast 20-30 metres away! It happens when the car is in first gear or reverse (even with handbrake on). Once I start moving about 20-30 metres it goes away. And does not creep up as long as the engine is warm! Also after the squeal comes on, if I just stop the car and press the accelerator pedal down hard, the engine revs up & the noise goes away.I suspected it might be the squeaky fan belt. But then today I noticed some oil on the left rear side. There are also a few drops of oil on the ground where I parked last night. Oil level is ok.I know this is quite vague. Shall try to post a picture of the oil leak and also a audio clip of the noise. Any suggestions or pointers most welcome. Thanks a ton in advance...
  13. I have seen quite a few nanos. Quite spacious and nippy. Perfect for speeds less than 100kmph. According to TATA, the car catching fire is due to one small electrical fault. But that is no excuse. Dont care if it is due to a huge failure of the entire system or just one small resistor that fails...
  14. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. The CDI has done about 120K. Smart is much more fun than I expected. Starting to like it a lot. Our dons have the learned a knack of snatching defeat in the dying minutes of the match by letting in a few goals! Apart from that they are sooper dooper. Not much of a football fan. More into Badminton and Squash.
  15. Just bought a Smart For Two, City Coupe cdi 2001.Was informed this was the best site on the net for CDI smarts. So here I am. It is a standard LHD with panoramic roof. Jsut added the drink holder, under seat storage and rev counter.