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  1. I had mine replaced in the west end of Ottawa just over a year ago at: Auto-wa Upholstery & Glass Ltd1559 Laperriere Ave,Ottawa ON, K1Z 7T1tel: 613-729-7212I brought them the rear portion of the roof, and it took them a few days to replace it. I had installed a replacement, so wasn't without a car.I think it was $350 plus tax. I'm happy with the job. Contact me if you'd like more info.
  2. I measured the resistance of the defrost traces, and they came in at about 1.4Ω. That puts the draw (assuming 14 Volts) at 10 amps. I need to do a temporary connection to see if the resistance changes with temperature.As an added bonus, the car is noticeably quieter on the road (engine and tire noise).
  3. Francesco, I finally installed mine! The weather was an unseasonably warm 18°C today, and so I took the opportunity to install mine. Though it was sunny when I started, the rain clouds were threatening, and it was pouring when I finished. I had planned to take many pictures, but the time window made that impractical.With my schedule and the weather since my return from Germany, I thought I wouldn't get it installed this year. Now that it's in at least I'll be able to scrape the ice off! I may look at doing a temporary electrical hookup directly from the battery, and controlled with an ignition signal, for this winter, and look into something more permanent next year.Though I have measured neither the resistance nor the amperage, Chris guessed that it would draw 8 amps. I'll let you know if I am able to measure it.
  4. Just got my 2005 Cabriolet (100700 km) back from the dealer today. Replaced the lines, and the failed compressor, under warranty. My cost: $0. We bought the car two years ago. The used car dealer filled the system when we bought. It worked fine until last spring. Dealership (Star Motors, Ottawa) refilled the system, along with dye. No evidence of leak, worked all summer. This spring, no A/C. Then I guess the A/C was left on, though it was blowing warm (it's my wife's daily car), and the compressor started to fail, along with the A/C clutch. The dealership checked with M-B Canada, who okayed a replacement of the compressor, and installation of the new lines, gratis. I was set to convert to Duracool if they did not replace the pipes, but did not expect that they would cover some $3000 worth of parts and labour on a seven year old car. 1 160-230-01-11 COMPRESSOR (N/C) 1 450-832-00-15 PRESSURE LINE (N/C) 1 450-832-00-23 MOLDED HOSE (N/C) 2 000000-002191 SCREW (N/C) 1 450-830-00-53 INT. MANIFOLD (N/C) 1 450-832-01-23 MOLDED HOSE (N/C) 1 001-993-79-96 V-BELT (N/C) 1 000-993-34-96 BELT AC (N/C) 1 ZZR134A R134A FREON (N/C) 2 0008675V000000000 O-RING (N/C) PARTS: 0.00 LABOR: 0.00 OTHER 0.00 TOTAL 0.00 100695 A/C LINES LEAKING AT FLEX JOINT. PERFORMED PARTIAL CHARGE AND LEAK TEST. LOWER POWERTRAIN. RE & RE CONVERTIBLE BODY BRACE. RECOVER REFRIDGERANT. REPLACED LINES FROM COMPRESSOR TO CONDENSOR AND EVAP CORE. RECHAREGED A/C SYSTEM WITH 1 OZ PAG OIL AND 0.45KG R-134A. R/T VEHICLE. NOTICED NOISE FROM COMPRESSOR.
  5. I have a single rear winter Continental TS760 tire for a 450. Its sibling was damaged, and the TS760 model is no longer available. I now have a set of TS800s.175/55R15 with 6/32" (5mm) tread depth left.$20, Ottawa, ON area, pickup only
  6. I'm interested in getting more info. Please put me in contact.Thanks.EDIT: Never mind. I just realized that they're for a coupe, not a cabrio.
  7. Given that I bought the CC stalk from you and installed it, but was unable to get it activated at Star Motors in Ottawa, I'd like to get you to activate it. PM me a price for that, and the price for a remap at the same time.
  8. I pay $770.
  9. Have you checked if the second light is burned out? I have the same thing happening in my 2005 cabriolet, but the AC has two levels.Just to be clear:Press once, one light and cooling.Press again, still one light but now more cooling.Press again, no lights, and now I'm sweating.
  10. My condolences, Chris. Truly sad, and more so given her young age.
  11. Fred J,Given the length of your answer, and your unfamiliarity with the dynamics of smart65's relationship with his wife, I wonder who's making a 'mountain out of a mole hill.'
  12. I figured out how to extend the range...
  13. "UNABLE TO ENABLE CRUISE CONTROL FOR LEGAL REASONS AS DECIDED BY TRANSPORT CANADA. MERCEDES CANADA WILL NOT PROVIDE TAN CODES."I was in at Star Motors today to see about the CC activation, and as suspected, I struck out. They tried, but were not able to activate it.I just missed FastEddy in Montreal, so I'm not sure what I'll do now. Oh well, anyone interested in a Cruise Control stalk for a 2005 cabrio...??